How to start the car with autostart starline

Domestic motorists are familiar brand Starline car security system. This electronic service has gained its popularity due to many positive qualities, for example, a large range and the possibility of a two-way response.

More experienced owners have learned to understand all sorts of settings, and beginners may experience problems with the operation of the integrated security module. Not all of them even know how to start the car with the Starline autorun.


  • 1 Main characteristics
  • 2 Replacing keyfobs
  • 3 How the service starts

Main characteristics

The security system acts selectively for each part of the car. With its help, access to the main areas of the vehicle is blocked:

  • glass, wheels and body react to external influences;
  • vehicle power plant is blocked from starting;
  • locks and latches are locked for opening;
  • ignition is switched off when unauthorized access;
  • additional sensors are mounted.

how to quickly start the car with autostart Starline

It is accepted to divide similar systems into the following types:

  • autorun does not start the car, but is equipped with only an interactive module;
  • with remote start of the motor, which may have in addition to turning on the engine additional possibilities in the form of starting the air conditioner, etc.

Maximum protection is provided thanks to the features set by the developers:

  • пейджинговый код;
  • high level of information protection from interception;
  • individual four-digit code;
  • preservation in memory of current settings even after turning off / on the power supply;
  • mute the alarm, without unlocking security;
  • triggering security beeps.

During the connection in a two-way digital dialogue, the possibility of code theft is excluded. Information is transmitted to the working keychain during the development of events:

  • request from someone else's remote;
  • the occurrence of an alarming situation;
  • change programmed schedule.

how to start the car with autorun Starline

The monitor shows the current status of the protected car. When information about unwanted events arrives at it, feedback elements trigger in the form of vibration, turning on the backlight and sound signals.

The driver has several options for remote control:

  • on / off sound modules in the car;
  • on / off the light system;
  • work with the central lock;
  • ignition and motor control.
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The driver has the opportunity to obtain information about the current state of the power plant. To do this, use the main key chain. If it is damaged, then you can apply a backup, however, the functions of the backup console will be in a stripped-down version.

Starline is controlled and launched using pre-programmed commands. They are formed by the options of pressing the executive buttons of the console:

  • short press - it is enough for him to hold the button in the pressed position for 0.5 ... 1 s;
  • long lasting - the button is fixed by the driver until the sound signals from the key fob appear;
  • double - it is necessary to perform short presses twice without pauses;
  • consistent - alternately pressing several buttons.

Such actions are easy to configure various actions with the car:

  • open the trunk;
  • monitor the system;
  • block the shock sensor;
  • launch anti-theft function.

how to start a car with autostart Starline

In different models of systems, some functions may differ slightly.

Replacement keyfobs

During operation with the driver's key fob, negative situations can occur, as a result of which it can be damaged mechanically or by other means, as well as its losses. After that, a new remote control is required for further use of the integrated service.

Reprogramming is carried out using the central electronic unit of the system. The set usually has two remotes, which differ functionally and visually.

On the main there is a liquid crystal display, and the backup element is deprived of this option.

When programming a new remote, it makes no difference whether this module has a vibration feedback. There is a certain pattern in which it is possible to use interchangeability:

  • B 64, E60, D64 are equipped with a six-digit system, therefore they can be used in parallel mode;
  • A4 and A2 also have similar internal parameters;
  • two-line B series units are interchangeable;
  • joint work is also possible D94, B94, E

why autorun doesn't start the car

The rest of the attempts to bring the kits to a single denominator of success will not give. The maximum number of simultaneously operating remotes in one system is limited to four pieces.

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How the service starts

Remote automatic start in most cases works in a single pattern. Service monitors the time that is used during the warm-up of the power plant and its exit to working condition. This ensures uninterrupted operation of the motor after launch.

When starting from the Starline ignition key, the time that the car uses for this procedure is calculated and recorded. Subsequently, these actions are transferred to the automatic start.

what to do when autorun doesn't start the car

On average, the warm-up of the motor and access to the working temperature mode occurs within an interval not exceeding 10 minutes. During this time, the external security system remains locked. As additional options, it is possible to simultaneously turn on the stove or the climate system, seat heating or other functions that provide comfort and safety while driving.

If after a fixed period of time the driver does not get into the car, the service returns the system to its original state. In this way possible penetration into the salon by outsiders is prevented.

The alarm is reconfigured when the “security” mode is disabled. In most cases, the operation is performed by simultaneously pressing both control buttons. Also, the setting can be made after a call to the built-in SIM card.