Diagram of the assembly unit vaz-2110

Наиболее востребованной среди отечественных автомобилистов является circuit breaker VAZ-2110, так как машины десятого семейства Тольяттинского автозавода остаются востребованными среди российских водителей. Контролировать работоспособность электрооборудования специалисты начинают с проверки предохранителей. В подобных ситуациях нередко оказывается востребованным блок предохранителей ВАЗ-2110 инжектора 16 клапанов.


  • 1 The electrical part of the car Lada
  • 2 Division of blocks in the car
  • 3 Main unit location
  • 4 second set
  • 5 Optional unit

The electrical part of the car Lada

Необходимо учитывать, что scheme of the assembly block VAZ-2110 – это детально представленное в графическом виде модульное блочное изображение, где имеются изображения элементов электрооборудования автомобиля. В «Десятках» от наибольшего автозавода России конструкторы определили три зоны, где предусмотрен монтаж всевозможных защитных элементов.

The main task of the installed fuses is to protect all electrical wiring and devices from excess voltage. They are responsible for the security of most operating systems.

It is important to know that each specific fusible link is installed to maintain the specific instrument or assembly in a healthy state.

All installed protective elements are separated in the scheme of the VAZ-2110 fuse box by their cells or sockets. This approach facilitates their replacement and diagnosis. Having on hand a map of the location of the blocks with details, it is easy to identify blown relays or inserts to restore the circuit.

It is necessary to strictly observe the safety rules and not to operate the car with non-working nodes or systems. This may lead to emergency situations. Restrictions on operational faults are given in the rules of the road.

If the low beam relay of the VAZ-2110 does not work or the windshield wipers have failed, then you should not start driving in this position, since these faults must be eliminated first. When the electric windows do not work in the car, this fact is no longer capable of causing serious consequences.

Division of blocks in the car

The designers brought the main unit in the most accessible zone for the driver. In the tenth version of the WHA it was placed on the left side of the car closer to the steering wheel. Easy access is provided by a built-in button installed near the head optics height adjuster.

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There is also a pair of spare areas that hide relays and fusible links. They are placed in the right and center of the console, opposite the dashboard. Another fuse is installed at the far end. To access it, you need to open the main unit, and behind it you will see the mounting module. To change everything in time, it is recommended to have a printed circuit with fuses in the car.

circuit breaker VAZ-2110

After all, for example, to know where the fuse of the VAZ-2110 is located is necessary for safe driving in winter. On a cold or constantly freezing glass you can’t get far on a frosty day. It is also worth clarifying for yourself where the VAZ-2110 signal relay is located in order to give audible signals on the road in time.

Main unit location

The main wiring has relays and fuses. The first ones are marked with the symbol K, and the second ones are marked with the symbol F. The layout of the relays is as follows:

  • K1 - maintains the performance of light bulbs;
  • K2 - used for working windshield wipers;
  • K3 - relay, responsible for the smooth functioning of the turn signals, as well as for the emergency gang;
  • K4 and K5 - a pair for the injector, is responsible for the high / low beam performance;
  • K6 - backup type used in the combustion of some basic;
  • K7 - maintains in good condition rear window heating;
  • K8 - included in the scheme in case of failure of the main nests.

Second set

All elements on the diagram from F1 to F20 are fusible inserts. They are distinguished by their maximum throughput and are differentiated by color.

Where is the fuse stove VAZ-2110

Important! It is forbidden to install a metal jumper instead of the fuse that is set by the manufacturer, as this can lead to failure of the main electrical components and assemblies.

scheme of the assembly block VAZ-2110

fuse block VAZ-2110 injector 16 valves

Additional block

It is hidden to the right of the center console in the cabin, closer to the legs of the front passenger. The panel is fixed with several screws. It is enough to unscrew them to get into the scheme.

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diagram of the fuse box VAZ-2110

All 6 pieces have a 15 amp value. According to the marking, they are responsible for the following components and devices:

  1. Ignition unit.
  2. Air flow sensor, adsorber purge, vehicle speed.
  3. Work injectors and fuel pump.
  4. The efficiency of the electric fan.
  5. The operation of an electric fuel pump.
  6. Relay ignition VAZ-2110.

Behind the mounting block there is an anti-fog optics protection. This is the last thing to be noted in the article.