Vaz 2109 (carburetor) does not start, what to do?

You woke up on an alarm clock, gathered at work. They took everything, you still have an hour before the start of the working day. You went down to the parking lot, got behind the wheel, turned the ignition key, and you understand that your VAZ 2109 (carburetor) car won't start.

To carry in repair? No time - you can be late for work. Try to start? You can try it until the next morning.

VAZ 2109 carburetor will not start

What to do if nothing happens, or the VAZ 2109 carburetor starts up for a long time? First you need to open the hood and a quick glance to see what is wrong here, if visually nothing is visible, you can check whether all the wires are connected. If after this the car cannot be started, then it is better not to waste time and find a taxi to get to work. A search for damage and serious repairs to do later.

It also happens that the driver has changed the oil and filters, and even the fuel pump. And the machine still does not work stably. It often happens that at the VAZ 2109 the carburetor stalls on the move. To eliminate the need to check the switch and the Hall sensor. Replace them if necessary.

There is a good series on this topic about Solex carburetors. Here is the first entry, then find the rest:

  • Purging the fuel tube can also in some cases help in solving the problem.
  • In any case, if you can’t understand the reason, then you need to disassemble the VAZ 2109 carburetor. soon.
  • Even a new carburetor needs adjustment. Such a task as adjusting the carburetor VAZ 2109 should be performed by a professional auto mechanic - the carburetor.
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If your VAZ 2109 carburetor doesn’t start up very well, this may be due to various reasons. And not always they can be connected with the failure of the carburetor parts.

It is better to spend some time on diagnostics using professional equipment than to experience even more problems.

If you have not been adjusted composition of the mixture, you may have to clean, or change the candles.

2109 carburetor stalls at idle

What to do if the car VAZ 2109 carburetor stalls at idle

Carburetors face this problem regularly. Sometimes it is possible to eliminate it by replacing the needle, or cleaning the jet in the solenoid valve. Junk can and sensor idling. You can also change it yourself without any problems.

If the problems are caused by more serious problems, then you should not try to fix them yourself. Better provide this to the experts.

In order not to stick the needle valve, some craftsmen wear a spring on it. What is interesting - it helps.

It also happens that the problem is in the engine itself. Can burn valve. And this leads to the fact that the other units work incorrectly. Sometimes it even happens that, having done tuning the carburetor VAZ 2109, the driver faces a problem when the car starts to stall.

  • The idling nozzle needs to be cleaned. Then check the solenoid valve, its control unit and wiring.
  • Check whether there are clicks in the solenoid valve. If they are not - you need to repair, or change this part.

It may be necessary to fine-tune the carburetor VAZ 2109.

Look at the carburetor "Nines". If it is “Solex”, then its disassembly and repair, described by us earlier - the processes are not complicated.

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It is important that you are able to correctly diagnose the causes of the malfunction, which led to the fact that your car began to stall on the move, or at idle.

And here is a video of how the VAZ 2109 should start (carburetor):