Rating the best cars to replace the route gazelle


As you know, the domestic minibus Gazelle has already outlived its time and they are actively looking for a replacement. What alternatives to the Gazelle are known? We managed to make a ranking of the best minibuses that can not only replace the Gazelle, but also significantly improve the quality indicators. Shuttle taxi is the most demanded type of public transport today and a minibus should be as comfortable and safe for passengers as possible.

The ranking of the best minibuses that can replace the old Gazelle includes: Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot Boxer and others.

Popular Russian minibus

Popular Russian minibus«Газель»

Ford Transit - the best (workhorse)

The best, according to many experts, is considered a minibus from Ford. Ford Tranzit, assembled in Germany, is very popular in different cities of Russia. He has a large cabin and in addition to 17 seats on board such a bus can take a lot of standing passengers.

Two diesel engines, which are equipped with models of this manufacturer, have a capacity of 125 and 155 hp. As for the gearbox, it is a mechanical 6-speed. At the same time, Ford Transit is very economical and consumes only 12 liters per 100 km of road in the city.

Ford Transit - one of the best minibuses for passengers

Ford Transit - one of the best minibuses for passengers

Passengers in this car will be comfortable and convenient. There is a built-in air conditioning, and the standard equipment of the modern model includes an ABS brake system and an electrically controlled cabin door.

Some people call Ford a workhorse and that's true. On this car you can go many kilometers without any restrictions and problems.

Presentation of Ford Transit in Belarus:

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Mersedes Sprinter - Classics

It belongs to the class of medium minibuses and accommodates from 8 to 20 seats. Known models of this manufacturer, accommodating up to 30 passengers.

As you know, these buses produce the famous concern Daimler-Benz. Back in 1995, the basis of the release of this series and immediately cars began to enjoy wide popularity among drivers, carriers of passengers. Indeed, Mercedes Sprinter has a whole list of undeniable advantages, such as a spacious interior, agility, efficiency and safety.

In addition, the low floor and the huge sliding door of a minibus for many passengers is a big advantage. If the same Ford trunk is not small, then at Merce in general it is huge and allows you to load things to dump. For passengers traveling on a long journey with suitcases, this is a good solution.

Convenient and popular car Mercedes Sprinter

Convenient and popular car Mercedes Sprinter

Chairs Mercedes Sprinter - a topic that deserves a separate paragraph. They are incredibly comfortable and passengers will feel comfortable in them all the way.

And the airbags? They were first installed in the basic configuration of minibuses. Anyway, the security systems are impressive: ABS, ESP, seat belt pretensioners, many additional options to help ensure control over the road in any situation.

By right, this minibus is one of the best and advanced technologies and modern environmentally friendly materials are used in the design.

Mercedes Sprinter Car Interior

Mercedes Sprinter Car Interior

Peugeot Boxer - Ford's hardy little brother

Quality indicators for work as a route taxi showed Peugeot Boxer. It is considered the very first in Russia Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru minivan with drive to the front axle and the transverse engine.

Peugeot Boxer is a very safe minivan, equipped with active ABS, airbags and many others. Traction and dynamic characteristics of the minibus are excellent, that provide diesel engines HDI with a power of 120 hp. and 160 hp

This car is very hardy. Of course, Ford cannot be compared with this indicator, but it is an excellent accelerator in all modes. In addition, the Peugeot Boxer has excellent handling, which is ensured by independent suspension and a system of dynamic stabilization.

Peugeot Boxer - Commercial Vehicle

Peugeot Boxer - Commercial Vehicle

Peugeot Boxer has the following standard equipment:

  • ABS brake safety system;
  • electric windows;
  • airbags (front);
  • GUR;
  • 4-row diesel engine with turbocharging;
  • right front seat with folding table;
  • driver's seat with height adjustment;
  • modern windshield wiper, variable speed, and more.

In addition to standard equipment, Peugeot Boxer is also equipped with an additional one, which includes:

  • air conditioning with front airflow;
  • autonomous cabin air heater;
  • DVD player;
  • individual wiring from the air conditioning system, going through the rows of seats;
  • luggage racks installed in the cabin;
  • tinted glass and much more.
Comfortable seats in Peugeot Boxer

Comfortable seats in Peugeot Boxer

Iveco Daily - safe minibus

Italian, well-established, as a minibus and included in the ranking of the best. 26 seats in the cabin, not counting the driver. Powerful 2.3-liter engine for 146 hp diesel with 6-speed gearbox. The minibus is endowed with a fairly reliable rear wheel drive, the door of the passenger compartment is electric, ABS and EDB modes.

Already with the standard equipment this minibus is suitable as a taxi. Passengers here will be very convenient and comfortable.

Iveco Daily is safe and endowed with modern systems:

  • recessed cushions and seat belts with pretensioners;
  • electronic brake amplification distribution system;
  • electronic anti-skid system;
  • electronic stability control and much more.

Such a minibus is not cheap - about one and a half million rubles.

Italian minibus Iveco Daily

Italian minibus Iveco Daily

Fiat Ducato - beautifully-versatile

A good alternative to the Gazelle and Fiat Ducato. This minivan is incredibly practical and versatile. It is capacious and looks beautiful. The comfort of the cabin is at the highest level, and excellent handling and very good visibility make it a real taxi.

Depending on the performance and wishes of the customer, the salon can be equipped with both 16 seating and 18 seating places. In addition, the Fiat Ducato can take into the cabin and 4-6 standing passengers.

Fiat Ducato - italian van

Fiat Ducato - italian van

Needless to say, all cars are equipped with modern security systems, including ABS and EBD, endowed with power steering, airbag, electric sliding doors, electronic chrono-tachograph and many others.

This video will help you learn more about the Fiat Ducato seats and all the comfort of the cabin:

Volkswagen Crafter - minibus SUV

And, of course, Volkswagen Crafter. Ideal for long trips. This is a real SUV with top roof rails for attaching extra baggage. Stylish and original looks Crafter side glazing.

The Volkswagen Crafter is equipped with its own all-wheel drive transmission. Turbo diesel engine is a new generation of direct injection Pumpe-Duse and variable geometry turbine VTG. The minibus develops power of 164 hp and has a 6-speed gearbox.

Spacious Volkswagen Crafter passenger bus

Spacious Volkswagen Crafter passenger bus

Citroen Jumper

In the ranking of the best entered and not so expensive minibus, which can be a good alternative to our Gazelle. This is Citroen Jumper. The minibus has a capacity of 22 seats and is ideal for convenient and safe transportation of people in the city.

Today, this car is available in 19/3/1, 18/4/1 and 17/5/1. It is worth about 1 million rubles.

Passenger seats of the bus are two-woven and very comfortable. Entrance to the salon through the right sliding door.

The minibus has an emergency ventilation hatch, high quality thermal and noise insulation. Ideal as an urban public transport.

Citroen Jumper - famous commercial vehicle

Citroen Jumper - famous commercial vehicle

Hyundai Grand - Korean minibus

Replacement of the Gazelle minibus fleet can also be carried out with the help of the Korean Hyundai Grand. The 2.5 cc diesel engine and automatic transmission speak for themselves.

The truth is that the minibus has only 11 seats, but passengers in the cabin will be incredibly comfortable. Equipped with all security systems, including the exchange rate stability ESC. Equipped with Hyundai Grand electric window regulator, has climate control. The seats are upholstered in leather, there is air conditioning.

Diesel minibus from Korea Hyundai Grand can be a replacement for minibuses

Hyndai Grand diesel minibus from Korea could be a substitute for Gazel minibuses

Minibuses should first of all be safe. And the above models differ in just a high degree of protection from various kinds of unforeseen situations on the road. In addition, they are incredibly comfortable and all have a representative appearance. Choose from them the option that is most suitable as an alternative to the Gazelle, we think the complexity will not present.