What is the most reliable vehicle protection?


Vehicles are not cheap, so car owners are looking for more reliable ways to keep them safe. Means to protect against car theft, there are several types, so today we will make a rating of the most popular options for auto protection. First of all, pay attention to the fact that the protection can be electronic and mechanical. Immediately the question arises, which protection is more reliable? The answer is obvious - it is better to install both options at once. Let's figure out what to do.

Car theft

Car theft

Security alarm

The main criteria when buying a security system are: financial capabilities, class cars, personal wishes.

Security alarm system consists of the following components:

  1. Impact sensor;
  2. Sensor that responds to glass damage;
  3. The sensor, triggered by the penetration into the cabin;
  4. Sound siren;
  5. Pager.

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An alarm system with two-way communication, that is, a pager gives you the opportunity to learn information about the car from a distance. There are also service devices: the opening of the luggage compartment and doors using an electric drive, starting the engine with a remote control.

Video review of vehicle anti-theft systems:

It is believed that the best protection against car theft are those models with which the hijackers can not cope in 15 minutes, this time is enough to open and steal an unreliablely protected car.

Most popular electronic car alarm models


Alligator anti-theft system

Alligator anti-theft system

This type of alarm is in great demand, sometimes one-way or two-way.

One-way alarm Alligator costs less, so install it on an expensive car is not worth it, because in this case, the price greatly affects the quality. If you go to protect your vehicle safely, you should not save on a security alarm.

The two-way Alligator alarm has the following advantages:

  • Full control over the vehicle in the area of ​​operation (coverage of approximately 300 meters);
  • Information from the vehicle’s main unit can be read from the keyfob’s color display;
  • The location of the car can be determined using the signal sent to the key fob;
  • The engine starts and is blocked by an alarm.


StarLine anti-gouge system

StarLine anti-gouge system

The most high-tech security system for today is the alarm system "Starline". Thanks to its dialogue code, it is simply impossible to hack this device electronically and hijack a car. What unusual features does this installation have?

  • The ability to install two-sided StarLine on a car with CAN-bus;
  • For applications such as iPhone and Android, the ability to control from the phone (call or SMS);
  • The location of the car is determined by means of GSM and GPS.

These security systems are very high quality and reliable, safe for the car. Not all systems are covered by a quality certificate, warranty, installation instructions.


Sheriff car alarm

Sheriff car alarm

Sheriff ZX-757 - the security system of 2013 has a two-way conversational connection, a built-in shock-motion sensor, six service channels, and is equipped with SST noise protection communication channel. The control range is 900 m, the reception range is 2000 meters, and a shock, displacement, and tilt sensor is installed. The package includes:

  • Keychain, equipped with LCD-display;
  • Antenna and central module;
  • Remote control key;
  • Relay for a block with a block;
  • Hood and trunk button Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru .

Detailed instructions for installation and use will help the car owner to deal with the device on their own.

The following manufacturers' brands are in great demand: Pantera, Quasar, Mongoose, Tomahawk.

Ways to protect the car by mechanical anti-theft means

To provide more reliable protection, mechanical security systems are additionally installed. Let's look at what mechanical anti-theft tools are: locks on the bonnet, wheels, gearbox or pedals, immobilizers, locks on the steering shaft, and electrical circuits.

It is very often used to block the pedals or gearboxes with the so-called “Multilokami” (MUL-T-LOCK, a well-known Israeli company for the manufacture of this type of protection) of a kind, these are locks that protect these car parts from unauthorized use.

The video describes how to choose a mechanical anti-theft protection:

Castle multilocks

They produce mechanical anti-theft tools according to the latest technologies from very high-quality materials. The inner part of the lock is attached to the body with a heavy-duty shackle and is protected from drilling, the digital code consists of millions of dozens of combinations, so it is almost impossible to pick it up. The handle is fixed in the lock so that inside it was the gearshift lever, now it is impossible to use the gear switch.

Pin multilock

This device is of two types:

  1. The design resembling a castle multilok is different in that the pin in this device replaces the handle.
  2. The second variant of the lock is as follows: a special pin with notches is inserted into the gearbox to lock the lock.

In order to cut off the possibility of intruders to get to the bonnet space, where electronic units are installed that control the alarm, install locks on the hood.

Now you will find out what kind of car theft protection is used in the world, try to protect your car as much as possible from intruders and the problem of car theft will no longer be your headache. Finally, I would like to add that an experienced hijacker will be able to crack the alarm or multilocks installed outside the service, and not with the hands of a master, and if you have already purchased expensive security equipment, do not spare money for a quality installation.