Comparison of lada vesta or hyundai solaris


Very soon, buyers will decide who will give their preference to Lada Vesta or Hyundai Solaris. Lada Vesta is the most anticipated model of the current year, and Hyundai Solaris is considered the most popular car in the budget segment.

Solaris vs Vesta

Two cars are the main rivals and may be in the first positions in terms of sales, which increases competition several times and creates additional problems when choosing a vehicle.

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Battle of designs and complete sets

On clothes meet

The first opinion in appearance is formed not only about the person, but also about the cars, because the appearance does not exactly play a secondary role in choosing a car. Comparison of the exteriors of Vesta and Solaris began after the first photos appeared on the Internet and the domestic car received more votes, which looks much more interesting than its Korean brother.

Lada Vesta exterior

Korean developers have given their brainchild too many Asian details. The new car AvtoVAZ different defiant outlines and is more European in nature. In addition, the XRAY body, which is installed on Vesta, has long clouded the thinking of not only motorists from Russia, but also motorists from several European countries, where our domestic car has been called the most interesting and unusual in terms of design. It turns out that in this contest Lada West against Solaris wins West.

Hyundai Solaris экстерьер

Note that both models belong to the cars in the sedan of the B-class, but the dimensions of our car tend to be more C-class, ahead of the Solaris. Vesta is longer by 4 cm, 6 cm wider and 3 cm of your fellow. All these indicators create the impression that the Russian-made car looks more solid and richer.

Salon an important evaluation criterion

After debriefing about the appearance should pay attention to the interior. At this point, the comparison is more difficult, since the full tests of the final version of Vesta have not yet been conducted. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the ratio of the exponential model. At first glance, both salons delight the eye and instantly select the leader is not easy.

Lada Vesta salon

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Salon Solaris is considered thoughtful and comfortable, as many motorists were able to test it in action. Another question is whether Vesta will be able to please its owners with such a good salon or even surpass its competitor after the serial release.

The above-mentioned increased size of Vesta speaks of an additional free space in the cabin. In addition, the increased wheelbase is also configured to increase space. According to preliminary tests, it can be said that tall people will feel comfortable on the front seats with a height of up to two meters, when the rear seats are very crowded, and a passenger with a height above 180 cm will already touch the ceiling with his head.

Hyundai Solaris Salon

Salon Hyundai Solaris

Representatives of the company promise that they will have time to correct this defect before the start of official sales. It turns out you can still say that the interior is better at Solaris, however, this is most likely due to the previously earned reputation.

Complete set of models

It is interesting to show the differences and compare the Lada West and Solaris in terms of configuration, as they are in the same segment. So, in the initial configuration, Vesta will have two airbags, ABS + EBD and ESP systems, power steering, roadside assistance, simple air conditioning, electronic power windows on the front doors, an initial audio system, as well as 15-inch wheels and halogen headlights.

Video review of Lada Vesta:

As for Solaris, today in Russia the car is offered in four main trim levels:

There was also an optional equipment for the BASE hatchback, but they decided to simplify it and connect it with the Classic version.

Let's not immediately say that it is better, just consider the differences of the Korean basic stuffing. In the initial version of the car there are no air conditioning and ESP, there is no system of assistance at the time of lifting on the road, and instead of electric power steering installed hydraulics. On expensive equipment Solaris is behind.

Video review of Hyundai Solaris:

The driver receives alloy wheels when ordering a more expensive version of Vesta, and for Solaris, such a decision will have to be ordered separately, and for an additional fee. The main feature of the domestic car is the ability to install the ERA-GLONASS rescue complex system, which perfectly helps with an accident or theft.

Technical Overview


You can talk about appearance and configuration forever, but if you compare the Lada Vesta and Solaris on the platform, the Korean competitor is clearly inferior to the domestic car. Solaris is built on the platform of the old design, but on West there is a new high-quality platform that was jointly developed with the Renault-Nissan company.

Hyundai Solaris back

At first glance, the advantage does not seem so important, but in reality it is not. On the technological side, the platform for our car was created for Russian roads, and the Solaris platform was only reconfigured for them. Vesta received a more rigid body, extended wheelbase and increased ground clearance. One cannot say who is ideally suited for bad roads, however, the first model clearly has advantages.

VAZ product will be more resistant to pits and irregularities, and repair of running parts will cost a bit cheaper. If the developers keep their word and release the car with high-quality parts, then it will be necessary to take the car for repair less often than the Korean rival, and this reduces additional maintenance costs.

Lada Vesta back

In the treasury of benefits Vesta can add the best behavior on the road. Experts say that the domestic car is more stable on the road, it offers its driver precise handling and smoother driving at high speeds.

What is under the hood

Of course, it is worth comparing Lada Vesta and Solaris in technical terms. Without a car's heart, neither design nor a good platform means anything. The Korean company in Russia for its car offers two engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, their power is respectively 107 and 123 horsepower. Four transmissions come with a choice with them. The first two are mechanical and have 5 or 6 gears. The remaining two are automatic with 4 or 6 gears.

Engine Lada Vesta

Engine Lada Vesta

Engineers of the domestic car decided to take several cells at once in the automotive market, so they offer four engines for the Vesta. The first will be all familiar 1.6-liter unit with a force of 87 and 106 horses. The second will be a reliable engine from Renault-Nissan with a power of 114 horses, however, it will be offered in the updated version and its volume will be 1.8 liters with a capacity of 122 horses. A choice of three gearboxes. Among them, the mechanical transmission of French production, robotic gearbox, as well as a variator, information about which will be known later.

Hyundai Solaris Engine

Hyundai Solaris Engine

Lada Vesta against Solaris in the technical field shows itself confidently. All of these engines have long been in use in Russia and they were able to show reliability in local climatic conditions. In this matter, balance is maintained. For Vesta, it is formally possible to add a small advantage, due to the weak engine of 87 horsepower, which gives free space for varying favorable prices.


From the beginning of the mass production, Vesta in the basic configuration will be available starting from 470,000 rubles, which, in our opinion, reflects well the equipment. We hope that the domestic car will have all the opportunities to overcome the top of the market and various ratings, leaving behind one of the main competitors.