& quot; casco & quot; - how to get paid

Every person who has had an accident may demand a CASCO payment. But only 50% of applicants can actually receive money. To get paid, you need to know your actions during the insured event, the correctness of the contract.

What do they mean by “CASCO”?

CASCO is a car insurance on a voluntary basis. According to the rules, after you have purchased the policy, you can request payment of cash. This is done in order to recover all the costs of repairing the machine. This right is retained in cases where you yourself became the cause of an accident.

As practice shows, many applicants who apply to the organization of insurers receive a negative answer about the payments. The insurance company may be guilty of such a situation only in one case. This applies to the situation when she did not change the usual insurance conditions described in the contract. When an agreement is drawn up between the two parties, it is necessary to study it carefully. Pay attention also to the items with the terms of cash payments, the terms of the repair on the hull insurance. If possible, consult a qualified technician.

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How to get paid?

In order to receive payment, the applicant must know what he should do in an accident. If your car was damaged during an accident, you should follow these rules:

  • Call the traffic police or MES.
  • Do not touch or move the machine after an accident.
  • You should not negotiate with an opponent without the participation of the insurance company.
  • Read the compiled protocol, pay attention to the details of the accident. Every detail must be specified.
  • Visit the insurer and report the incident.
  • Make copies of documents, conclusions.
  • Prepare all the documents for the insurance agent.
  • Provide a car insurance expert expert for inspection. You must find out which organization will conduct the examination procedure and be sure to take a copy of the report.
  • From time to time, call the insurance company, reminding you of cash payments. You should not wait until the payment deadline comes to an end.

Denial of CASCO

There are many situations in which the insurance company may refuse to pay you money. The main reasons should be highlighted:

  • You strongly violated traffic rules.
  • Both parties do not make claims to each other. If you want to receive insurance payments, then do not write in the accident report that you have no claims to the other side.
  • Participants in the incident did not immediately call the traffic police. The police must be called immediately, but you cannot move the car. This may cause a refusal to pay.
  • Was made to repair the vehicle. There is a separate column in the agreement on this. The company may send an expert to inspect the machine. Then he can write in the conclusion that it is impossible to determine the damage with accuracy.
  • In the contract there are twofold interpretations. In the document there are points that sound different. The refusal of such a situation can be challenged, but with the help of the court and a good lawyer.
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