What limousines are considered the best


Most people associate limousine with solemnity, some important and significant events in human life. Such cars are not adapted for everyday use, that is, they will not be able to go to work every day, go shopping or go out into the countryside. These are special day cars. Limousines are usually rented for some holidays and important events. But here it is also important to choose the most interesting, good, and maybe a bit unusual long car. We have prepared for you a rating of the best and most expensive limousines that are in high demand in Russia. Most of these machines are based on the production model, which is significantly lengthened and create an entire entertainment complex inside.

The best limousines

TOP of the best limousines.

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Top Rated

The title of the most expensive limousine in the world at one time won the creation of Rolls-Royce. This is a special order that was made for the Sultan of Brunei. Also this car can be called the most incredible limousine. After all, its value is as much as 14 million dollars. The closest competitor, made in the form of the car of the hero of comic Batman, is worth more than 4 million dollars. But he is definitely a clear contender for the title of the most unusual limousine. But still we are interested in the most popular, practical and interesting cars with a long body. These are cars that are used as limousines in almost all over the world. Such popularity is due to several reasons:

  • high-quality and reliable base for a long car;
  • high capacity;
  • практичность и universality;
  • good technical characteristics;
  • durability of the vehicle.

In this regard, the list of the best limousines in the world, as well as similar cars that are most in demand in Russia, were representatives of the following automakers:

  • GAS;
  • Maybach;
  • Cadillac;
  • Mercedes;
  • Rolls Royce;
  • Chrysler;
  • Hummer;
  • Volga;
  • Lincoln;
  • Infiniti;
  • Ford.

Now we will meet each of the candidates separately. This rating will help you make the right choice and book the most interesting or just the most expensive limousine for the upcoming celebration. Objectively, it is difficult to name the best limousine in the world, since there are quite a few selection criteria. It is necessary to proceed from the specific situation, the state of the machine and the possibilities that it is ready to offer. After all, one base for a limousine can be completely differently equipped. Having considered all the cars presented, you will be able to determine which limousine is best in your situation.


Our top 10 limousines opens a representative of the American automobile industry in the face of the company Lincoln. Limousine is really good because it has a timeless appearance, the highest level of luxury and shocking. This is a car for those who prefer classic and retro style. The length of the car is 8.5 meters. This machine has exquisite forms and looks like a car from the 40s of the last century.

Lincoln Excalibur

Excalibur just causes admiration from passers-by, makes literally everyone wants to take a picture of such a machine. In terms of appearance, few limousines are able to compete with this masterpiece. Already in the basic configuration are present:

  • genuine leather corner sofa;
  • LCD TV;
  • multimedia system;
  • lights on the ceiling;
  • mini-bar and pr.

In addition to the beautiful wrapper, there is a wide range of useful equipment. The machine itself in terms of technical equipment and reliability is also not satisfactory. Let the car look retro style, but in fact it is a modern car with all the useful consequences.


If you are looking for the most brutal and off-road limousine in the world, then you should pay your attention to the brainchild of Hummer called H2. This is a huge, long and very impressive car, which has turned from an ordinary civil SUV into a huge entertainment platform on wheels. General Motors should be proud of this brainchild, as H2 is on the list of the most popular and popular limousines in the world. For the owners of such cars Hummer is good because it has an incredibly reliable and durable suspension, as well as a good level of terrain.

Hummer H2

This allows the car to go where no competitor can pass. Actually for exit ceremonies and weddings that are held in nature. The main advantages of H2 are:

  • reliability;
  • universality;
  • durability;
  • increased permeability;
  • spaciousness;
  • rich interior equipment;
  • cabin height about 180 cm;
  • possibility of accommodation for 30 people.

This is a solution for a large company. A distinctive feature of the machine is that it is not necessary to leave it for the holidays. A great way to celebrate an important event, just riding around the city. Hummer itself as a small cafe or restaurant.


One of the best cars and limousines in the world is represented by Mercedes. Their development entered the market in 2005. Since then, cars are gradually modernized, developed and improved. This is a classic understanding of a limousine that offers a high level of comfort, a rich equipment, a wide list of options. For many it is enough that this is a Mercedes. Everything is done at the highest quality level, which allows you to enjoy traveling by car, as well as to have excellent benefits from renting the S-Class. The machine is reliable, trouble-free, due to which it does not spend so much money on maintenance as required for competitors. This is a profitable acquisition for companies engaged in the rental of limousines. S-Class is always in demand, it has all the qualities of the best limousine. This can explain such a wide distribution of machines around the world.

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If you thought that the H2 is the largest limousine in the world, just look at this monster performed by Ford. Their car called Excursion was created on the basis of the SUV of the same name, which was produced until 2005. The long version is created from 3 welded sections. It attracts excellent throughput, high ground clearance and excellent technical characteristics. A full-fledged SUV car just can not be called, but in terms of terrain Excursion will impose a fight Hummer, and with a high degree of probability it will win. In this case, the cabin capacity is inferior to the competitor. Here the inner space allows you to simultaneously accommodate up to 25 people. But each of them gets a comfortable place, a wide list of options and additional equipment created to create a festive and cheerful atmosphere inside. Night club, restaurant and bar on wheels in one car.

Ford Excursion 


One of the most popular limousines in the world is owned by Cadillac. American car that offers the maximum level of equipment, comfort and entertainment for passengers. Also, the car looks very attractive in appearance, due to which many people call Escalade also the most beautiful representative of this segment. But this does not play a key role in shaping popularity. Roomy car. Depending on the configuration, may invite on board up to 25 people. Inside, everything is made very rich and tasteful. Chrome, leather, neon lights, inlays and much more are used. At the same time in terms of renting a car is not the most expensive, which largely determines the high demand for off-road limousine. Escalade is able to create a real celebration inside. The car is actively used at weddings, graduations, birthdays and other entertainment events and events in people's lives.

Cadillac Escalade

Town Car

Much of the positive qualities of a limousine says its popularity. If the machine is widely distributed and in high demand, there are objective reasons for this. Against the background of some competitors, a car called Town Car performed by Lincoln may not stand out with a refined or unusual appearance, a huge cabin and other features. But in fact in front of you is a real yacht on wheels. The car has a charming design, incredibly stylish and thoughtful interior decoration. This is the epitome of this classic limousine of our time. These qualities have allowed Lincoln to enter the list of the best representatives of this segment in the world, rightly keeping the leading position to this day. The car is also profitable for the landlords themselves, since the Town Car is reliable, reliable, durable and very solidly assembled. Therefore, the maintenance does not require a lot of effort and money.

Lincoln Town Car

Maybach 62

Relative newcomer to the market when compared with many of the competitors. But for a short existence in the segment of limousines, this luxury car managed to become one of the undisputed leaders. The car is expensive, elegant, incredibly comfortable and has excellent technical characteristics. What can we say, if under the hood is a powerful engine, issuing 605 horsepower power. This is a limousine that can provide passengers with smooth and comfortable movement, and at the next moment show the real drive. About the internal equipment even say no need. All at the highest level, as befits Maybach. The limousine is not the most capacious, but this does not prevent him from being among the most sought after at weddings, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays. Also, the car is often hired for more formal events, important meetings and negotiations.

Maybach 62


Under this rather simple name, or rather the digital designation, the company Chrysler produces its car. This is a popular American car, on the basis of which was created one of the best and most popular limousines in the world. The car is characterized by a comfortable cabin, a high level of reliability, reliability and excellent handling. At the time, the car won many prestigious awards, because consistently included in the list of the best cars. 300 is objectively prestigious and interesting car. After the success of the civilian version, the development of the limousine segment began. Chrysler 300 received an elongated base, which now has 9 meters. This allows you to place inside the cabin up to 12 passengers. Developers are very responsible approach to the organization of the internal space.

Everything here was created to ensure a high level of comfort and safety of people. Actively applied genuine leather, chrome elements, wood. This suggests that the designers did not skimp on quality materials. But there is no feeling of overloaded parts. Everything looks harmonious and stylish. Also available to passengers are a wide list of different equipment, a multimedia system, a mini-bar, a huge two-section sliding roof, a disco floor, lights, and much more. Here you can create an incredible festive atmosphere. It is not surprising that the creation of the American automaker is so popular and is among the best limousines in the world. Russians love the long version of the Chrysler 300. This is especially true for young people who order a car for graduation, birthdays and weddings.

Chrysler 300


One of the most prestigious, expensive and luxury limousines in the world. These machines are ordered only by those who understand the essence of luxury and high prices. The car stands out against the backdrop of many other representatives of the segment of limousines. Rolls-Royce has its own unique aura and atmosphere inside. This is not to say that this British car is suitable for a wedding, birthday or prom. Such limousines are in demand among adults and wealthy people who want to emphasize their high status, or simply feel the full benefits of a truly expensive car. Limousine does not differ enormous size. The level of capacity is average, as well as indicators of patency Yet in front of you is not an off-road car, but a real classic limousine. Literally everything here looks and is expensive. High-quality interior decoration, luxury equipment, unique design. With all due respect to unusual and non-standard limousines, against the background of such a creation by the automaker from the UK, most of them are dim. Rolls-Royce is proof that it is not necessary to stand out with a bright and unusual design. This limousine does not need anyone to prove anything. Just sit down and enjoy the ride. Measured and unhurried. Rolls-Royce doesn't need to go fast. Need to enjoy every minute spent inside this luxurious limousine.


QX 56

Another off-road limousine, which enjoys well-deserved popularity and is one of the most popular representatives of its class in Russia. The author of this masterpiece is the Japanese company Infiniti. This brand is associated with modern technology, electronics, incredible functionality and expensive finishes. The manufacturer retained all these qualities inside his own limousine, created on the basis of the civilian version of the QX 56 SUV. Although in fact the base is the Nissan Patrol, from which the premium Infiniti SUV has been created, and then it turned into a luxury limousine. This is a car with all-wheel drive, powerful engine, reliable suspension and high ground clearance. All this makes the limousine the perfect solution for outdoor events, holidays in nature and not only. The car can drive where many classic cars are stuck. Currently, the automaker offers two versions of its powerful Japanese limousine. They differ in length and level of roominess. The shorter version is 10 meters long, which allows up to 20 people to be transported simultaneously. The extended version up to 14 meters accommodates 29 passengers. Attributes inside are beyond praise. Everything is very expensive and of high quality, but at the same time, the limousine is distinguished by its functionality, a wide range of opportunities and entertainment for passengers. Infiniti tried to satisfy the most demanding customers. And we can say with confidence that they succeeded.

Infiniti QX 5

Out of time and out of rating

Separately, I would like to present three more cars that definitely deserve to be included in the list of the best limousines. These machines are in demand in Russia and the CIS countries, as they are products of domestic and Soviet production. These are unique limousines of a kind, which, perhaps, cannot boast of many attributes available to foreign competitors, but there is something attractive and incredibly attractive in them.

  1. GAZ 12. Он же ЗИМ. Лимузин существует примерно с 1949 года. После своего появления и в течение последующих 10 лет машина пользовалась огромным спросом среди первых государственных лиц, которые на различные мероприятия приезжали именно на таких авто. В настоящее время лимузин давно не выпускается, а встретить автомобиль можно только в частных коллекциях и у состоятельных людей. Но это шедевр советского времени, который нельзя обойти стороной. В своё время машина комплектовалась двигателем объёмом 3,5 литра с мощностью 90 лошадиных сил. Это прекрасный выбор для свадьбы или выпускного, которые хочется провести в стиле ретро.GAZ 12
  2. Volga 3111. Это уже творение российских специалистов, которые из гражданской Волги сделали удлинённую версию. Подобные авто встречаются не так часто, но в ассортименте некоторых компаний, занимающихся прокатом машин на праздники, Volga 3111 присутствует. Машина интересная внешне, хорошо доработанная внутри. Плюс её аренда обычно обходится заметно дешевле, чем прокат импортных популярных моделей лимузинов. Volga 3111
  3. Чайка. Легендарный GAZ-13, которому нет равных на постсоветском пространстве. Этот автомобиль вышел на пик своей популярности в середине 60-х лет прошлого века. Но встретить такой раритетный лимузин можно и в наше время. Автомобилем пользовались все вышестоящие представители власти, машина вызывала восторг и восхищение у иностранных граждан. Сегодня аренда такого представителя советской роскоши пользуется спросом, поскольку подобный раритет выгодно выделяется на фоне уже привычных современных лимузинов. Уровень комфорта, может, и не образцовый, но тут есть своя уникальная изюминка, из-за которой Чайка даже в наше время находит своих поклонников. GAZ-13

Each of the cars in the limousine rating really deserves the title of the best. But it is impossible to objectively name one leader. All machines have their undeniable advantages, features and a wide range of positive characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a limousine for an upcoming event, celebration or holiday, be guided by your taste. Think about what kind of car you really would like to be in. A man does not often rent limousines for his life. So be sure to look at all the available options, and take that limousine that will give you real pleasure, pleasure and a little bit of happiness on this significant and important day.