T-98 combat: description, modifications, specifications

T-98 Combat - Russian SUV, designed for driving around the battlefield. The creator, Dmitry Parfenov, laid in his creation a huge margin of safety, while ensuring long-term popularity of the car. Look at the photo, isn’t it a true Russian car?

T-98 Combat

The development engineer managed to combine in one device the convenience of an all-wheel drive SUV, “tank” armor and the comfort of a chic limousine. Due to its design and unique characteristics, the car has found fans inside Russia. For example, in Dubai, these cars are very popular as the main transport for the movement of both eminent businessmen and their personal security services. The UAE Army considered it too big to buy such cars.

Many are trying to find common ground in this car and the American Hummer. But do not be fooled. These are two fundamentally different devices with different purposes of creation and use. According to many experts, the Combat perfectly copes with the tasks of the Hammer. And it would be more rational to support domestic producers, the more there is for what.


  • History of development of the T-98 Combat
  • The uniqueness of the SUV
  • Modifications
  • Options
  • Comfort in all conditions?
  • Car cost

History of development of the T-98 Combat

Initially, the creators planned to make a harsh SUV for everyday Russian realities. Later, taking into account the criminal component of our everyday life, they thought about the release of the most versatile, comfortable SUV with a daring design on the outside and a bit of chic inside.

Car cost

The final pricing will depend on the set of features you choose. Each car is made personally, to order the buyer. In the right colors and configuration. That is why you will not find in the world two completely identical T-98 Combat.

T-98 Combat Salon

Prices start at 10 million rubles for the most simple and unpretentious model. But even this option will have perfect permeability and all the advantages of this armored SUV. Already have to pay for the luxury: the higher the class of protection, the more materials should be spent. And this is an extra waste of money. The difference between the materials of the performance of the cabin is also expressed in monetary terms. The interior of natural leather and wood is the most expensive modification that can be.

The maximum price for this car is $ 1 million. For this money several unique cars with unique author's design were produced. They have been used in movies and have successfully recommended themselves.

Ordering a car is not as easy as in most cases. The manufacturer takes orders only after proving the need for armored protection on the car. For example, commanders-in-chief of several countries have ordered such ones and today they even ride them in everyday life.