What kind of bearing lubricant is better to buy?


For more than a hundred years, bearings have been used as supports for rotating shafts, and also serve as supporting movable joints. Their use ensures maximum durability and reliability of components of various machines, including modern cars. Of course, the design of bearings every year becomes more difficult, but their properties and principle of operation remain unchanged. In addition, the maintenance features of such parts do not change - so the question of which bearing lubricants are better will remain relevant at all times. Given the variety of tools that are presented on the Russian market, it is worth mentioning not only the main types of lubricants, but also the brands of their manufacturers.


Bearings автомобиля нуждаются в надлежащем уходе

Swedish accuracy

While repairing a modern car, you must be sure that the materials used are approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Many components, including the chassis, steering, engine and transmission, are filled with a huge number of sensors, electrical contacts and polymer plugs or covers. All of them can be damaged by the wrong selection of lubricant, which will lead to huge costs or even the need to replace the entire assembly.

Читать далее о лучшей смазке для подшипников-->Поэтому для подшипников в современных автомобилях идеально подойдёт смазка SKF. Этот шведский промышленный концерн является мировым лидером в области производства высокотехнологичных подшипников, расходных материалов и деталей для них. В модельном ряду SKF находится множество видов смазки, каждый из которых имеет своё целевое назначение:

  • LGMT 2 is a multi-purpose grease for hubs and drive components;
  • LGMT 3 is a multipurpose anti-corrosion agent for running gear and steering;
  • LGEP 2 - anti-seize lubricant for electric actuator bearings;
  • LGHP 2 - high-temperature lubricant for fans, water pumps, as well as high-loaded electric motors of hybrid cars;
  • LGWA 2 - a means for mechatronic units (modern transmissions, suspension full-service cars, adaptive chassis).

SKF lubricants are recommended to use such well-known manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Renault, Honda, Volvo, as well as manufacturers of automotive components: ZF, Sachs, FEBI, Koni, Nipparts, Delphi, Denso.

SKF Bearing Lubricants

One of the main advantages of the products of the Swedish company - no need to study the composition of lubricants. To select the necessary means, it is enough just to know in which node of the car or in which assembly the bearing is used - each package is provided with detailed explanations regarding the field of use of the tool. Of course, such a better bearing lubricant is quite expensive, so its purchase can significantly increase the cost of repairing a vehicle.

German classics

If you are thinking about how to lubricate the bearings in the car, be sure to pay attention to the products of the German manufacturer, which is sold under the brand Liqui Moly. It is made using the latest achievements of science, so the buyer can be confident in the high performance of the fight against friction and corrosion. In addition, all Liqui Moly lubricants are durable, so the car owner will not have to worry about frequent maintenance of various parts.

Liqui Moly bearing grease

To understand what specific lubricant to use, you must first determine which part will be processed by it. If we are talking about wheel bearings, it is better to give preference to the lithium composition, which copes well with high loads and friction. However, cars that are operated in very harsh conditions may require the purchase of anti-wear lubricants based on molybdenum disulfide. It has a fairly low resistance to moisture, but can completely prevent the spread of corrosion and the formation of cavities on the surface of a metal part as a result of accelerated wear.

To understand how to lubricate the bearing used in parts with low and very low rotational speed, you should learn more about the properties of lubricants with polyurea additives, which are also present in the model range of Liqui Moly. It is not for nothing that it is considered eternal - especially when it comes to the products of this German company. Lubricant with polyurea additives is not exposed to temperature, practically does not lose its properties with long-term use, is not afraid of contact with water. Finally, for bearings that can only work in low and moderate temperatures, Liqui Moly produces synthetic silicone-based lubricants.

Domestic counterparts

It is worth remembering that the best lubricant does not necessarily have to be of very high cost - for example, quite cheap products produced in Russia and the CIS countries have excellent properties. They are able to provide high durability of automotive bearings due to the effective fight against friction and the prevention of the spread of corrosion. First of all, we are talking about the famous lithium grease Litol-24, which was created for machining bearings and other parts in high-loaded nodes such as hubs, brakes and drive shafts of cars or trucks. The only disadvantage of Litol lies in its mediocre resistance to the effects of elevated temperatures and moisture falling on bearings from the environment.

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If you are interested in which lubricant is better for the components of the drive system and the hubs of modern cars with powerful engines, you should give preference to molybdenum disulfide based products. The most famous compositions of domestic products are Fiol-2 and Fiol-8. They contain a fairly large amount of this anti-wear component, which is able to neutralize most of the friction force. In addition, the lubricants from the Fiol group prevent the spread of corrosion, which also contributes to the durability of metal parts. If you do not have such a tool, you can also use a universal lubricant for CV joints produced in Russia - it is also manufactured using molybdenum disulfide and can be used to protect bearings from premature wear.

Fiol-2U grease

In addition, in domestic products, lubricants based on foamed barium solution should be especially distinguished. They have excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion agents, which makes it possible to achieve excellent durability of the treated part. In addition, these tools are different inert chemical composition, so they can be applied even to the nodes of modern cars with electronic sensors, contacts and polymer protective covers. The only common option for bearing barium lubrication is ShRB-1. It is rather expensive and poorly distributed, therefore it is better to look for it in electronic catalogs, and not in usual auto shops.

For the cold regions, a special lubricant Severol-1 is produced. In terms of its properties, it is almost identical to Litolu-24, however, the composition of such low-temperature agent includes additional additives that prevent its freezing at extremely low temperatures. In addition, grease Severol-1 copes much better with corrosion and with the destruction of the metal under the influence of aggressive chemicals. However, like barium-based products, it has a fairly small distribution in Russia and is distinguished by its high cost.

The best types of lubricants

If you want to determine what kind of lubrication to handle bearings in one or another part of the car, you should buy the tools produced by large foreign companies. For example, SKF and Liqui Moly offer lubricants that are designed for specific parts, for example, for wheel bearings, undercarriage joints, or even for mechatronic units. The advantage of these lubricants is a guaranteed positive effect, which is achieved due to their production using the latest scientific achievements. However, the majority of domestic analogues are not worse than coping with their tasks, for example, Litol and Fiol lubricants can provide very high reliability and durability of the bearings they have processed. In addition, Russian manufacturers produce specialized lubricants ShRB-1 or Severol-1, which can be used even in the most extreme conditions.