Kia motors presents the new kia soul suv with an updated

Kia Motors представляет новый паркетник Kia Soul с обновленной моторной линейкой

Motor gamma compact crossover Kia Soul now got four petrol engines, among which one is a two-liter one. Russian office Kia began to implement a new version Parker Kia Soulwhich has a two-liter, one-and-half gasoline aspirated under the hood. This "machine" is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Reference hundred kilometers per hour two-liter Kia Soul reaches in 10.2 seconds. This is one and a half seconds less than SUVs with a 1.6-liter engine on board did.

Parketnik Kia Soul, имеющий под капотом двухлитровый двигатель, предлагается покупателю сразу в трех версиях. Первая - это "Люксовая", за нее дилеры просят от 1095 килорублей, вторая - "Престижная", на почти сотню тысяч дороже, третья комплектация - "Премиальная", она опустошит карман покупателя на 1 млн 355 тыс рублей.

Restyled SUV Kia Soul appeared on our car market at the beginning of this year. Designers, as usual, slightly altered the exterior, the interior, engineers added something to the equipment, but on the whole the car did not cease to be easily recognizable, the image of the Korean “Soul” (Soul) was preserved in English.

Before restyling, the car ran on one 1.6-liter aspirated and it also had its diesel version. There were already six complete sets, they were sold in the range from 870 thousand to 1 million 370 thousand rubles.

Sportversion also arrived to Russian car dealers Kia Soul GT. Its front glossy bumper differs significantly from the classic version in shape, the thresholds are trimmed in red, the double-barrel exhaust system is trimmed with matt chrome, and the car stands on eighteen-inch cast "rollers".

It is clear that the sports car Kia Soul GT A 1.6-liter, 204-strong turbodiesel is installed under the bonnet, paired with a seven-speed, preselective robotic box.

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To the standard weave Kia Soul GT It accelerates in 7.8 seconds, and you can squeeze out two hundred kilometers per hour on it. The sport version of the Soul is worth 1 million 370 thousand rubles.

Now let's look at our closest competitors. Hyundai Kreta on the front running gears with a one-and-a-half two-liter aspirated coupled to an automatic transmission will cost the buyer from 1,120 to 1,230 kilorubles. Renault Kaptur with a two-liter engine can be taken for 1 million 110 thousand rubles, but this will already be a version with 4x4 drive! And you don’t even need to look at the Skoda Yeti, the Czech all-wheel drive SUV is almost four hundred thousand more expensive.