Ranking of the best electric cars in 2018


The demand for electric cars is gradually increasing, therefore, more and more new electric-powered machines appear on the world markets. In many ways, this can be explained by the constant increase in fuel prices. And since electricity is still more affordable, the relevance of buying electric cars is increasing. This raises a completely logical question. Many do not know how to choose the right electric car and what it is better to stop at. After all, the range is constantly expanding, and it is not always possible to understand in detail the features of each model. It is important to immediately note that this ranking of the best electric cars in the world includes cars that combine attractive price and excellent features. Therefore, there will not be presented overly expensive electric cars, which most buyers simply can not afford.

The best electric cars in the world

Choosing an electric car.

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Recommendations for selection

Before proceeding directly to the representatives of the rating, it is worthwhile to study in more detail the issue of choosing a car on electric propulsion. Since for many countries and cities the electric car is a novelty, it is not always necessary to buy such a vehicle, even with a great desire and opportunities. Experts recommend paying attention to several key points if you are going to buy an electric car.

  1. Infrastructure. Electric car requires a place where you can charge the battery. The most obvious solution is to install a charging station in your own home or in a garage. But this possibility is not present at all and not always. That is why it is important to find out about the availability of gas stations for electric vehicles in your city. And better close to your home. Moreover, when searching for charging stations, not only their location, but also power, limitations for different electric cars and maintenance costs play an important role.
  2. New vs used. If the infrastructure gives you the opportunity to exploit the electric car without any problems, then it is worth going to the question of choice. As with conventional cars with internal combustion engines, in the case of electric cars, new and used versions are offered on the market. It depends on your financial capabilities. New electric cars are expensive, but for a used car you can actually pay a lot less. But here is the question of the condition of a used car. Buying a used car, there is a risk to stumble on cars with worn-out batteries. Restore them will not work, and the replacement will cost a fortune. Therefore, it is objectively better to buy a new car.
  3. Dealer. Equally important is where you will purchase an electric car. There are not so many official dealers, and the implementation of a large number of electric cars is carried out through gray dealers. There is also an option to drive a good electric car from Europe, to purchase it at auctions, or to contact a company that will help with the delivery of an electric car from the USA. Although the best solution would be to work with an authorized dealer, because it gives all the necessary guarantees.
  4. Specifications. Here, the most important components are the power reserve, battery capacity, charging speed and characteristics of charging equipment. The power reserve is affected by a number of factors, including the style of piloting and even the weather outside the window. The car is charged as fast as the battery itself allows in tandem with the charger. For example, if the battery capacity is 20 kWh, then it will take about 8 hours to fully charge using a household outlet.

If all the parameters and possibilities of the infrastructure suit you, and you are fully prepared to operate the car on an electrical load, you can begin the process of selection and purchase.

Features of the operation of an electric vehicle

Rating Representatives

It is possible to classify and arrange electric machines by places in the rating using different criteria, such as:

  • reserve the move;
  • cost;
  • charging speed;
  • power;
  • reliability, etc.

The current rating of the best electric cars in 2018 includes models that are characterized by a good ratio of price, quality and technical characteristics. These are the most practical cars that allow the driver to move around the city for a long time about their business, rather than being in constant search for a charging station. According to experts and reviews of motorists, the list of the best electric cars in the world includes representatives of the following manufacturers:

  • Tesla;
  • Nissan;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Renault;
  • BMW;
  • Smart;
  • Hyundai.

These are the companies that managed to achieve an excellent combination of practicality, adequate cost and functionality of machines with electric propulsion. Now it is necessary to consider separately each electric car that earned its high place in the final ranking among the best electric cars in the world.

e-NV 200 Combi

Car manufactured by the Japanese company Nissan. This is an electric minivan that can accommodate 7 people, and is based on the usual NV200 with an internal combustion engine. The manufacturer itself states that when the batteries are fully charged, the power reserve of this machine will be enough to cover 180 kilometers. This is not the highest figure in our rating, but on the condition that it is a seven-seater and rather large car, for many, this power reserve will seem more than enough.

The machine is tall and comfortable, although the control itself is not perfect. It feels a certain weight when turning the steering wheel, when compared with small cars. In this electric minivan offers a huge interior space, complemented by a very spacious luggage compartment. If you lower the last row of seats, you get 870 liters of free space, but at the same time 5 people, including the driver, can easily fit in the car. The approximate cost of an electric minivan from the company Nissan is 30 thousand dollars.

e-NV 200 Combi

ForTwo Electric Drive

This is a great electric compact size, ideal for use in urban environments. The manufacturer is the company Smart. Already from the name it is clear that we face a car for 2 people. There is also a 4-seater variation of such an electric vehicle, which is called ForFour. This modest city car is not capable of providing a huge power reserve. One charge is enough for 160 kilometers. But since the car is designed for the city, this stock is more than enough.

An important advantage of Smart's electrical development is the charge recharge rate in batteries. It takes only 2 hours, which distinguishes ForTwo from many competitors. The power of the electric power plant is 81 horsepower, and the torque here reaches 160 Nm. From a spot to a hundred, the machine accelerates in 11.5 seconds, and can reach a maximum of 130 kilometers per hour. The cost of this electric car is about 29 thousand dollars.

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Another compact electric car, but this time from Volkswagen. The machine is perfect for the city. The basis for the creation of an electric car was the German hatchback Up. In this car, the electric power plant is located between the axles directly under the floor. Due to this decision, the developers managed not to take up extra space in the luggage compartment, and therefore it easily accommodates a full 250 liters of cargo. For such a compact sitikara is an excellent indicator. Power reserve is similar to the previous car, but because one charge is enough to overcome 160 kilometers. The power plant capacity was 82 horsepower, and torque is 210 Nm here. From a place up to 100 kilometers per hour, Volkswagen accelerates in as much as 12.4 seconds. As much as possible to pick up speed above 80 kilometers per hour electric Up cannot. And so to travel on such an electric car outside the city does not make sense. The estimated cost of e-Up is 30 thousand dollars.

Volkswagen e-UP

Model X

Extremely interesting car from the best manufacturer of electric cars Tesla. Model X has become the second model in the company's lineup and the first crossover. The car has solid technical characteristics, and the rear door opening upwards can be considered a crossover chip. This not only looks spectacular, but also provides certain advantages in terms of practicality and ease of embarkation or disembarkation of passengers. The undeniable advantage is the available power reserve. One battery charge is enough to go 500 kilometers. Because Model X is also included in the rankings of the best electric cars on the stock of progress.

Do not forget that in front of us is a crossover with an electric power plant and all-wheel drive. Each axis has its own electric motor, and therefore the design of the machine does not provide a drive shaft. Plus, there is a spacious luggage compartment of 736 liters, free space in the engine compartment and comfortable seats for the driver and all passengers. Model X is available in several versions. Of these, the weakest one has a power of 259 horsepower, and the most powerful one is equipped with 2 motors of 259 and 503 hp each. Power reserve ranges from 380 to 500 kilometers at a maximum speed of up to 250 kilometers per hour. Such electric pleasure will cost 80 thousand dollars for the simplest version. The top modification currently costs about 140 thousand dollars.

Model X Tesla


Крайне интересный электрокар производства корейской компании Hyundai. Хотя в наш рейтинг попала число электрическая версия, всего Ionia предлагается в 3 исполнениях:

  • Hybrid car. Here is installed the main gasoline engine and the electrical component without the possibility of recharging;
  • Hybrid rechargeable motor. The main one is the gasoline engine, but there is also a function for recharging the electric motor;
  • Electric car. It works only on electrical power.

Fully electric version of this car passes about 200 kilometers without recharging. This is a comfortable and roomy hatchback, which is perfect for urban use, but will also be able to show itself outside the city limits on the highway. Engine power on the Ionia is 118 horsepower at 292 Nm of torque. The battery charges in 4 hours. Acceleration of the car from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour takes 10 seconds, and the maximum electric car can accelerate to 165 kilometers per hour.

Hyundai Ionia


Один из лучших современных электрокаров является разработкой компании BMW. Многие отдают ему лидерство в рейтинге электрических машин. Хотя здесь есть небольшая хитрость, которая не позволяет Declaration называться полноценным электромобилем. Всё дело в наличии двигателя внутреннего сгорания. Он не имеет никакого отношения к приводу на колёса. Просто ДВС помогает зарядить батарею, если она израсходовала весь свой запас мощности. То есть двигатель используется в роли генератора.

Declaration является стильным и футуристическим хэтчбеком городского типа, который обладает облегчённым кузовом и великолепными техническими характеристиками. При этом и цена довольно адекватная. Из основных характеристик стоит выделить запас хода в 200 километров, зарядку за 4 часа и мощность в 118 лошадиных сил. Разгон составляет 10 секунд с места до 100 километров в час. Максимально на немецком электрокаре можно разогнаться до 165 километров в час. Стоит такое удовольствие 35 тысяч долларов.

BMW Declaration


The French electric car produced by Renault has deservedly been in this rating. The car has excellent performance, functionality and provides all passengers and the driver himself a high level of comfort. The price is not the highest, which makes Zoe an extremely attractive specimen in the face of potential buyers of electric vehicles. There are 2 modifications of this French electric car on the market. They differ in battery capacity and power reserve. A simpler version has a 22 kWh battery and a reserve of 240 kilometers. Improved modification received 41 kWh and 400 kilometers without recharging. Prices for both versions are also different. The first option will cost the buyer from 20 thousand dollars, and for the version with improved performance will have to pay about 26 thousand dollars.

Renault Zoe 


For many, this electric car from the Japanese company Nissan has become almost legendary. This is the best-selling electric car in the world, as evidenced by statistics. But now all attention is focused on the new generation of Leaf. It was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. The car objectively became more attractive in appearance, which is noted by all experts and journalists. But the Japanese have not done a simple improvement in the exterior. The car received new technical characteristics, which allowed to solve one of the main problems of the first generation electric car Leaf. With all the obvious advantages of its predecessor, the stock of its progress was not exemplary. Therefore, owners often faced with the need to urgently search for a charging station.

After a generation change, this issue can be treated much more calmly. A new electric motor with a power of 147 horsepower and a torque of 320 Nm can travel 250 kilometers without recharging. On the process of recharge for the battery takes 7 hours. The new generation of electric cars from Japan costs about 36 thousand dollars. With all the advantages and updates, the price looks more than adequate and acceptable for an electric car of this level. But everything will be decided by the buyers themselves.

Nissan Leaf


Volkswagen just could not stand aside when the world began to fill electric cars from various manufacturers. Therefore, the Germans decided to build their own electric car using the platform of the legendary, most popular and best-selling Golf. It was an objectively correct decision, since it is expensive to create an electric car from scratch and it is not always financially beneficial. And since Golf has an excellent reputation from generation to generation, the electric version simply must become popular. This is happening, since sales are going quite actively.

In fact, you have a car that has passed the test of time, and did it very successfully. Just a hatchback equipped not with standard internal combustion engines, but with a full-fledged electric motor. The engineers had to try, because the platform was not quite suitable for the placement of electric batteries. As a result, e-Golf received an electric motor with a power of 170 horsepower with a torque of 251 Nm. The power reserve is an impressive 300 kilometers, and you will have to spend no more than 6 hours on a full charge. As for the dynamics, the German electric hatchback can accelerate from zero to one hundred in 8.4 seconds, and its maximum speed will be 135 kilometers per hour. A nice bonus for car owners will be a roomy trunk of 490 liters. The purchase of this electric vehicle from Volkswagen will cost about 20 thousand dollars for the basic package.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Model S

Many rightly give the palm to the best electric car in the world to the most famous manufacturer of electric-powered cars in the face of Tesla. Their Model S became a sensation of its time. Moreover, the developers did not stop on their laurels, but constantly worked to improve and modernize the model. They succeeded perfectly. Currently, Tesla offers several modifications of its electric car Model S. They differ in technical characteristics. We give a small comparison.

  • The simplest version of the 75D has 1 engine with 259 horsepower. The capacity of the battery used is 75 kWh with a power reserve of 446 kilometers. The battery charges in 8 hours. Acceleration from zero to hundred takes 5.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited to 225 kilometers per hour. Such a modification costs from 80 thousand dollars;
  • The middle version is called 100D. It uses the same motor with the same power, but with a battery capacity of 100 kWh. This allowed us to increase the cruising range to 594 kilometers, increase acceleration to 4.4 seconds, and also achieve a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The price will be from 95 thousand dollars;
  • The top modification of the P100D has two engines of 259 and 503 horsepower at once with a battery capacity of 100 kWh. Power reserve here is a little less, and is 572 kilometers. But acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour is some 2.7 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited at 250 kilometers per hour. Buying this modification of the Model S will cost the buyer 125 thousand dollars.

Model S has a number of advantages and outstanding technical characteristics. But for all this you have to pay at least 80 thousand dollars. Despite not the lowest price tag, there is no problem with the flow of customers.

Tesla Model S 

Each electric car presented has its advantages, strengths and weaknesses in some places. Therefore, the choice of electric vehicles must be approached very carefully. The world offers a huge range of machines with electric power plant. They clearly show their superiority over traditional internal combustion engines. The problem is that the infrastructure of only some cities and individual countries is ready to fully provide people with the ability to easily operate electric cars.

There are many motorists who are ready and willing to buy a car with an electric power plant. But the shortage of recharging stations and the inability to organize constant access to electricity, even at home, forces us to continue to use conventional cars with gasoline or diesel engines. What kind of electric car you choose, decide for yourself. Rely on ratings, expert opinion and your own idea of ​​an ideal electric vehicle. This will allow you to make a truly correct and profitable purchase.