Choosing an efficient and reliable way to mount the dvr


Today, DVRs have become an integral part of the car, so car owners know all kinds of DVRs, and few people thought about how to mount the device in the car.

DVR in the car

DVR in the car

Often, car owners use the fastener that comes with the device, without thinking about its durability and reliability. Unfortunately, in order to save, the manufacturer does not always provide fasteners of proper quality, without worrying about its ergonomics and ease of operation. In addition to the main function of fasteners, it must allow the device to be conveniently and correctly positioned so that it does not obstruct the driver’s vision of the road. Also, he must have a favorable location in order to shoot everything that happens right in front of the car on the road. To the equally important and pleasant requirements include the fact of design, the harmonious combination of the DVR with the style of the car interior. Fasteners should be lightweight, durable and small at the same time. Equally important is the possibility of quick, simple, but reliable installation and disassembly.

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1. Suction cup

This type of attachment as a suction cup (either on the DVR itself or on the bracket) usually comes bundled with the device itself. The sucker is fixed on the windshield of the car and it should be done so that the device does not interfere with the driver, and he has the maximum angle of view.

Video recorder on suckers

Video recorder on suckers

Learning to properly attach the suction cup on the glass of the car

There is nothing particularly complicated here:

  1. Wipe the glass with a soft cloth or cotton wool dipped in vodka or alcohol (degrease the surface).
  2. We are waiting for the glass to dry.
  3. We bring the sucker, firmly pressed and wait for her to grab.

After that, you need to make sure that you managed to firmly fix the suction cup and the DVR so that during the trip you could not worry about the fact that the expensive gadget is installed on the glass correctly and accurately.

pros присоски

  1. Elementary construction.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Compact size that does not block driver's view of the track.
  4. The ability to easily detach the suction cup and reinstall the DVR to another location or take it with you without spending much time on it.
  5. Comes with a DVR, that is, does not require extra material costs.

Cons sucker

  1. When fast, sloppy driving on gravel or bumps, the suction cup is peeled off and disappears, which can lead to damage to the device.
  2. The suction cup disappears with temperature drops and with a long stay of the car in the cold.
  3. The impossibility of carrying out hidden installation, and hanging wires can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the car.

If you decide to fasten the DVR to the suction cup, then you will often have to remove and attach the device and constantly monitor the strength of its mounting on the glass.

2. Sucker behind the rearview mirror

A more advanced version of the mounting on the suction cup is a video recorder with a special suction cup, which is mounted immediately behind the rear-view mirror inside the car. This type of suction cup can be purchased if the device is small and has a special mount for installing this type.

Sucker behind rearview mirror

Sucker behind rearview mirror


  1. Does not interfere with the driver to observe the road.
  2. Does not require the intervention of specialists (implies self-installation).
  3. Does not attract the attention of intruders and DPS workers.
  4. The suction cup can be easily moved to another car.
  5. Attachment strength.
  6. Easy operation.
  7. Low price.


  1. Not suitable for all DVRs.
  2. More resistant to temperature changes than the suction cup on the glass, but still have to control the degree of attachment.

Sucker for salon glass rear view can properly install each, so it is considered the best option for fasteners from all positions. It provides a favorable and high-quality shooting angle and is relatively inexpensive, considering its ergonomics and aesthetic appearance.

3. Sticker

The type of attachment of the type “sticker” is a double-sided tape, which is mounted on an invisible zone on the windshield (for example, behind the rear-view mirror), which does not interfere with the view.

pros наклейки

  1. High degree of fixation.
  2. Durability.
  3. Requires minimal material costs.
  4. Compactness.
  5. The possibility of mounting the recorder anywhere in the windshield.

Minuses наклейки

  1. You can not remove the DVR and take with you, if necessary.
  2. You can not move to another place on the windshield (can not be dismantled).
  3. Suitable only high-quality expensive tape.
  4. The device must be miniature and have a minimum weight.
  5. It is difficult from the first time to fix the device correctly and efficiently.
  6. Chances are that your gadget may be stolen or it may be damaged by direct sunlight.

This type of attachment is suitable for those car owners who always keep their car in sight or in the garage, as well as those who do not need to move the DVR around the cabin or take it with them.

4. Fasteners for car dashboard

DVR, mounted on the dashboard

DVR, mounted on the dashboard

Some models of DVRs have a version of fasteners on the dashboard, i.e. attached directly to the dashboard of the car. Most often on the dashboard the recorder is attached using double-sided tape. This mounting option is safer. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% of the previous one, since the adhesive tape on plastic lasts longer than on glass, although the viewing angles are significantly reduced.

Pluses fasteners on the dashboard

  1. Convenient mount on the dashboard.
  2. Many models of DVR torpedo included.
  3. Ability to independently install the device
  4. Reliability and durability of fastening.
  5. Ability to take the DVR with you, without breaking the mount.

Minuses крепежа на торпедо

  1. Bad review.
  2. Is in a prominent place and can attract the attention of intruders.
  3. It spoils the appearance of the auto dashboard, wires can be seen.

Mount on the dashboard - an elementary and cheap type of mounting device is suitable for those drivers who are willing to ignore the beauty and viewing angles for the sake of convenience and simplicity.

5. Video recorder built into the mirror

This type of fastener involves embedding the camera recorder in the salon rear-view mirror, but this method of mounting is installed only by specialists in car dealerships and service centers.

DVR built into the mirror

DVR built into the mirror

Pluses DVR, built-in mirror

  1. Qualitatively and correctly performed mount.
  2. The DVR camera is hidden from human eyes and therefore does not attract attention.
  3. The camera is compatible with GPS-navigator and anti-radar.
  4. Secure attachment.
  5. Uninterrupted power from the electrical system of the car.
  6. High-quality review of the road.
  7. Durability and reliability.

Cons DVR built into the mirror

  1. The impossibility of self-installation (qualitatively and correctly, this can only be done by service center employees).
  2. Solid financial expenditure on the apparatus of this type and its installation.
  3. Lack of mobility (when changing the car, you will need to reinstall the DVR).

This method of mounting the DVR is of the highest quality, inconspicuous and aesthetically comfortable, because the wires are masked and it seems that there is no foreign device inside the car. But It is worth noting the high cost of the DVR and the process of its installation in the mirror. This type of fastener is suitable for car owners who are willing to give a lot of money for the quality of shooting and fastening safety.

When choosing a fastener, do not forget to pay attention to the features of your device: dimensions, quality of shooting, viewing angles, quality of material, mobility, because starting from these parameters and your needs, you can understand which type of mounting of the recorder suits you better. And remember, the important thing is in the details, so it’s better now to attach the recorder with high quality than to buy another one.