Lada in no hurry to buy in germany

Лады не торопятся покупать в Германии Despite the fact that Russian Lada Granta became the cheapest car that can buy on the car market in Germany, German motorists do not line up behind her in the queue. For the whole of last year only a few hundred of these cars were bought here. In general, in Europe, cars are more expensive than in Russia. For example, the price tag of ten thousand euros for a car that has just come off the assembly line, given the current exchange rate of the ruble, is not so small for the average Russian car enthusiast. But the Germans with such a sum can only rely on the purchase of compact cars. For example, Volkswagen Up! it costs from 9975 euros, a little cheaper, you can buy a hundred euros Peugeot 108. That is why car dealers hoped that the Lada will disperse here like hot cakes, because the cost of the Lada sedan is just 6,750 euros, and these are not the compact puzoterka, which nevertheless cost three thousand euros more.

Лады не торопятся покупать в Германии Frets fell by 2,500 euros due to the adoption in Germany on September 1, 2015 of new environmental regulations. German dealer Lada Automobile has dropped the price on some models of European production, including Lada. Kalina, by the way, is also sold here, costs about seven thousand euros. This price is exhibited on the wagon. On the pedestal of the cheapest cars sold in Germany, besides Grants and Kalina, it turned out to be on the second step Dacia Sandero hatchback. His Germans can buy for 6890 euros. Dacia cars are major competitors of AvtoVAZ products in Germany, I mean the price segment of the cheapest cars. Although, to be honest, there is no competition. You can not talk about competition, when Dacia bought up, and Lada gathering dust in dealerships.

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