Fuel filter for chevrolet lacetti

Absolutely all Chevrolet Lacetti cars with petrol engines have an original fuel filter with factory marking GM 96335719.

Filter location

The fuel cleaning filter on the Chevrolet Lacetti is located under the front of the gas tank on the right side. For easier access to the filter, you need to tuck the rear right side of the car and remove the rear right wheel. Do not forget to put the wheel on the front wheels. This will prevent the car from falling.

Filter resource

As the developers of the fuel filter and the Chevrolet Lacetti engineers themselves say, it should be replaced at least once during a run of 45,000 km. Of course, with the quality of fuel in the Russian market, this resource is significantly reduced. Experienced mechanics say that with a vehicle run of only 15,000-17,000 thousand km., The filter is better to change to a new one.

Fuel filter tasks

In any, even the best, in your opinion fuel, foreign matter will be contained. To prevent penetration into the injector, the combustion chamber and in general into the fuel system, a fuel filter was invented for all these tasks. It is said, like unpretentious detail, and performs a huge role in the proper and long work of the engine of the car. If you do not replace the fuel filter on the Chevrolet Lacetti in time, you can cause irreparable damage to your car, as a result of which you will spare a little money on the filter, you may incur high costs for repairing the engine.

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Removal and installation of the fuel filter

Do not rush to drive the car to the service station. Replacing the fuel filter on the Chevrolet Lacetti do it yourself, takes no more than half an hour. After its replacement, you will feel that the engine began to work much "smoother" and quieter.

So, let's begin

• before removing the filter, relieve the pressure in the fuel system. In the fuse box, remove the fuse marked EF18 (15A), it is responsible for the operation of the fuel pump. Start the engine and let it run on the gas that remains in the fuel system. As soon as the motor stalls, spin the starter for a few seconds. After these actions, the pressure in the system will go to zero.

• under the fuel tank in front, you will find the filter itself. Unscrew the mounting bolt on the clamp, disconnect the clamp on the filter and remove the plastic protection of the fuel filter.

• Remove the fuel hoses, while the clamps on them are different and will be disconnected differently. Be careful, these "things" are quite fragile.

• on the filter outlet there is a black clutch, it can be removed with the help of pliers. On the inlet fitting, a white coupling is installed; disconnect it, as well as on the inlet fitting.

• Pull the filter out of the bracket.

• Install the new filter in the reverse order. Be sure to check that the fuel inlet and outlet are properly connected.

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• after putting everything in place and installing a fuse, turn the ignition key. The first time the engine starts will be slightly longer than usual, the consequences of the fact that there is no gas in the fuel system. When the engine starts, check for fuel leakage of the place where you removed the fuel line hoses. If everything is in order, the repair is over, and you coped with the task yourself, while saving money and gaining another experience in repairing Chevrolet Lacetti.