Americans introduced the new chevrolet equinox compact

Американцы представили новый компакт-кроссовер Chevrolet Equinox Новопоколенный Chevrolet Equinox appeared in a slightly different way, both outside and inside, under the hood he had new power plants, and the body kit was supplemented with more advanced security systems. Design Chevrolet Equinox came close to the style of the latest American auto brand cars, such as Chevrolet Cruze, Volt or Malibu. A completely different grille, decorative chrome-plated exterior parts, LED DRLs and brake lights. In addition, due to the use of lighter metals in the design of the crossover, he dropped one hundred and eighty kilograms of "excess" weight compared to the previous version. Американцы представили новый компакт-кроссовер Chevrolet Equinox In length new Chevrolet Equinox stretched out on 4 m 65.2 cm, rang out in width 1 m 84.3 cm, rises 1 m 66.1 cm above the asphalt. The length of the wheelbase of the new generation Equinox is 2 m 72.5 cm. The size of the luggage compartment allows you to fill it 846 liters of useful stuff, and if you fold the rear row of seats, then 1798 liters will fit perfectly. Американцы представили новый компакт-кроссовер Chevrolet Equinox In the cabin  Chevrolet Equinox The central place is occupied by the multimedia MyLink, which has a seven- or eight-inch touchscreen, depending on the specific configuration of the crossover. The system understands Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Electronic "kit" car replenished with a mass of assistants and systems. They will prevent and prevent a frontal impact, automatically and in time when they have braked, they will control the movement of the crossover in the lane, recognize the road signs, markings and unauthorized personalities dangling along the highway in the way of the crossover.

Under the hood of a Chevrolet Equinox Install two petrol 1.5- and two-liter units with a turbine with a corresponding capacity of 170 and 252 horsepower. The first engine is paired with an automatic six-speed gearbox, the second works with a nine-band "automatic". In addition to gasoline, by the way, for the first time in history Chevrolet Equinox, under the hood of the crossover, a 1.6-liter diesel for 136 fair horses has now appeared. Diesel is installed on front-wheel drive versions of the crossover and on versions with plug-in drive 4x4. Новопоколенный Chevrolet Equinox will arrive in the car markets of the US states until March 2017, and to other countries, including Russia, is likely closer to the end of next year. How much will the new generation Chevrolet Equinox cost?Americans have not yet reported. Американцы представили новый компакт-кроссовер Chevrolet Equinox Besides new Chevrolet Equinox Americans recently unveiled the Chevrolet Bolt electric sedan. Electric car can without refueling to go 383 kilometers. This is the most affordable electric car in the American car market.

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