Rating of the best automotive batteries in 2018


The battery is one of the most necessary and important components of a modern car. Without this design element, a motorist will not even be able to activate his vehicle, in addition, the lack of a battery will prevent the functioning of almost all electronic systems familiar to any man in the street. As practice shows, every year the range of products expands, the developers create new models, modernize more successful previously created options. Most modern batteries are able to take responsibility for the performance of the electronics of the machine, the needs of which are getting higher. Originally created to interact with the starter, headlights and heating device, the battery now "pulls" a multimedia device, various security systems, alarms. What is important is the fact that all the elements of the mechanism do not need normal nutrition, but the ability to function smoothly. In the material below we will consider representatives of completely different price categories, which will help us to understand which battery is better for a car.

Top car battery rating

TOP best car batteries.

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Battery design features

If a motorist is seriously tuned to choose the most suitable battery option for his car, he must take into account the design features of any model battery he likes without fail. According to the research, gel batteries will help modern vehicles better than others. Such structures are not equipped with a gas-like substance, but with a special electrolyte, which has the appearance of a gel. The composition contains silicon compounds. The technology of creating such a battery allows you to increase the level of safety (prevent the release of sulfuric acid) and increase the service life.

If a motorist does not know which battery is better to buy for a car, he can pay attention to AGM devices that have much in common with the previously indicated model. A device with absorbent glass material differs from its rival only in the way electrolyte is bonded. In the creation of such a battery provides porous fiberglass. Speaking specifically about the types of car batteries, which is better in terms of design and operation, you should not lose sight of your favorite, albeit slightly inferior competitors lead-acid batteries. This design provides for the presence of a liquid electrolyte that requires periodic replenishment with distilled water. Their important advantages are low price and resistance to power surges. It is worth noting that many modern designs in such situations are powerless.

To buy the most promising and improved battery in 2018, you can consider purchasing a Li-ion model. Despite the fact that almost all portable gadgets are equipped with such devices, batteries of this type have only recently begun to be used in cars. This is likely to be influenced by the features of the model, its immunity to negative temperatures, an insufficient number of charging cycles, a premature reduction in capacity, and also a small starting current. True, Li-ion batteries are a prospect for the future, they are simply necessary for modern electric vehicles.

Parameters that must be considered when choosing the optimal battery

When a motorist thinks about purchasing a new battery, several important criteria should be taken into account that will help make the purchase as optimal as possible. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the goods. According to this parameter, the proposed on the Russian market for battery can be:

  • European (such devices equip machines designed specifically for Europeans);
  • Asian (they are equipped, as a rule, Japanese and Korean cars);
  • American (have many similarities with European models, are installed in American car brands).

The motorist in the selection process should ask another feature, it is important to take into account the location of the positive contact. A lot depends on how the battery terminals are located. These elements of construction can have a direct or reverse order. Almost all models of modern batteries have a direct polarity, according to which the positive terminal is located on the left side, and the negative, respectively - on the right side. As for the battery itself, it is located "terminals to the motorist." This parameter will have to be met, so that later the length of the wire is enough to connect the device.

If we consider the technical characteristics, choosing a battery for the car from the 2018 rating, you will notice that European and Asian models have the same size of terminals. The first option has a positive contact diameter of 19.5 mm., And a negative one - 17.9 mm. Asian batteries, these parameters are reduced to 12.7 and 11.1 mm. respectively. Not the last role in the selection plays the volume of the engine. The buyer should know about the capacity and starting current of the battery. Practice shows that these values ​​are considered the most important criteria governing the selection.

The amount of energy that the device can give to other systems for a certain period of time directly depends on the capacity of the battery. Experienced car enthusiasts know that at 11 volts, the device can be considered discharged to the minimum value. Design marking always has a capacity indicator, which the battery contains at + 25 ° C, as well as a current having 20 hours of discharge. Not knowing which battery is better to choose, you can push off from the capacity. It is preferable to stop the choice on those models that are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Buy devices that have this indicator even a little less, in any case impossible. Otherwise, the motorist will fall into a situation where the charge is not enough to activate the power unit in the cold, while absolutely all electrical appliances of the machine may not work correctly.

Of course, some prefer to buy batteries, the capacity of which is an order of magnitude higher than the standard model, however, you should not be zealous here either. A new battery should sit in its socket as “conveniently” as possible. If you buy a larger battery, the start of the motor will only have the necessary energy, which will be given away by the generator in the same time. According to many motorists, it is not necessary to buy a battery of larger capacity because of the risk to allow the starter to quickly burn out. True, the matter here is completely different: the current that is needed to power the starter is dependent only on the device itself and the conditions under which the engine is activated. If a motorist lives in the northern regions of Russia, where the weather conditions are more severe, a larger capacity battery will only become an assistant, which will reduce the voltage deviation, increase its reliability and extend the service life.

Battery selection depending on manufacturer

Specifications, although they are the main selection criterion, are often considered after a particular manufacturer has been selected. Many motorists prefer to buy such batteries, which are created by delusional factories. In order not to be upset about the money spent later, you can pay primary attention to the goods of the below mentioned sellers. If a motorist does not know which battery company is better for a car, he can pay close attention to Bosch products. The German plant for the production of various equipment often becomes the leader of the ratings, in which only the best models participate. Batteries from Bosch are characterized by excellent quality, they have reduced the rate of self-discharge, the units are functioning "at full" at a temperature of -300 C, can be recovered through overdischarge.

Batteries from Bosch

The best car battery manufacturers, as many experts claim, are located in Germany. Another German representative is Varta. This brand is not inferior to its predecessor in quality, its products are characterized by a long service life, corrosion resistance. The battery is equipped with a sponge filter, representing an unusual flame arrester, which increases the level of safe use. If you want to buy quality for budgetary funds, the products of the company Varta are the best option.

Topla - is one of the companies that first began to develop the battery. The Slovenian manufacturer began to supply its goods to the territory of the former USSR as early as the 1970s. For the company, Topla is characterized by the development and release of calcium and hybrid batteries, which have shown themselves excellently with respect to such parameters as high starting current and excellent functionality in severe frost.

It is quite difficult to say which brand of battery is better for a car. Quite good recommendations users leave pro Mutlu product. Turkish batteries produced not one decade, often become leaders of sales. They are characterized by quality, modernization and innovation. A motorist can choose a device from several models (Standart, Taxi and Start-Stop). It should be noted that any model has constant characteristics, a small level of self-discharge, is not subject to vibrations. On the case of the device there is always an indicator indicating the charge. This class of batteries can also be called one of the most affordable.

The rating of domestic batteries for a car in 2018 can be replenished with an assortment of Akom. A relatively young organization that just got into "a wave." The plant is equipped with the latest equipment, modern machines, the developers use only the latest technology, introduce innovations. Akom - the leader of the Russian production. The product of this company is independently minimally discharged, it has a “self-shutdown” function (it works when a charge level of 95% is reached).

Akom batteries example

Speaking about the best Russian batteries for cars, you should not deprive the attention of the plant TAZ. The firm located in Tyumen supplies its compatriots with a wide range of batteries. The list of products provides not only batteries for cars, but also for diesel locomotives. The plant is engaged in the release of electrolyte. Delivered pelvic goods have a low price, well proved themselves in severe frost. These are the main brands that a motorist can pay attention to before he even thinks about the parameters for choosing the best battery. When buying, the release date plays an important role, naturally, you should prefer a more “fresh” product.

Cheap models rating

The battery rating for the 2018 car should start with the Mutlu Silver Evolution 55 model. Low cost batteries of this manufacturer are characterized by a low level of self-discharge, as well as increased resistance to sulfation. Of the drawbacks, it is worth noting only the starting current.

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The second budget model is the battery Aktekh 55A 33, which will help in any season. This device is characterized by the return of a large current, a hydrometer is provided. True, with intensive use the unit wears out early.

Актех 55А 33

Quite good reviews can be heard about the design of the Beast 55AZ4 - the Russian version of the battery, which is equipped with a convenient mount for transfer, provides excellent performance. However, from the shortcomings it is worth noting the instability of performance.

Beast 55AZ4

Another budget model is the battery Tyumen Battery Standard, released in Russia, it is ideal for a relatively new car that does not overly eat the battery. The advantages include starting current, cost and the ability to work with powerful power units. In this case, the motorist should monitor the state of the device, if possible, refrain from deep discharge.

Tyumen Battery Standard

The best budget battery for cars —Tornado 55 A / h. This lead-acid device is distinguished by its good durability and stability. The disadvantage can only be called a too rapid reduction in opportunities when experiencing excessive loads.

Tornado 55 A / h

The best batteries in the average price range

The top of the best car batteries, which Russians with average incomes can afford, are starting domestic Aktex Standart and Akom Standart. Despite all their qualities, both models start to “think worse” in the bitter cold. Manufacturers present a wide range of models at a reasonable price. If you bring the rating of the best batteries in 2018 by quality, you can not ignore the model Tyumen Battery Premium. The Tyumen battery perfectly resists the cold, allowing the motorist to activate the car in any frost. However, some motorists often have to replenish the tank with distilled water, which helps to maintain the functionality of the structure at a high level.

Tyumen Battery Premium

American representative of the top of the best batteries with an average price - Exide Premium. A device with an excellent indicator of starting current has not the longest service life.Exide Premium

Хорошие показатели обеспечивает аккумулятор Happy Calcium Silver. Турецкая конструкция при небольшой цене гарантирует работоспособность всех систем авто.

Happy Calcium Silver

In the first place in the ranking of the best batteries with an average price is Varta Blue Dynamic. Its main advantage is excellent quality. Most users confirm the normal operation of the unit after 7 years of service.

Which model of battery to choose from expensive import offers

The list of the most expensive models starts the Chinese gel battery Delta GX 12-60. The developers guarantee the excellent functioning of the device for 10 years. The design resists deep discharges, can be used both in intense heat and frost.

Delta GX 12-60

Второй в топе лидеров Topla Agm Stop&Go. Аккумулятор словенского происхождения может использоваться в машинах, имеющих технологию «Старт-Стоп». Для этой модели характерен длительный срок службы.

Topla Agm Stop&Go

The top of the best car batteries are headed by the Bosch AGM S5 model. Of the main advantages worth noting the starting current, the ability to hold the voltage.

Bosch AGM S5

If the motorist is interested only in the best batteries, consider the models of the Varta and Bosch companies. German quality rarely brings the consumer, however, the original device will provide high-quality functionality, long service life. Such units have a safety capacity, which is useful for heating the hardened oil. Batteries Varta and Bosch are able to function perfectly in frost and in the heat, in any climatically difficult conditions.

Varta batteries


Rating of the most popular batteries in 2018 included a lot of models of both domestic and foreign production. Completely different manufacturers provide a huge range of products, making the right choice from which the most difficult. When buying, you should take into account the climatic conditions in which the car is operated, the characteristics and features of a particular model. As practice shows, the price will not play a big role if the motorist lives in a relatively warm region, where the thermometer rarely drops below -20 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, if the car is used in extreme conditions, equipped with a mass of electronics, you should buy a more powerful battery brand manufacturer that can ensure the smooth operation of all auto systems.