The better to wash the car injector


Any Russian motorist knows that the quality of fuel at most domestic gas stations leaves much to be desired - due to poor cleaning, foreign minerals and even solid particles often get into it.

Flushing the car injector

Если руководство заправочной станции не следит за качеством поступающего горючего, даже одна заправка может стать причиной выхода из строя топливной системы современного инжекторного автомобиля. Причиной неисправности в этом случае будет появление посторонних отложений на форсунках, мешающих их нормальной работе. Многие специалисты рекомендуют пользоваться специальными средствами, например, отечественными промывочным составом Laurel или зарубежным аналогом Wynns (Винс).

Читать далее, какая жидкость лучше для промывки инжектора-->Однако для их применения потребуется приобрести специальное оборудование — поэтому в некоторых случаях лучше купить жидкость для промывки инжектора, которая добавляется внутрь топливного бака.

Simple application

Funds from this group are added directly to gasoline - they do not require the purchase of specialized equipment. To obtain the maximum positive effect, it is enough to pour the contents of the vial into the fuel tank, observing the proportions specified by the manufacturer. To get the best quality effect, it is better to pour the injector cleaning agent into an almost empty tank and after completing all the procedures to refill the car, although you should always read the instructions for safety.

Injector cleaning process

It should be understood that this method of washing allows you to remove relatively small deposits that have recently formed on the nozzles and did not have time to form a layer of coke on their walls. Additive in gasoline is not suitable for solving serious problems with the fuel system.


Finnish additive RVS-Master differs from many analogues by its complex chemical composition. Due to the presence in it of effective detergent components, it eliminates most of the resins and solid deposits from the surface of the nozzles. In addition, its addition to gasoline allows you to clean the intake valves, ensuring that they fit snugly to the saddle. Due to this, it is possible to prevent the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber and the occurrence of a water hammer, which threatens to damage the engine.

RVS-Master injector cleaner

The use of additives for gasoline makes it possible to clean the walls of the combustion chamber, the spark plug, and even the upper piston ring from carbon. Due to this, it is possible to increase the engine power by approximately 15%, to reduce the level of toxicity of the exhaust, as well as to reduce fuel consumption by 2-6%, which is determined by the degree of pollution. The cost of the additive is 1200 rubles - for this amount you get a bottle, which is enough to clean the injectors of any injection vehicle, regardless of its power and engine size.

Конечно, присадка под названием RVS-Master Injector Cleans Ic не столь эффективна, как специализированное средство Laurel, но она не столь опасна для выхлопной системы, свечей зажигания и прочих компонентов двигателя.

Liqui Moly

Немецкий концерн решил создать серьёзную конкуренцию для таких промывочных средств, как Laurel и Wynns (Винс). Он предлагает сразу три средства, которые входят в производственную линейку под названием Injection Reiniger. Они различаются концентрацией активных компонентов, а также присутствием специальных моющих составляющих, которые повышают эффективность борьбы с застарелыми отложениями. Применение присадок в бензин от Liqui Moly стоит рассмотреть подробнее.

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The base additive called Light is used in case of moderate pollution of the injectors - it should be used immediately after refueling with low-quality fuel to prevent the appearance of deposits in the injection system. An agent, called Effectiv, should be added to gasoline if the car has lost a significant part of its power as a result of the contamination of the injector.

But the High Performance additive helps even in cases where the driver clearly feels interruptions in the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber. Of course, it is not as effective as the professional means of Laurel, but it can significantly improve the condition of the fuel system by delaying the visit to the car-care center. It should be noted that for cleaning direct injection nozzles it is worth using only a specialized tool called Direkt Injection Reiniger - this will help protect the expensive components of the injection system of such vehicles.

Liqui Moly Direct Injection Cleaner

Liqui Moly additives help to remove various components of the fuel system, as well as the combustion chamber and the upper piston ring from soot, tar and mineral substances. Their addition to gasoline makes it possible to restore high pressure in the fuel line, which is especially important for modern engines with multipoint, direct and layered injection. The cost of such funds is equal to 350-1000 rubles, depending on the chosen concentration and purpose. It is worth noting that in order to clean the injectors of large off-road vehicles and light trucks with a tank of more than 70 liters, you may need to purchase 2 bottles.


Американская компания решила значительно упростить жизнь автомобилистам. В отличие от специализированных профессиональных средств вроде промывочного состава Laurel либо Wynns (Винс), её присадка Injector Cleaner не наносит никакого вреда двигателю даже при многократном применении в течение одного года. Она способна удалять значительную часть нагара из камеры сгорания, со свечей и клапанов.

Hi-Gear injector cleaner

It will be effective to add it to gasoline and if stable resinous deposits form on the nozzle walls or if solid particles hit the surface of these parts. However, with an unstable supply of fuel into the combustion chamber, it is better to give preference to additives from RVS-Master and Liqui Moly, which better cope with old mineral deposits.

Adding funds to gasoline allows you to restore the power of the car, as well as significantly reduce the toxicity of its exhaust. In addition, the application reduces the cost of fuel by optimizing its combustion. Since the product does not include any particularly aggressive chemicals, even its frequent use will not cause damage to the motor. The cost of one bottle, designed for a modern car with a tank capacity of up to 85 liters, is 650–700 rubles.

Professional tools

Despite its high performance, additives, poured into gasoline, are not able to cope with all the deposits in the car's injection system. At the same time, it is necessary to use professional products intended for flushing nozzles without removing them. Adding them to the tank is strictly prohibited - it has already been said above that this may cause a blockage in the fuel line. Therefore, to use professional tools, you will have to purchase a special pneumatic station - its cost is approximately equal to 12-15 thousand rubles.


The tool of the American company Wynns, which domestic auto mechanics simply call “Vince”, is the most effective on the market. It contains a very large amount of detergents that can remove persistent soot from the valves, as well as dissolve old mineral deposits on the surface of the nozzles. In contrast to the means added to gasoline, flushing with Wynns (Vince) allows you to restore the fuel system even after severe clogging.

Wynns Injection System

Many experts believe that the professional washing agent "Vince" can replace the ultrasonic cleaning of the nozzles. However, it is worth being extremely careful. A significant overdose can destroy the injector piezoelectric components, making the injection system completely inoperative. In addition, after applying a professional wash composition Wynns (Vince) mechanics recommend replacing candles - they get quite strong damage. The cost of a bottle of "Vince", sufficient for one washing nozzles, is 450-500 rubles.


An alternative to the American washing agent is the Russian composition, released under the brand name Laurus. It is not inferior in efficiency to a foreign chemical, and even surpasses it in some respects. So, experts working at the service stations involved in servicing the fuel system of a car claim that Laurus is much better at handling iron and heavy metal deposits. Thanks to this, he is guaranteed to help save the injectors after several consecutive refueling at unknown gas stations.

Fuel system and injector cleaners LAVR

Однако Laurel также содержит достаточно агрессивные химикаты, что заставляет обращаться с ним крайне аккуратно во избежание поломки топливной системы. Кроме того, замена свечей после промывки форсунок российским средством вам гарантирована. Значительным минусом, который не позволяет назвать Laurel лучшим профессиональным средством для чистки форсунок, является его стоимость — один флакон обходится приблизительно в 700–850 рублей, что заставляет многих механиков выбирать промывочный состав от Wynns (Винс).

Liqui Moly

The German company has succeeded in the production of professional auto chemistry. Especially for the service station and other auto service enterprises produced a tool called Pro-Line Benzin-System-Reiniger. It is produced in three versions - the usual, enhanced with a considerable content of detergents, as well as in a concentrated form, designed to select the dosage by the master. When self-applying such a cleansing agent, it is recommended to choose the first option — it will not harm the engine, even if there is an error in choosing the right dosage.

Pro-Line Benzin-System-Reiniger

Из всех перечисленных средств только концентрат действительно хорошо справляется со смолами и нагаром на клапанах. Обычное и интенсивное средство позволяют лишь удалять твёрдые частицы и некоторые минеральные включения. Поэтому для очистки форсунок при наиболее сильном загрязнении лучше приобрести промывочный состав Laurel либо Wynns.

The cost of the German funds, suitable for self-use, is 700 rubles, but for the concentrate or highly effective composition will have to pay 1200-1400 rubles. In addition, the company offers specialized equipment for accelerated washing nozzles. However, its cost is 85 thousand rubles - for a professional car service this price will be appropriate, but for ordinary motorists it is better to purchase a cheaper equivalent of Russian production.

The pros and cons of self-cleaning

The main argument in favor of self-cleaning nozzles is the affordable cost of the procedure. You will have to pay only for consumables - in this case you will be able to save from 30 to 60% of the price of full cleaning due to the lack of payment for the work of professionals. In addition, you will always be confident in the quality of the procedure performed. But there are also a lot of arguments against:

  • High probability of damage to the motor if the instructions are not followed;
  • The possibility of improper selection of cleansing composition;
  • Lack of quality assurance.

Of course, the procedure at the service station will be much more expensive - but you will be sure that you will not have to take any additional actions. In addition, most workshops offer an ultrasonic cleaning service that allows you to cope with any kind of dirt, as opposed to the liquid method.