Suv, crossover, jeep: which one to choose?

The SUV market is developing very dynamically. Manufacturers are increasingly offering new models equipped with different engines, having individual characteristics, a complete set. Therefore, deciding to buy a car, it is worth exploring in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each model you like on the market.

In order to decide which SUV to choose, you should think about how you will use the car - whether it is needed for off-road driving, or only for a rare ride on a rural dirt road, sandy beaches. Deciding which SUV is better to choose, the potential owner needs to pay attention to the cost of the jeep. The choice of each motorist is individual. However, there are objectively the best models in any market segment that every car enthusiast dreams of buying. Let's look at the market leaders in more detail.


  • Choosing an SUV: features, photos, price order
  • Which crossover to choose: comparison of characteristics, photos, prices
  • What to choose: SUV or crossover?

Choosing an SUV: features, photos, price order

When deciding what type of SUV to choose, a motorist should take into account such parameters as the crossover of the jeep, stability on the highway, dynamics, technical characteristics. To do this, it is necessary to make a test ride, which determines the compatibility of the driver and the car. It’s best to borrow an identical car from a friend for a few hours by testing a jeep in various conditions: on the road, off-road, in traffic jams.

Choosing a jeep, be sure to take into account the complete set of an SUV, because its cost is high, and adding additional functions during the operation is not easy, it will require the infusion of additional funds. To choose the right equipment, you need to determine whether you need a full drive system and differential lock, climate control, is it important to have leather seats, navigation systems, etc.

Depending on the cost, SUVs can be divided into groups:

Mitsubishi Outlander

4. Comfortable crossover Nissan Murano cost from 1,750 thousand rubles., Created mainly for the US market. This car enthralls many drivers. The salon has a high level of comfort: equipped with a multi-wheel, orthopedic seats.

Nissan Murano

5. German Audi Q3 - compact car. It can be seen in the photo below. The design is dominated by strict straight lines. In the image of the car is dominated by business style. The space in the cabin is very comfortable, the ceiling in the new version has become even higher. The crossover is equipped with many technological innovations, including a new multimedia system. The price of the Audi Q3 with a 1.4-liter engine, manual transmission and front-wheel drive is equal to 1,330 thousand rubles.

Audi Q3

What to choose: SUV or crossover?

Deciding which SUV to choose, proceed from the expediency. If you need the most powerful jeep for off-road driving - stop at the models of SUVs that are presented above. If your goal will be to purchase a fashionable sports car for active city driving, which will occasionally be used to drive on country roads and beaches - choose a crossover. These cars are becoming more popular among urban drivers.