By purchasing lada granta in november 2015, you can get a

Купив в ноябре 2015 Lada Granta, можно получить в подарок ОСАГО и шиповку

To support demand for Lada Grants, car dealers, with the filing of AVTOVAZ, announced the November gift action. Anyone who wishes to purchase this model in the penultimate month of 2015 will receive an auto insurance policy and a set of studded winter tires for all four wheels for free. That in the face of falling demand for CTP and winter tires, which is fixed among Russian car enthusiasts, it seems to be a good thing: there will be less grinding "grant drivers" on the icy roads of the country. Today buy Lada Grant in dealerships can be from 364 to 506 thousand wooden for a sedan. Liftbacks are sold at fifteen thousand more expensive. The November buyer morzhet to leave the salon in studded gift rubber and a motor vehicle insurance policy in his pocket. In addition, acquiring this car in November, drivers belonging to the group of beginners with driving experience of up to two years, as well as young spouses who officially share a bed for no more than a year, plus parents with children under three years old have an insurance discount of 10,000 rubles. On the official web resource of the auto concern “LADA” in the “Promotions” section you can read more about this. Купив в ноябре 2015 Lada Granta, можно получить в подарок ОСАГО и шиповку Under the hood at the Lada Grant 1.6-liter gasoline engines are installed with a capacity of 82 to 107 horsepower. Mechanical and robotic (AMT) gearboxes are installed as transmissions, and in the maximum configuration of the sedan and automatic. Sedans are produced from the conveyors of the Togliatti workshops of AVTOVAZ, and liftbacks from Izhevsk.

Купив в ноябре 2015 Lada Granta, можно получить в подарок ОСАГО и шиповку

By the way, in Izhevsk, more than a month is collected Lada Vesta. Less than a month before the start of official sales. But so far no one dared to name the specific price tags for each complete set of the novelty. They call only approximate amounts from half a million to six hundred thousand rubles.

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Interest in Vesta was also supported by President Putin, they say, he spoke very positively about the car. Although we were not there, and if he gritted his teeth from the indignation of the quality of the novelties of the Russian car industry, no one would have told us about that exactly.