The brand of italian cars known worldwide

Italian car brands list

Европейская автомобильная история невозможна без Италии. Эта страна создала и милые семейные автомобильчики, и грандиозные суперкары, и болиды Формула-1. Такие brands of italian cars, как Феррари, Ламборгини, Мазератти, известны всем. Это имена, которые вызывают у автолюбителей особые чувства.

brands of italian cars

Ferrari is the brand of the Italian car, which is equally loved by both motorsport fans and just speed lovers.

This brand of Italian cars is included in the list of the most expensive cars in the world. For example, Ferrari Enzo can be purchased from 660 thousand to one and a half million US dollars. This supercar, which was produced commercially from 2002 to 2005, is on the list of the ten most expensive cars of this company.

Double supercar, named after the founder of the company Enzo Ferrari. It is no longer available, because its price will only grow.

Another truly Italian company can be called Alfa Romeo. This brand of Italian cars, as well as Ferrari is part of Fiat.

Founded in 1910, this company from the very beginning created the cars participating in sports competitions. The history of the victories of Alpha is quite rich. Alfa Romeo was won by LeMan and Mille Miglia.

In 1932, the Italian company IRI acquired the trademark, and since 2007, Alpha is a full-fledged part of the Fiat Group.

Speaking about Alfa Romeo, it is worth mentioning such models as the luxurious open 8C 2900B Touring Spider of 1937.

brand of italian car

Another delightful car that is on the list of the best is the Lamborghini. Let her story does not go to the nineteenth century, but Lamborghini can rightly be considered one of the most beautiful cars in the world, along with some brands of American cars.

Model Murcielago

 italian cars photo

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These are the masterpieces produced by the company that originally made the tractors. Surprisingly, Lamborghini began to produce them just because of the unsuccessful joke of Enzo Ferrari about tractors and that he does not understand anything in cars.

The photo shows the brand of Italian cars, which simply can not be overlooked.

Lancia Stratos (the old model of the 80s for comparison with the new)

Italian car brands list

As we can see, the design has changed somewhat. Some believe that the new Stratos has become something like a shark, others, probably, the detractors call the new modification a "duck". However, this machine is too good for its creators to pay attention to such jokes.


Это имя, как и Феррари, всегда на устах любителей скорости. Maserati производит автомобили спорт и бизнес – классов. Созданная в Болонье, в 1914 году, сейчас компания входит в концерн Фиат.

Maserati – компания популярная. Её автомобили настолько любимы, что их приобретают первые лица страны. К примеру Maserati Quattroporte, выпущенный под номером 1 был приобретён экс-президентом Италии Карло Чампи. А номер 2 достался всем известному политику и медиа-магнату Сильвио Берлускони. Его любовь к дорогим и красивым вещам известна всем.

This is what this car looks like now:

brands of italian cars

Chic Kvatroporte business class. A trident on a lattice resembles a crown, and here it is more than appropriate. This is a car for those who are used to being on the throne. Such a trident, many domestic fans tuning VAZ 2106 put on his beloved six.

Maserati survived two wars and several economic crises, but never ceased to produce cars. Even owned by Fiat, Maserati is a separate brand, headquartered in the city of Modena.

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Maserati сумели грамотно воспользоваться даже продажей компании Ситроену, унифицировав с французскими автомобилями такие детали, как гидравлическая подвеска.

In 1997, the shares of Maserati went into the use of the Ferrari company, which is also in the FIAT group. After that, the construction of a new plant and a new era of Maserati began. Ferrari not only did not spoil the company's reputation, but also turned the Maserati into an elite brand able to compete with the best cars from Germany.

italian cars photoMaserati Гран Туризмо. Всё в лучших традициях.

But what Lamborghini Aventador can do: