Tesla model s - the future of the automotive world

For anyone who has ever been driving a Tesla Model S, the world will definitely never be the same. Sales of cars have just begun in some European countries, but some specimens romp along the roads of Russia.

Owners of the car are not at all afraid of the difficulties associated with repairing, maintaining, purchasing spare parts. From the Russian network, a car designed for an American voltage of 110 volts is charged for more than a day, and the craftsmen have not yet figured out how to shorten the charging time.

Appearance Tesla Model S

tesla model with price

By the way, the appearance of the Tesla Model S is not amazing. It resembles the Aston Martin Rapide and a bit of Mazda. Perhaps this is due to the fact that designer Franz Holzhausen came to Tesla Motors from Mazda. Door handles on the Model S are hidden in the door. To get inside, the driver needs to press down on the handle and it will come out.

Tesla Model S - a real giant compared with other serial electric vehicles of our time. Under the rear door is an impressive trunk from which two additional child seats are being pushed. The whole mechanism of folding seats resembles a puzzle. In front, where cars usually have an engine, is a void, or rather, a cargo bay of one hundred and fifty liters.

Engine and batteries

tesla model s specifications

Tesla Model C contains a block of lithium-ion batteries Panasonic, to which the subframes are docked with the front double-lever and rear multi-link suspensions. An asynchronous electric motor is located behind the rear axle. The floor of the passenger compartment is absolutely flat, as the car has no universal joints and exhaust system. Legroom is enough, a full-back triple sofa.

The interior of the car is decorated with leather and carbon fiber panels, like many other American car brands. At the driver's place there is a minimum of buttons and levers, and instead of the central tunnel there is a giant tray, above which is a 17-inch touch screen stretched vertically. On the display and focused management of all systems Tesla Model S.

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Riding in Tesla Model S

Accelerated by car is somewhat unusual, as it makes it noiselessly. It takes 4.2 seconds to accelerate to one hundred kilometers per hour. An electric motor with a power of 310 kilowatts (416 horsepower) immediately goes to peak 600 newton meters. During the movement, only the tires make noise, and the howling of the wind, cut by the aluminum body, is heard. A full battery charge is enough for three hundred “real” kilometers of a journey, which is significantly more than other electric vehicles on the market.

Tesla model with

The characteristics of the Tesla Model S are presented in the table, you can carefully read them, and how it behaves on the road is in the video of the test drive presented after the table.

Tesla Model S Cost

Prices for Tesla cars start at 62.4 thousand dollars and reach 107.4 thousand dollars. The most expensive version is the car with a power reserve of 480 kilometers. In the first quarter of the year, 4,750 Tesla electric vehicles were sold in the United States of America. In Norway, only in the first two weeks of September 2013, the Tesla Model S became the best-selling car, despite the fact that the price of the Tesla Model S is not particularly affordable for most people.

And as a result, 10 facts about Tesla car Model C:

By the way, next year, the Model X crossover will be released on the market, which will be built on the basis of the Tesla Model S.