Driving license replacement

There is an opinion that the replacement of a driver's license requires from motorists having a huge amount of free time and "steel" nerves. However, no matter how desirable, but to avoid this procedure, if the expiration date of the document comes to an end, it will not work anyway. Given this circumstance, the following information is offered to the attention of people who want to avoid trouble that threatens to drive an expired vehicle. There are currently two ways to replace rights.


  • 1 Personal visit to the traffic police unit
  • 2 Registration of the necessary service on the website gosuslugi.ru
  • 3 International driver's license
  • 4 Price policy
  • 5 What can be a nuisance?

Personal visit to the traffic police unit

In this case, you will need to assemble a package of documents, including:

  • ID card (passport);
  • Temporary registration (when contacting the traffic police is not at the place of permanent residence);
  • Driving license (those that need to be changed);
  • Personal driver card;
  • Medical certificate.

Замена водительских прав

Making sure that all the papers are in place, you can go to the traffic police to fill out a questionnaire and pay the state fee. The next step will be the transfer of all the collected documents for inspection (for this purpose, there is a special window in the State Traffic Inspectorate) and a trip to the photo studio. At the end of the test, you will be issued a new driver's license, of course, if its result will be a positive decision.

Registration of the necessary service on the website gosuslugi.ru

Asking how to change the rights after 10 years, do not forget that we live in the age of information technology. Having access to the Internet, and registering on a single portal of public services, you will be able to get a driver's license without leaving your home. However, to get it, you still have to leave the cozy walls of the home. So what needs to be done:

  • Go to the site;
  • Choose a region of residence;
  • Find the service "Receipt and replacement of driver's license";
  • Log in;
  • Fill out the application form;
  • Submit an application for verification.

How to change the rights on the website of public services

If all the fields are filled in correctly, a letter will be sent to your personal account containing specific instructions as to when and at what address you can pick up your new rights.

International Driving Permit

Motorists who often travel abroad are often interested in what documents are needed to replace internationally recognized rights. Their full list includes:

  • Passport;
  • International passport;
  • Temporary registration at the place of residence or stay (in the absence of registration data in the passport);
  • Driver's license (Russian);
  • A photograph;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of 1000 rubles (paid in any branch of Sberbank or directly in the traffic police);

International driver's license

Acceptance of the above documents is carried out by the traffic police division that issues international certificates. In addition to the assembled package, you will be required to complete an application in the prescribed form.

Attention: the validity of international driving licenses is no more than 3 years, and it should not (and cannot) exceed the validity of your Russian rights.

Price policy

Given the difficult economic situation in which our country finds itself, it is not surprising that many drivers are concerned about how expensive the exchange of rights in traffic police will cost them. Today, the cost of replacing a driver's license consists of the following factors:

  • State duty - 800 rubles. It is this amount established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, and its value can not be influenced by any known means. The exception to this rule is obtaining international driving licenses (in this case, the state duty will be 200 rubles more).
  • Commission charged for the payment of state fees. If you decide to pay it in a commercial bank, you will have to part with additional cash. For this service, a financial institution, as a rule, removes a certain percentage of the amount paid from its customers.
  • Paperwork. This is an optional service, the availability of which will allow you to save your time. What is it? For a small fee - about 100 or 200 rubles, the traffic police officer will fill in your application for new rights independently.
  • Medical certificate. On average, its cost ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 rubles, depending on the “appetite” of employees of the medical institution where you plan to make a purchase.
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Special mention should be made of the services of numerous agencies whose employees agree not only to start collecting all the necessary documents for you, but also to spend time defending the queues at the State Traffic Inspectorate. The only thing you need to do is call up to appear in the traffic police to take pictures and get the coveted new driver's license. The amount of remuneration in this case depends on the rates of a particular agency.

Summarizing the above, it should be noted that to minimize the costs it will turn out if:

  • Abandon the idea to purchase a medical certificate;
  • Independently go to the traffic police;
  • Pay the state duty in Sberbank.

What can be a nuisance

Do you think how to change a driver's license the first time, without fear that the traffic police officers will “wrap up” your documents, arrange unnecessary problems or “punish you with a ruble” ?! Just take note of this information:

1. The people responsible for receiving and checking the data provided, not least pay attention to medical certificates showing the state of physical and mental health of drivers. A purchased medical certificate is not only an easy way to “get through” the medical examination, but also a direct route to the dock. According to Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the use of a fake document entails liability in the form of a fine (up to 80,000 rubles), correctional work or imprisonment (for up to 6 months). If this calms you down, an employee of a medical institution who sold a knowingly false medical certificate will also not go unpunished - he may be threatened with a fine (5,000 rubles) and imprisonment (for a period of 6 months to 3 years).

2. Help - not the only thing that worries employees of the organization responsible for issuing new driver's licenses. Unpaid fines for violation of traffic rules can also cause the rejection of a package of documents. Given this fact, before going to the traffic police is not superfluous to look at the official website of the State Traffic Inspectorate and make sure that there are none.

Attention: according to article 32.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, every motorist found to be in traffic violation is obliged to pay a penalty ticket within 60 days.

The countdown begins after the entry into force of the decision on the imposition of penalties. As for the letters containing information about the violations recorded by video surveillance cameras, in this case, the deadline for payment of the penalty ticket starts from the moment when they were handed over to the car owner personally. In total, drivers are given 79 days to pay fines: 60 of them are provided by the Code of Administrative Offenses, 10 rely on appeal and 10 more to send the relevant materials to the bailiffs.

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3. No less unfortunate consequences are behind and overdue driver's license. Not only will the traffic police officers be forced to impose a fine on you, the size of which varies from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles, but your car will also be driven away to a paid penalty parking lot. Even by the most conservative estimates, your damage will amount to a considerable amount of money, which will include:

  • Directly fine;
  • The cost of a tow truck;
  • Payment of the car stay in the penalty area;
  • Judicial costs (if the car is damaged and you want to bring the traffic police officers to justice).

Add to the whole lot of wasted time, and you realize that replacing the old driver's license should not be postponed to the last moment. It is much better to show prudence and do it in advance, so that you do not blame others for your troubles and do not lay out exorbitant amounts for the payment of fines, which could be easily avoided!