Top best autos of belarus


You decided to sell your car. Where better to place an ad to reach the widest possible audience of potential buyers? Of course, on various autos that are popular today and which will highlight your information when using search engines. Here, your ad will immediately receive several responses, and you can make the best deal. And you do not need to pay for the services of dealers-intermediaries, who often use the same resources.

Car selection in Internet resources

And if, on the contrary, you need to buy a car or special equipment, then it is also better to turn to Internet resources. First, there is a wider choice: thousands of ads coming in every day from all regions. Secondly, you do not need to think about how to make time to visit the car market, everything can be done at a convenient time, without leaving your home.

Читать далее о лучших автомобильных сайтах Беларуси-->Но тут есть свои нюансы. Какой сайт выбрать? Ведь не секрет, что во Всемирной паутине полно мошенников, а некоторые ресурсы при подключении к ним рассылают вирусы. Да и понятно, что лучше выбирать самые популярные сайты, куда обращается множество покупателей и продавцов, чтобы в одном месте просмотреть несколько вариантов и выбрать подходящий.

We have compiled a ranking of the best Belarusian autos that will help you in finding a car or selling it. Here are the sites with maximum attendance and daily data updates.

Specialized sites

Popular websites of Belarus that are engaged in motor transport, offer their services in placing ads for the sale, exchange of transport, search for cars by buyers.


The most popular autosite in Belarus started back in 2001. According to the administration, up to 100 thousand people visit the resource daily. The database of current ads reaches 90 thousand.

The site provides information for the exchange, purchase and sale of vehicles, new or used. Also implemented related products, services related to motor vehicles real estate. Here you can buy cars and trucks, agricultural machinery, construction and special, passenger and water transport.

Separate sections contain information on components, car rental, freight. In a dedicated section, you can sell or buy a broken, unworkable car sold for parts. The search can be carried out in the extended version, introducing many clarifying items.

On the site you can find out car news, and the owners contain their own journalists.

Ads are served free of charge, but registration is required, which, however, is simple, without SMS confirmations.

When selling cars you fill out a form with a lot of data, you can attach a selection of photos. Sorry, no video downloads.

The cost is indicated in Belarusian rubles or dollars.

Technical support is provided via telephone and e-mail, there is also a special page for messages.

The advantage of this resource is the presence of the same name Android application. car website


The portal is also very popular, like the previous one. But this is not an independent site, but an Internet portal of the weekly publication Autobusiness, produced since 1993. Much has been taken from the above mentioned competitor, but there are some differences:

  • In the block ads about 30 sections.
  • A full-fledged journalistic staff leads the news block, which includes 19 sections.
  • Spetsbloki dedicated stations, spare parts, freight. Here you can find vehicles for rent, hire, quick purchase of used cars, towing services.

The database of current announcements is impressive - more than 60,000. According to the administration, attendance reaches 1,800 thousand people a day.

The search filter is slightly worse than, but quite convenient. Ads are served free, there is paid content, a prerequisite - registration. Users need to specify a phone number, but your email account is activated.

The form of ads is not as detailed as that of the above named resource, but you can upload a video. The cost is set in dollars, Belarusian rubles, euros.

For communication with technical support created a separate page. automotive site


The third line of our ranking is taken by a more modest resource - There are no blocks with a wide list of sections. But there are also pluses.

Here you can get acquainted with information on cars, their characteristics, use a custom calculator, read the news. There is a separate section for the sale of motorcycles, spare parts.

An individual feature of the project is the partner pawnshop.

Basically, on this site you will find used cars, there are no special sections for legal entities implementing new cars.

The administration reports that the site is visited daily by 15 thousand people, actual ads in the database of 50 thousand.

The search filter is convenient, functional, equipped with an enhanced version. Ads are free, you can add without registering. No paid content.

The form of ads for the sale of cars is simple, but rather detailed. You can upload photos, video is not added. The cost is indicated in different currencies: Belarusian, Russian rubles, euros, dollars.

There is no forum on the site, but in the VC there is a group with a good number of participants at 18 thousand. automotive site Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%


This trading platform is a subsidiary of the popular here in Belarus multi-portal “Here Bai Media”, which has more than 200 thematic branches and services. is not a section embedded in a multi-portal, but an independent branch with its own domain, therefore it can be considered as a separate Internet resource.

The site is visited daily by 15 thousand people, in the base of 45 thousand actual offers. There are ads for the sale of new vehicles, used, including broken, emergency cars.

A good search filter, a form of advertisements detailed, similar to the most advanced resources.

Registration is required at the step of adding photos, which is unusual. You can upload a lot of photos - up to 16, but video upload is not supported. The cost is indicated in different currencies: Belarusian, Russian rubles, euros, dollars. automotive site


The site is popular, although the ad database is relatively small. But there are other functions that are useful for car owners.

Auto-catalog will certainly be interesting to novice drivers: here you can find out the history of the model, get acquainted with its modifications, types of engines, technical characteristics. There is a function to compare the characteristics of selected models. An interesting feature of the site - the broadcast channel "Auto-Plus". automotive site

Popular bulletin boards


A large general Kufar bulletin board has an autosection. The main site itself is visited by more than a million people per month, 30 thousand new offers are added every day, the current ad database reaches one and a half million. In the auto section of about 110 thousand current offers.

The site holds a wide staff of employees, including remote ones.

Search for cars is carried out through filters or simply through the search bar. Registration when submitting ads is not required, the cost is indicated in Belarusian rubles.

The resource has its own mobile application on Android, and, according to the administration, most visitors come through it.

Support service is represented by a page with messages. automotive site


The site has been operating since 2001, it is a synthesis of an information and news resource and a common bulletin board. Focuses on innovative technology, the world of digital technology.

Initially, it was conceived as a simple blog about mobile communication, but during its existence it has grown into a serious portal with a huge daily attendance numbering a million users. It has several serious subsidiary projects, one of which was the bulletin board. It has a section “Avtobarakholka”, in the base of which there are more than 65 thousand announcements.

Search filter standard, side, there is also a search box.

You can post an ad only after confirming the registration by phone.

The cost of cars indicate in Russian and Belarusian rubles.

Technical support is represented by a special form of sending messages. automotive site


The largest Internet holding has its own branch in Belarus. Although it is here that the bulletin board for vehicles is not very popular. In the current database of only 18 thousand ads, which is very small for this portal.

The search filter is standard, convenient, although it does not have any special algorithms, like other large specialized sites. Search string is available.

There are two paid and one free rates for submitting ads. It is not necessary to register. The cost of the car is put in Belarusian rubles.

There are several mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows. free classified ads in Belarus

In Belarus, the online auto sales market continues to take shape, and this segment is already actively developing, which already has good results. The above resources are quite enough for every potential buyer to find exactly the brand, model that they want, and the sellers, having received a wide audience, were able to make a profitable deal.