Australia has launched a new chinese pickup truck great wall

В Австралии затестили новый китайский пикап Great Wall Steed Until the end of September, the Chinese auto brand Great Wall will start selling the new generation in the Australian market steed pickup. This model is distributed worldwide under a different name - Great Wall Wingle. Australian journalists conducted a test drive news. The most attractive in the new generation chinese pickupAccording to Australians, this is its low price. Great Wall Steed will be sold on the fifth continent for only thirty thousand local dollars. If we transfer to our wooden ones at the current rate of the Central Bank, then we are talking about about one and a half million rubles. For this ridiculous money for Australians, they get a truck with heated seats, climate control, and a two-zone multimedia system, six airbags and a bunch of other bells and whistles, including a system for stabilizing traffic. Similar class cars are two to three times more expensive. We are talking about Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger, etc. В Австралии затестили новый китайский пикап Great Wall Steed The price is very attractive, but in terms of all-terrain characteristics, the Chinese are not very strong for their competitors. Connected via a button on the center panel four-wheel drive you need to still train to connect, because the button is located next to the radio station search button and because of this unfortunate proximity, you can instead add power and get out of the quagmire at the right moment, just cut in the radio and sit down this slip time. Center differential in Great Wall Steed has the ability to lock. But the ground clearance of only seventeen centimeters will not allow you to confidently drive off-road. In addition, neither the suspension nor the fuel tank have any protection from the bottom. With low ground clearance, you can cool sit down on the ground, and with a long subsequent repair. Here the Chinese, frankly speaking, screwed up. Although, probably, the point is the low price of the truck. For good money, the Chinese know how to work conscientiously.

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In addition to this significant drawback, many Australians did not like such a loose steering and low information content of the main console. In the conditions of the city, probably, it is not so critical, but pick-ups are not created for cities, and on country roads it can cause a lot of trouble to the driver. В Австралии затестили новый китайский пикап Great Wall Steed Australians will be available for purchase Steed and with a two-liter diesel engine, such an assembly will be more expensive by two thousand dollars than with a 2.4-liter petrol aspirated. And it's not that the diesel is any special, just just diesel version of pickup will be available 4x4 drive. Petrol version only front wheel drive.

Еще австралийцам сильно не понравилось отсinтствие автоматической трансмиссии in Great Wall Steed. Did not cause much enthusiasm and extremely rigid rear spring suspension, which, as soon as the driver drives off the asphalt, begins to hob up his ass. A pickup truck begins to ride on the ground literally like a kangaroo. Many also did not like the lack of PDCs. But why parktronics and parking assistants on the Australian prairie, was the truck originally intended for farmers first of all? In general, a normal, average truck for reasonable money. Big Australian thanks to the brothers from China. About whether there will be a new generation Great Wall Steed shipped anywhere else outside the country kangaroo, Chinese managers do not report.

Incidentally, stocks of cars Great Wall in the Russian dealer warehouses run out. Will they be replenished and when, too, is not yet known.