What to look for when buying a used ford mondeo


Of those who are going to buy a car, many turn their attention to the secondary market. Given this, we decided to make a review for those who are going to buy a used Ford Mondeo. For the review, models already taken out of production were taken, that is, those that are already fairly run-in by car owners, and showed not only their advantages, but also their disadvantages.

При покупке подержанного автомобиля Ford Mondeo стоить взвесить все «за» и «против»

При покупке подержанного автомобиля Ford Mondeo стоить взвесить все «за» и «против»

За последнее время среди автолюбителей сложилось мнение о том, что Ford Mondeo является прекрасным семейным автомобилем среднего класса, и отвечает таким параметрам, как цена/качество. Однако подержанный Ford Mondeo довольно часто встречается на вторичном рынке, и это далеко не показатель его прекрасных технических данных, а скорее наоборот. Ведь если автомобиль действительно так хорош, то зачем продавать его? Да и закономерность того, что автовладельцы чаще всего продают свои машины из-за потребности в дорогостоящем техобслуживании, ещё никто не отменял. Учитывая два этих противоречивых факта, мы решили, как следует рассмотреть подержанный Ford Mondeo, ведь не может автомобиль быть хорошим и в то же время столь популярным на рынке машин с пробегом.Читать далее о том, как выбрать подержанный автомобиль Ford Mondeo-->

Model history

Initially, the Ford Mondeo was developed as a small, worldwide, family car, which actually confirms the French word “Monde” - the world. The development was in all branches of the automaker Ford, located throughout the world. However, the main work was done by the German department, and in 1993 the first series of these cars was published. But it turned out not so simple as the developers expected, and for some of some countries, in particular the USA, the Ford Mondeo turned out to be rather expensive and small. But for Europeans, the car quickly fell in love, and there was a significant increase in sales.

The name of the car came from the French word

The name of the car came from the French word "Monde" - the world

С того времени вышло множество поколений этого автомобиля, но на североамериканском континенте ещё в 2000 году от Мондео решили отказаться раз и навсегда. Дело в том, что в 2000 году появилось третье поколение этого автомобиля, который стал гораздо больше в размерах, и цены на него соответственно тоже возросли. Поэтому для американцев и канадцев был разработан удешевлённый аналог Мондео под названием Ford Fusion. Так с самого начала своего появления Мондео не смог завоевать планируемый разработчиками статус всемирного автомобиля. Мало того, с появлением третьей версии, Мондео потерял статус компактного автомобиля, а в дальнейшем и семейного. Хотя многие до сих пор считают Ford Mondeo семейным автомобилем.

Does it make sense to buy a used Ford Mondeo

Whether to buy a used Ford Mondeo or not, of course, you need to decide this with a thorough inspection of a potential purchase. For every used Ford Mondeo has its own history of operation and its own “body wounds”. But these cars have undeniable disadvantages and advantages enjoyed by all used Ford Mondeo cars. Based on these facts, which are confirmed by almost all owners of this model, we will decide whether to buy a Ford Mondeo with mileage.


The most frequently used on the secondary market second-hand Ford Mondeo 2007–2010 release. This is the fourth generation of the Mondeo, which is different from the previous excellent comfort. Starting with the very first version, Mondeo, contrary to the initial ideas from the average level of family cars, gradually moved towards the business class. And the fourth series came very close to the line between the family car and the business class car.

As for the advantages, here a wide range of engines perfectly demonstrates itself, which will appeal to everyone. Then you and an arsenal of gasoline units, ranging from 125-strong 1.6 and ending 220-strong 2.5, as well as a line of diesel "engines" with a capacity of 125 horses 1.8 to 175 horses 2.2. So if you are not satisfied with the engine size, you can view other ads, and you will definitely find the one that you like.

Вы всегда можете найти подержанный Ford Mondeo с подходящим «движком»

Вы всегда можете найти подержанный Ford Mondeo с подходящим «движком»

As for the gearbox, it was produced Mondeo with two types, five-step mechanics and six-speed automatic. But not all models were equipped with an automatic machine. This privilege received only versions with engines of 161 horsepower 2.3 liters (gasoline), and two-liter diesel engines with a capacity of 130 horses. So if you want to automatics, you will have to search for ads. But for lovers of mechanical transmissions such a layout would be a plus, since the configuration with the mechanics will be much more common.

It is worth noting the excellent braking system, which instantly responds to the slightest pedal, so be careful, especially when cornering.

As for the smoothness, then everything is quite acceptable. Of course, the MacPherson front system is not capable of providing excellent comfort. However, the rather long wheelbase and rear three-link suspension completely conceal all the flaws in MacPherson. Even a used Ford Mondeo with decent mileage on Russian roads can surprise you with excellent handling, and this is an absolute plus of this car.

Not to be overlooked is the rather high resistance of the body to corrosion, as well as the overall endurance of the car. What actually counts as a positive quality Mondeo. So the Ford Mondeo city’s body defects should not be observed, unless, of course, the previous owner treated him well.

Appearance fully complies with business class cars. The interior is also well decorated, and you can find cars with leather interior. Soft plastic front panel is made quite high quality and does not cause any complaints. There are a full set of electric windows, heated rear and front seats, climate control and many more useful electronic devices.

За рулём автомобиля Ford Mondeo находиться вполне комфортно

За рулём автомобиля Ford Mondeo находиться вполне комфортно

Ещё одним плюсом у Ford Mondeo б/у является цена. Если сравнивать его с прямыми конкурентами, а это Volkswagen Passat и Toyota Camry Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, then in pricing, of course, Ford Mondeo with mileage will have an undeniable advantage in terms of lower cost.


Осмотрев подержанный Ford Mondeo с положительной стороны, давайте перейдём к отрицательным качествам, которых, честно говоря, у него немало.

The first thing that can not be overlooked is the great voracity of the car. Moreover, the older Ford Mondeo older, the stronger the increase in consumption will be, and this applies to absolutely all engine options. And the wayward taste of Mondeo will not allow you to pour anything into it, because you will immediately have to pay money to replace the catalyst.

Another negative aspect of powertrains is the need for constant oil control. The fact is that you will have to top up the oil very often, as for some reason the sensors do not react to this at low pressure levels. And they will notify you only in the case when there is practically no oil at all. And it is better not to allow such situations at all, because Mondeo engines are very sensitive to the lack of oil.

With a lack of oil, cylinder liners are very quickly erased, and the consequences of such damage will cost you dearly, since Ford did not expect to repair such small parts, and accordingly you could not buy the original Mondeo liners. And if you still get them, you can not particularly rejoice, because the oil consumption after such a case will increase significantly. The problem is solved by the complete replacement of the entire cylinder block. The increase in the noise of the power unit in Ford Mondeo with mileage is quite standard situation. Alas, with this problem you can not do anything, just to just accept it.

При покупке подержанного Ford Mondeo строит учитывать возможные трудности

При покупке подержанного Ford Mondeo строит учитывать возможные трудности

As for the gearbox, it is better to refrain from buying a version with an automatic transmission. Automation does not involve repair, as well as oil changes, and if any problems have occurred, then again the incident is solved by a complete replacement of automatic transmission.

Покупая подержанный Ford Mondeo, обратите внимание на переднюю подвеску, здесь это одно из самых уязвимых мест. Хорошенько осмотрите стойки и опорные элементы конструкции передней подвески, так как эти узлы чаще всего выходят из строя. Во время поездки характерный стук даст вам знать о том, что подвеску необходимо ремонтировать, однако окончательно избавиться от подобного звука оригинальными запчастями не удастся. Единственным выходом будет установка неоригинальных деталей конструкции. Также не упускайте из виду стойки стабилизатора, они подвержены быстрому износу, так что придётся довольно часто менять.

Very low ground clearance, plus a long wheelbase will be a big obstacle for those who like to go to the country, to the villages, or just to picnics of the countryside. Cling a second-hand Ford Mondeo will be all that is possible, and what is not, will not remain unnoticed. A large wheelbase adversely affects the rigidity of the body. As a result, while driving there may be unpleasant sounds in the form of squeaking parts in the cabin.

Салон автомобиля Ford Mondeo вполне подойдёт для семейных поездок

Салон автомобиля Ford Mondeo вполне подойдёт для семейных поездок

Doors are another problem for these cars. Carefully inspect the pillars of the rear doors, as well as the rear and front doors. If you strongly close the front doors, they cling to the rear mounting posts, as a result of which chipped paintwork appears, which invariably leads to corrosion. Do not open the front doors, if at this moment the rear doors are open. The doors at this point will come into contact with each other, which again will lead to scratches and chips. Buying a used Ford Mondeo, pay attention to the condition of the door seals, this is one of the weakest points of this model.

As for the cabin, then, of course, it does not pull on a business class, rather, it’s a modern family car, especially with a fabric option. The interior is of average capacity, the seats are quite comfortable, but behind the three passengers it will be a bit cramped. A great inconvenience to the driver is creating the window control buttons. The buttons are located on the front door and the handle overlaps them, so you have to practice hard to learn how to use them quickly. There is an ashtray for smokers, however, smokers are often remembered by the kind word of those who invented the location of an ashtray in Mondeo. It is removed manually, and rests directly on the gear lever, which is a great inconvenience.

Обзор подержанного автомобиля Ford Mondeo:

Довольно слабый аккумулятор является проблемой многих моделей Форд, и Мондео не исключение. А чтобы найти расположение аккумулятора, придётся хорошенько подумать. Так что, приобретая подержанный Ford Mondeo, заранее прикупите и новый аккумулятор, или к зиме готовьте прикуриватель.

Well, and perhaps the final disadvantage is the high cost of spare parts and the Ford Mondeo repair itself. Therefore, the possession of such a machine is very expensive.

Итак, стоит ли покупать подержанный Ford Mondeo? Конечно же, стоит, но при условии, что ваше финансовое состояние позволит его дальнейшее содержание, или если вы намерены продать его через полгода. Ну а если ищите автомобиль бизнес-класса, то лучше присмотреться к Volkswagen Passat и Toyota Camry. Эти машины, конечно, дороже, но при этом имеют, куда лучшие комфорт, надёжность и качество. И пусть вас не завлекают низкие цены на Ford Mondeo б/у или новый, ибо купив его, вам придётся дорого платить за использование.