Body tuning audi 100 45: subtleties and features

The German company Audi began production of the Audi 100 in 1968. For 30 years, the company's specialists have constantly improved this unit, and in 1994 they finally completed the assembly of this model.

Audi 100 45 tuning кузова

Now the car Audi 100 45 belongs to a series of passenger cars of the middle class with front-wheel drive system.

A bit of history

About the Audi 100 probably knows the entire Soviet Union, consumer demand for this model did not fade until 1995. The reason for the popularity is a strong and simple body configuration, durability of the car and its internal characteristics. All cars of this brand are made of galvanized metal, which prevents the occurrence of corrosion, and extends the service life of the body for 10 years. No wonder the reliable performance of Audi valued not only in Russia but also abroad, with such a car, you could always feel confident and comfortable.

In total, for 30 years of production in Germany, four Audi 100 series were released. Series C1, was released in 1965, had 2 sometimes 4-door design, and the figure 100 meant the engine power. In 1976, an improved version of the C1 was released, the designers updated the design of the car (headlights and salon) and installed a 5-cylinder engine, called the C2 series.

Audi 100 tuning

In 1983, the aerodynamic functions of the car were improved, as a result of which fuel was saved several times, and the innovation was called the Audi 100 C3. Additionally, a diesel engine was installed in the third version, which used the turbo diesel injection system and mounted a 4-speed gearbox with a viscous clutch in the center and rear differential. However, the designers did not stop there, they wanted to make the most of all the capabilities of the Audi 100, and in 1991 they created a 2.8-liter engine with 12 valves and an all-wheel drive system.

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The Audi 100 C4 version was produced in the 90s for 4 years, sometimes it is also called the Audi A6. This series of cars uses 45 body ("weave-barrel"), so if someone else has such a car, you are very lucky, because you own a rare unit.

Main upgrade options

Audi 100 45 tuning - This is the embodiment of all the desires of the owner of the machine with the help of modern technology. Tuning audi 100 It starts with a change in the external characteristics of the car, creating a smart and powerful look that may appeal to not only the owner, but also to everyone around him. No need to go far to ensure the high value of tuning - take as an example at least the tuning of the Audi A6 C5, about which there was already a conversation on our blog.

Body Tuning Audi 100 45

Modernization begins with a change in car body. Body tuning Audi 100 - This is the creation of the external identity of the car, without changing the internal characteristics. Traditional Audi 100 45 tuning includes the installation of fenders (cilia) on the front and rear lights of the car, the original grille radiator, the new bumper and many other innovations.

Masters propose to install all sorts of linings, body kits on the doors and trunk of the car, which create the original design of the car, increase the aerodynamic function and accelerate the engine, and also reduce fuel consumption. It will be interesting Audi 100 45 tuning with the installation of the latest optics.

By installing a set of tuning headlights on the Audi 100 (45 body), you will create a bright feature of the car and its exclusive appearance. The installation of additional fog lights (from 6 to 8 pieces) looks beautiful, now a bright glowing car will stand out noticeably on the road and will be the main assistant in a thick fog. Rear foglights are brighter than regular lights, they will make the car visible to other drivers.

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Tuning the grille will make Audi a solid car. In addition to the design functions, the lattice actively interacts with the environment, taking powerful air flows. Now the air conditioner in the car will not be overloaded, and the engine will have sufficient cooling. Final element Audi 100 45 body tuning - painting cars with elements of airbrushing. Now your car, a real landmark of the city.

Audi 100 45 tuning

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However, there are fans of high-speed movement, for which the word tuning implies changes in the internal characteristics of the car. The car has a large size, respectively, in the inner part there is enough space for the implementation of the ideas of your imagination or fantasy designer Audi studio.

Take the seat

Audi 100 tuning can not do without the waist of the cabin. You can make the interior completely leather or covered with a beautiful Alcantara. Highlight the advantages of the car and do not forget about the backlight, it can be installed anywhere, depending on what you want to emphasize. You can make the backlight of the dashboard or audio system, or create a romantic atmosphere for a pleasant pastime with your soulmate.

For fans of sports tuning, you can redo the standard seats on the sports (bucket) and ergonomic, install a sports gearbox and handlebar. The installation of such a system makes the car maneuverable on the road, and, thereby, will protect your movement and the movement of pedestrians. In the cabin, you can change everything, if you wish, you can leave the dashboard, and it functions so well. Additional devices, such as multimedia and a computer with navigation, can be installed on the dashboard.

Audi 100 45 tuning салонаPhoto of Audi 100 (interior tuning)

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Who to charge auto tuning?

Tuning Audi 100It is quite difficult to do it yourself, especially when you do not possess special knowledge in this field. Now in the automotive workshop there is a service "turnkey car", where the master can fulfill all the wishes of the owner, in a short period of time.

If you finally decided to do the tuning yourself, you must read the information on the Internet on this topic in detail and watch more than one video. The most important thing is to choose the correct size of the part so that the gaps in the car coincide and in a random way no new slots form.

Creating a new styling of your beloved “weave”, you will get a truly presentable and unusual car.

More information about tuning Audi can be found in this video: