Family minivans 7 seats: all brands

The range of modern automotive industry seeks to best satisfy the tastes of consumers. In this regard, new niches are opened and the existing segments of the model range are expanded. Recently, among buyers, interest in more capacious vehicles has risen. Increasingly, seven-seater cars, all makes, are in demand.


  • 1 Criterias of choice
  • 2 Lada Largus и Lada Largus Cross
  • 3 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
  • 6 Haval H9
  • 7 Opel Combo D
  • 8 Opel Zafira Family
  • 9 Toyota Alphard
  • 10 Chevrolet CAPTIVA
  • 11 KIA Carens
  • 12 Renault Logan MCV
  • 13 Nissan Qashqai +2

Criterias of choice

Multi-passenger cars in most cases are purchased for family travel. One driver will be able to bring a big company to the destination. This approach forces to search for machines with the appropriate parameters. Family cars 7 seats have their own priorities, which include:

  1. Security. Since children are the main passengers on a mobile home, it is important to provide them with maximum protection in all circumstances. All possible risks should be minimized.
  2. Space. For the company requires capacity. Each row should have enough space for all passengers.
  3. Thrift. Закономерно, что предпочтительней выбирать budget minivan 7 seats, который будет необременительным в эксплуатации и обслуживании.
  4. Comfort. When choosing a car for such a group, you need to take care that everyone is comfortable inside during the trip. No one should suffer from heat or cold, everyone must sit in comfortable places.
  5. Affordable price tag. It is desirable that the car was with the maximum range of options and at the same time the price was affordable for the family budget. Since the budget is individual for everyone, you need to be guided by the price-quality ratio.

You can choose a car from both new and used models in good condition. In the second case, it is recommended to use the help of experienced specialists. If you do not have enough money for a new car, then you can take it on credit, paying most of the cost, and distribute the balance for a long period.

Lada Largus и Lada Largus Cross

Considering the minivans of 7 seats, all brands, first of all, you should pay attention to the domestic product, as it is the most affordable and flexible service options. In various types of complete sets, the Lada of this type can be found at official dealers at prices ranging from 450,000 to 680,000 rubles.

seven-seater cars all brands

However, it is worth considering that with such a price you should forget about great comfort. The car lags behind the market leaders in ergonomics, although it has the possibility of quite good equipment in the form of ABS, EBD, for Isofix child seat mounting, airbags, air conditioning, heated front seats, power steering on the steering wheel, electric windows.

In a more advanced assembly is a good cassette player with USB, rear paktroniki, additional aerobegi, heated mirrors, fog. Largus wheels are 15-inch, and Largus Cross - 16-inch wheels with alloy wheels.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

In domestic conditions, 7-seater minivans have one of the quality models with a relatively affordable price tag for this level. New cars can be found for 1.58 million rubles. For a more saturated car in the maximum set, you will have to pay a little above 2 million rubles.

minivans 7 seats all brands

Dealers have three types of assembly:

  • LIVE;
  • FEEL;
  • SHINE.

The restyled version even demonstrates a good level in the database, since there are other options besides such functions as adaptive cruise control and electronic brake force distribution. In the car, the doors are locked at a speed of 10 km / h, which is useful for the safety of children. There is an electric parking brake, front airbags, side curtains, start without a key, DRL, multi-zone climate control, built-in touch monitor for multimedia control, 16 or 17-inch wheels.

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Современный 7-seater car list без корейского автопрома будет неполным. Найти GRAND SANTA FE можно в пределах 2,1—2,8 млн рублей. За такую стоимость автовладельцу предоставляется шикарный транспорт с широкими возможностями. Экономный дизельный мотор на 2,2 л совмещается с удобной автоматической коробкой передач.

family cars 7 seats

For the leather interior there are a lot of airbags on all sides. Comfort will provide climate control, heated seats, cruise control, keyless access inside. Such transport is equally comfortable on the track and in the conditions of a country walk on the road during a trip to the countryside. High-quality materials and good sound insulation will allow you to enjoy any trip.


The most powerful 345-horsepower car with a 3.5-liter engine and 200 mm clearance is offered in car dealerships at 2.85–3.5 million rubles. In the combined cycle, it consumes 11 l / 100 km. Like other best seven-seater cars, the EXPLORER boasts LED head optics, electric windshield, front seat settings in 10 directions, three-zone climate control, heated steering wheel, navigation in Russian, 220V outlet.

7-seater car list

There is a high level of security, which is represented by a large number of airbags, curtains for the entire length of the side cabin. Car driver will assist novice drivers. The back door has an electric drive.

Haval H9

Chinese industry conquers domestic motorists with their products. The seven-seater Haval even with three rows has a luggage compartment of 112 liters. Car power - 245 liters. with., and the dynamics is estimated to disperse hundreds to 12.4 s. Climate control is divided into three zones. 18-inch wheels with 265/60 R18 tires contribute to the terrain.

как найти 7-seater car list

Headlights with adaptive lighting AFS and bi-xenon headlights. DRL stripes are LED. Diode illuminators in the “feet” and the top lamp under the spoiler are also installed at the back.

On the roof are solid aluminum rails to help carry the bulky cargo. The front of the car is equipped with foglights. The integrated monitor in the center console displays information with navigation. In the elite configuration pyatidvernik will cost 2.19 million rubles.

Opel Combo D

The passenger version of the Opel uses a base from Fiat Doblo. A convenient solution is not a swing, but a sliding side door. This will allow you to get out of the car even in cramped parking conditions. Power plants are represented by a wide range of all types:

  • petrol;
  • diesel;
  • gas.

7 seater minivans

The length of the car is 4.6 m, which allows it to maneuver like a regular sedan. An affordable car in the used version can be bought for the equivalent of 10–11 thousand dollars (600–700 thousand rubles). Models are produced in Turkey.

Opel Zafira Family

People's family car more profitable to buy closer to the holidays, as dealers offer favorable conditions for such a car. With the manual gearbox Enjoy car is available for 760 thousand rubles. The advantages of this minivan include the following parameters:

  • spaciousness;
  • maneuverability;
  • good looks;
  • thriftiness;
  • comfort.

Under the hood is hidden 140-horsepower gasoline engine of 1.8 liters. Comfortable fit for both adults and children. Build quality meets German standards. The set includes climate control, heated seats, high-quality multimedia. Ergonomics has no complaints, even after prolonged use. You can operate a minivan for different purposes.

Toyota Alphard

Luxury minivan from the Japanese manufacturer will satisfy any ambition. For such a model, car dealers ask for from 3.58 million rubles. up to 4.38 million rubles. As a result, you can choose one of the assemblies:

  • LUX;

best seven-seater cars

Comfortable front seats have settings using electric motors in 8 directions. The second row also has the possibility of individual trimming of the OTTOMAN type (heating + ventilation), but in 4 directions. Interior trim - perforated leather.

You need to know that transport, similar to Alphard, is very popular in Japan among officials and wealthy citizens.

The car stands on 18-inch 235 / 50R18 disks. Head optics - LED, including near, far and fog. There is a side LED backlight and rear diode fog. Three-zone climate control with ionization Nano-e.

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Power petrol installation of 275 l. with. 6 cylinders supplemented by a 6-band "automatic". In the combined cycle consumption - 10.5 liters of fuel. Fuel tank - 75 l. At home, a luxury minivan is used to transport VIP passengers.

Chevrolet CAPTIVA

For a seven-seater car at the end of 2017, dealers are asking for a share price of 1.26 million rubles. in the smallest configuration. Richer equipment will pull 1.57 million rubles. A wide functionality will be available to the car owner, with which manufacturers have given their offspring. Among the pleasant additions to the 187-horsepower 2.2-liter engine with a six-speed automatic are offered differentiated climate control, engine start from the “Start” button, keyless access to the salon. Outside the city is appropriate cruise control, the presence of six airbags with two curtains on the sides.

budget minivan 7 seats

The five-door can be purchased both on credit and through the Trade-in system. ESC is responsible for dynamic stabilization, and the TCS anti-skid system helps to start. In an extreme situation, the BAS option helps to increase the braking force. On descents and ascents, the car is supported by HDC and HSA services, respectively.

All-wheel drive car has a high degree of safety, which is confirmed by the European system Euro NCAP. There is the possibility of mounting ISOFIX child seats.

KIA Carens

The third generation of restyled cars from the Korean manufacturer has a balanced appearance. The price tag for it ranges about 1.4 million rubles. both in diesel, and in gasoline complete set.

From the driver's seat is available Multifunction and dashboard with monochrome screen onboard computer. The center console is decorated with a seven-inch touchscreen monitor. It is worth considering that the “base” is clearly poorer than its premium assemblies. The third row is relevant only for young passengers..

seven-seater cars all brands

The 1.6-liter gasoline engine produces 135 “horses,” its two-liter counterpart is down to 166 units and needs 6.4-7.3 l / 100 km. More economical 1.7-liter diesel has 115 liters. with. and consumes 4.7-6.1 liters per hundred. Manufacturers have not forgotten about security systems like ABS, EBD, BAS.

Renault Logan MCV

The manufacturer calls the car an ideal vehicle for a large family. This is demonstrated even reinforced long roof rails. Under the hood is hidden turbocharged 0.9-liter engine for 90 "stallions". The main task for him is maximum fuel economy. Therefore, he spends less than 5 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers.

minivans 7 seats all brands

The kit includes airbags, power steering, ABS and ESP. On all the windows of the budget cars are windows. There is the possibility of installing a child seat on the system ISOFIX.

Nissan Qashqai +2

The Japanese company, obeying the automotive trend, expanded the potential of its crossover by introducing a pair of seats into the salon. The salon in many elements copies its five-seater predecessor. In order to fit inside another row, manufacturers extended the car by 211 mm.

family cars 7 seats

Under the hood are available petrol power plants for 1.6 l and 2.0 l with 115/140 horsepower, respectively. Due to the modernization of the car slightly lost in the dynamics, but this is offset by an increase in the number of passengers. Fuel consumption rose slightly and began to be 8.2 liters.

Driving Qashqai +2 is almost the same as running the five-seater version. Only slight inertia is felt. Inside, excellent sound insulation. Only children can use the third row, so cars can be classified as family cars. With the installation of a child seat will have to tinker a bit. The price tag varies from 850 000-1 275 000 rubles.