Czechs announced the redesign of skoda octavia

Чехи объявили о рестайлинге Skoda Octavia

Головной офис чешской автомобилестроительной корпорации Skoda удивил сообщением о уже проведенной разработчиками модернизации крайне популярного в Европе автомобиля Damage The Octavia. И это не просто косметическая модернизация, затронувшая внешний вид машины, The Octavia cool transformed and from the inside. She received new equipment and an optional body kit. To order restyled version can be closer to the end of the year, and the order will arrive immediately after the New Year holidays. The fact that we are exactly рестайлинговая The Octavia Immediately it becomes clear when you first look at the car. Those who have vision problems, can easily be confused with the updated Skoda with Mercedes because of the divided head optics, characteristic of the model range of "geldings" mid zero years. At all Damage is going to equate all their future cars to the new styling of the Skoda Kodiaq. This is a new corporate design, in the spirit of which all future models will be executed, and not just SUVs. But if the two-row optics looks quite harmonious on the Kodiaq crossover because of its height, then Octavians designers had to come up with a new solution, so that the eye would not “break” when it hit the nose of the updated liftback or station wagon. Both floors of headlights were placed almost on the same line, and it turned out that it turned out - a decade-old Mercedes. The car's feed has suffered significantly from the hands of designers, so small minor brush strokes in the area of ​​lamps and bumper. Чехи объявили о рестайлинге Skoda Octavia Updated Skoda Octavia Received a new modern multimedia with a capacitive touchscreen, which responds even to the slightest touch. In the upper trim levels, the multimedia system is equipped with a SIM card slot, and after connecting it, of course, if it has a mobile Internet tariff, it can distribute the Internet via wi-fi. This allows access to Infotainment Online and CareConnect. These two specialized online services of Skoda allow you to navigate, use entertainment services and provide driver support if the car, God forbid, breaks down or gets into an accident.

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Разработчики существенно переписали парковочный ассистент автомобиля, он стал более самостоятельным. Рулевое колесо теперь обогревается. Ключ автомобиля теперь имеет "мозги" и запоминает настройки не только одного водителя, но и тех, кому разрешается садится за руль этого автомобиля, - жена, дети, близкие друзья и пр.  Обновленная Damage The Octavia теперь прекрасно распознает дорожные знаки, разметку и пешеходов - в ее обвес добавились новые ассистенты, в том числе тот, что поможет осуществлять маневры с прицепом. В оснащение Octavia station wagon Added a portable flashlight. Чехи объявили о рестайлинге Skoda Octavia Under the hood updated Octavia all remained unchanged. These are five petrol engines and four diesel engines. Engine power varies from 84 to 184 "horses." In almost all assemblies, a DSG robotized transmission can be used as an alternative to a manual transmission. A complete set with 1.8 - and two-liter petrol turbo engines can be equipped with a 4x4 system. Чехи объявили о рестайлинге Skoda Octavia Our dealers dorestaylingovaya The Octavia Available in station wagon and liftback. The engines, with the exception of one - a two-and-a-half two-liter diesel engine - are gasoline, from 110 to 220 horsepower. For liftback asking from nine hundred thousand rubles. Universal starts with 1 million 160 thousand.