Instead of an suv: comparing renault sandero stepway and


Classic "Niva" and Oise gradually lose their popularity - the country's road infrastructure is developing, and the fuel gradually becomes more expensive, which forces people to consider other cars. However, to give up the status of the owner of an SUV, albeit a budget one, is not so easy. Knowing this, many companies produce relatively economical and easy-to-manage crossovers that are styled as off-road vehicles. If we talk about the budget class, then the most popular are the Renault Duster crossover and the Renault Sandero Stepway hatchback with a special package of options that increase its permeability. To understand which option to choose, you should carefully compare the Renault Sandero Stepvey and the Renault Duster.

Renault Sandero Stepway and Renault Duster


Both cars, participating in the comparison, have a front-wheel drivetrain, equipped with similar 1.6-liter engines, as well as five-speed transmissions. However, if desired, customers can order Renault Duster in the all-wheel drive version, whereas for Sandero Stepway such a modification is not available. But hope for some off-road ability remains, given the clearance of 210 mm in the Duster and 175 mm in the Renault Sandero Stepway.

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Renault Sandero Stepway and Renault Duster-->И практические испытания показывают, что переднеприводный Renault Duster практически не уступает полноприводному по возможностям! Пятиступенчатая трансмиссия имеет укороченные передачи, а мотор хорошо тянет уже с самых малых оборотов, поэтому преодоление крутых склонов не станет для Duster невыполнимой задачей. Большой клиренс позволяет Renault Duster уверенно двигаться по грунтовкам и даже лесным просекам, а также перебираться через крупные камни. Но всё же отсутствие полного привода даёт о себе знать — кроссовер Renault начинает беспомощно буксовать, едва на крутом подъёме появляется скользкое покрытие. Отправляться на грунтовые дороги в дождь также не стоит — если небольшие участки вязкого грунта удастся преодолеть за счёт отличных настроек мотора и трансмиссии Duster, то в первой же глубокой яме кроссовер застрянет.

The appearance of the car Renault Duster

A hatchback that has never had anything to do with the class of crossovers has even less chance of coping with bad roads. The clearance of the Renault Sandero Stepway, which is increased compared to the standard Logan family, allows us to forget about the impacts of the bottom in the tracks and on the primer, but it does not at all help to overcome serious obstacles. It is worth saying that when you try to drive through a forest clearing or rocky plain, Renault Sandero can part with a low silencer hanging below the rear bumper. In addition, the transmission settings are more focused on measured driving on the highway, rather than conquering steep slopes.

Renault Sandero Stepway car appearance

In the town

If you choose Stepvey or Duster for frequent driving in the city, then the Renault hatchback will be much preferable. Smaller sizes allow it to fit in small parking spaces in front of an office center or a supermarket, while longer “gears” make it possible to switch less frequently when driving in dense traffic. The advantage of Renault Sandero Stepway can be called a moderately stiff suspension, which does not allow strong rolls, but does not upset the driver with serious breakdowns when driving on large irregularities. The downside of the Sandero Stepway undercarriage is only the lack of proper sound insulation, as a result of which the passage of every crack in the asphalt or hummock is accompanied by an unpleasant ringing.

The champion in capacity Renault Sandero can not be called - only two people will fit in the back, and even they will complain about the lack of legroom. However, there are no complaints about the height of the ceiling - the bodies of the whole Renault Logan family are distinguished by a good supply of space above the heads of people. The front seats are set a little low and have a non-optimal profile of the back, but on short daily trips the owner of Renault Sandero Stepway will not feel any discomfort. The car does not set records in terms of trunk volume - it was small even in the usual Renault Sandero, while the “off-road” version of Stepway was reduced to 320 liters due to the use of a full-size spare wheel. However, a wide opening facilitates the loading of large-sized items, so the owner of Sandero Stepway, which is formed when folding the rear seats with a volume of 1.2 cubic meters, can be used without difficulty.

Among the disadvantages of the Renault Duster undercarriage are excessive softness, which causes a large car to roll in corners and “nod off” during heavy braking. However, all this can be forgiven for the crossover for the complete absence of impacts and buildup during the passage of irregularities. Duster owners always proudly tell that they do not even slow down in areas with poor coverage, where others slow down cars, trying to avoid damage to the suspension. But the “off-road” settings of the power unit and transmission in the city are useless. Because of the shortened gears, the driver of the Renault Duster is constantly forced to listen to the noise of the engine running at high revs.

In the car Renault Duster

Duster front seats are good, but the impression is spoiled by a similar straight back, which does not allow to relax the back muscles in a long journey. In addition, you need to say about some other ergonomic miscalculations in the Renault crossover:

  • The front panel begins to emit squeaks strong enough;
  • The gas pedal is located close to the central tunnel;
  • Touchscreen available in high-priced accessories Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, glows when rays of light hit it.

In the cabin of the car Renault Sandero Stepway

There is more space behind than in Sandero - three people will be accommodated here without any inconvenience even in winter clothes. If you choose a Renault Duster or Renault Sandero Stepvey in terms of trunk volume, then the crossover will definitely remain the leader. The Renault Duster capacity of the cargo compartment, even with the rear seats raised, approaches 500 liters, and with a complete transformation of the cabin is equal to 1.65 cubic meters.

Car model:Renault Sandero StepwayRenault Duster
Producing country:Romania (Build - Russia)Romania (Build - Russia)
Body Type:HecklerCrossover
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15981598
Power, l. c./about min .:103/5750114/5500
Maximum speed, km / h:171167
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:12,410,9
Type of drive:FrontFront
Fuel type:Gasoline A-95Gasoline A-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 9.0 / Outside the city of 5.8In the city of 9.3 / Outside the city of 6.3
Length, mm:40244315
Width, mm:17531822
Height, mm:15501695
Clearance, mm:175210
Tire size:185/65 R15215/65 R16
Curb weight, kg:10861260
Full weight, kg:15951716
Fuel tank capacity:5050

Different tempers

Несмотря на статус кроссовера, который присвоили ему маркетологи Renault, хетчбэк Sandero Stepway предназначается исключительно для перемещения в пределах дорог. Конечно, увеличенный клиренс позволяет ему ехать без всяких помех по просёлочным дорогам и разбитым улицам городских окраин, но на размокшей грунтовке Renault Sandero не продержится и ста метров. Другое дело — Renault Duster, который изначально разрабатывался, как автомобиль повышенной проходимости и лишился заднего привода исключительно для удешевления. Crossover Renault может выезжать за пределы асфальтовых дорог и с честью выдерживать многие испытания, отвозя пассажиров на рыбалку или просто на пикник в те места, куда обычные легковушки не доберутся. Однако стоит помнить о том, что возможности Duster ограничены, и он вполне может застрять в грязи либо просто на скользком покрытии.