Rent a car in the usa

Many residents of metropolitan areas of the United States move by public transport, preferring his own car. In the suburbs, the situation is quite the opposite. A car is simply necessary for trips to the city for shopping or for a family holiday in entertainment centers. But for the sake of two or three trips a month to buy a car is not appropriate, then rental agencies come to the rescue.

Арендуем автомобиль в США

Hire for travel

Travelers are actively using the rental, it is a great way to travel around all corners of their country without great expenses and visit other states. For tourists, this service will also be useful to explore an unfamiliar country more convenient and cheaper on wheels. There is a free bus from the airport that takes you directly to the place where you can rent a car. But in order to rent a car you need to take into account many nuances.

Nuances of car rental

First of all, for renting a car in the USA rights are needed. You can use a certificate issued in your country, or get International Driving License. Cash is strictly prohibited; payment is made only by credit card. Many organizations issuing credit cards limit the amount of finance for car insurance, so you need to find out what types of insurance they can offer.

Арендуем автомобиль в США

Another important rule is to study the American driver’s manual, which can be found on the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles. US travel rules may differ from other countries. Additionally, you need to look through the forums to keep abreast of unspoken rules and driver chips in America. Vehicles are issued to persons over 21 years old. If the age is less than 25, then the company can take an additional fee and limit the choice of cars.

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Often, companies require you to pay for air conditioning, a child seat, a navigator and other related services. Moreover, in the USA there are toll roads, to save time, it is better to pay for entry with automatic EZ Pass cards that are not included in the rental price. It is necessary to pave the route in detail, and find out if there are toll roads in the way.

Арендуем автомобиль в США

Rules for choosing a vehicle rental company

Before you rent a car you need to explore the car rental market. Choose a company with the most suitable conditions, calculate the cost for the desired period, additional costs, and then navigate according to your financial capabilities.

Most popular car hire agencies in the US

  1. Dollar Rent A Car
  2. Avis Car Rental
  3. Enterprise
  4. Budget Rent A Car
  5. Hertz

The rental rate depends primarily on the car. The most budget option will cost $ 25 per day + insurance. In the US, insurance refers to a person, not to transport. According to the rules of the agencies, there must be enough free money on the card. When renting for any period, the rental company blocks a certain deposit, usually $ 200-300, which will be available after returning the car.

Vehicles are sent to hire only with a full gas tank, and on return, if it is spelled out in the contract, it must be filled. The gas stations with the best prices are located 20-30 miles from the airport. A delay of more than an hour, with the return of the car, is subject to an additional fine of one day’s payment.

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Арендуем автомобиль в США

For greater convenience, rental companies provide an opportunity to book a car online on the official website or from brokers, where you can also choose the brand and the lease term. This service allows you not to lose precious time and enjoy the journey longer.