The fine for tinting will increase to 2,000 rubles

Штраф за тонировку повысят до 2000 рублей For love, more precisely, the pathological passion for tinted windows, drivers will soon have to pay a fine that is three to four times the size of today. Accordingly, if today it is punished with five hundred rubles for it, then by the end of the year, as promised in the State Duma, the amount of the fine will be one and a half - two thousand rubles. The main reason toughening penalties for tinted riding is to increase the number of accidents, because the visibility from the inside of an artificially shaded car decreases in proportion to the level of transparency of the film stuck on the glass. Whatever fans say in their justification for excessive toning, the biological characteristics of the human body are not going anywhere: there is a threshold beyond which it is impossible to cross, otherwise in a traffic situation it is fraught with death both of other people and your own. Штраф за тонировку повысят до 2000 рублей Motorists who favor official permission to tint the way they want, explain their desire for two reasons. The first is that outside the car thieves will not be able to see the driver’s things inside, which means that these things will remain completely safe. And the second: well tinted glass protect the driver's eyes from the high beam of oncoming traffic, which means that there will be fewer accidents due to blinding on the road.

Tighten penalty for over toning tried before: there were figures of a fine of a thousand and a half, and even the loss of driver’s licenses after a third consecutive violation, recorded by the traffic police inspectors. Штраф за тонировку повысят до 2000 рублей In addition to fans of toning, going to punish and lovers to throw on the road from the window of the car different household garbage, that is, people with low cultural levels. Uncultured behavior is planned to be punished with a fine of two thousand rubles. Deputies are confident that by the end of this year they will approve this amendment to the Code of Administrative Offenses.

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One more reason tighten punishment for over toning prompted by statistics. Most recently, the withdrawal of state numbers has disappeared from the list of penalties for including this violation. So during this time, the number of fans toned "black" doubled. A ridiculous five-hundred fine does not stop anyone. Maybe the quadruple increased fine will work?