Mercedes benz c class: the continuation of the tradition of

In the German sense, the C-class is first and foremost comfort. Midsize cars (and Mercedes Benz C Class no exception) they take root well in an urban environment where they always find their buyers.

Mercedes Benz C-class фото

The standards, applied back in 1993, have not lost their relevance until today, so the comfort class is regularly updated with new and new car models, some of which sink deep into the hearts of those who appreciate European quality and reliability.

Mercedes Benz C Class W203

To get a C-class wrapped in the back of a W203 is the same as paying for status and image, moreover, if in the first year of the model’s life everyone was sure of its high reliability, then the first complaints began to appear a little later. Alas, it so happened that the reliability of Mercedes over time has noticeably decreased, and the transition to the new millennium has become a turning point of this degradation. Despite such an unpleasant turn of events, it cannot be said that the owners of the Mercedes Benz W203 were distracted or badly damaged.

Spalling paint flew as the first stone in the manufacturer's garden. It is one thing that this file had little effect on the quality of the iron, another thing from the aesthetic point of view, it was not something that would be beautiful. Fortunately, the opportunity to review priorities, and launch in 2004 a new painting technology, went to the Mercedes Benz C Class W203 for the benefit of, returning it to him the confidence of buyers.

Mercedes-Benz C 250 amg Appearance

Someone calls the main problem of the Mercedes W203 unstable electrics. Not a single case were cases of failure to take the ignition brand keys, which had a special form. And as it turned out in the end, the problem was not always in the key alone: ​​the electronic ignition control unit also systematically failed. There were other weaknesses in the electronics of the German midget, but these moments were less common, and therefore, in fact, have no statistical value.

The abundance of engine configurations to choose from for the W203 model certainly resembles an attempt to confuse a potential buyer. However, among all the diversity there are all the same, the familiar combination of technical characteristics. The first for the time being gasoline engines for the initial versions of the sedan were 2-liter units with four cylinders. In place of this 129-strong engine for the S180, a 163-strong engine came to modify the C200.

Already in May 2002, the installed engines for the C-class change: now, if it is a gasoline unit, then the C180 pulled all 143 “horses”, and the C200 got the old version. In both cases, the engine went along with the compressor. From time to time in versions C200 CGI there are power units for 1.8 liters and 170 hp, with a compressor and direct fuel injection. Since 2004, the power of the same unit has grown to 192 horsepower.

Car Mercedes Benz C-class 2014 C250 Coupe

The ring of versions of Mercedes W203 with V6 engines closed the C240, under the hood of which was hiding the engine 170 hp, 2.6 liters, as well as the C320 with 218-strong engine of 3.2 liters. There is also a version of the C32AMC, which got the most sophisticated engine, the volume of which was 3.2 liters, and the thrust in it numbered as much as 354 hp.

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Modernization of 2005 led to the planned installation of new versions Mercedes Benz C Class W203 6 cylinder engines. Another pack of Mercedes versions was born, among which were the C230, completed with a 204 hp engine. on the volume of 2.5 liters, 3-liter C280 231 hp, C350 with a motor of 272 hp, 3.5 liters. A year before, the reshuffle occurred on the board of the Mercedes C32 AMG - the newcomer was renamed C55 AMG and began using a V8 engine with 5.5 liter characteristics, 367 horsepower.

Diesel versions of the model are represented by the car C200 CDI, completed with a 116 hp engine. (There were options with a 102 hp engine) and a volume of 2.1 liters. The increase in power occurred in 2003, when the engine suddenly gained up to 122 hp. power. Option C220 CDI had a 143 hp engine, 2.1 liters, and in 2004 got a 150-horsepower engine. Slightly higher level was the C270 CDI version, namely - 170 hp, 2.6 l. The most powerful diesel representatives of the class are, for example, the C30 CDI AMG and C320 CDI with 3-liter engines for 231 and 224 horsepower, respectively.

Mercedes Benz C-class 2014 amg car interior

The experience of using various engine variations was reflected in the fact that the Mercedes Benz C Class got the characteristics are not the most bogus. The stereotype was the view that the Achilles heel with the look of unpretentious 2-liter and 1.8-liter engines, is their compressor. It is not known what these comments were regulated by, but mechanics in one voice kept saying that everything depends on the mileage of the car. In their understanding, the compressor could save the minimum, but timely MOT.

Owners of the V6 engine should first of all expect a crankshaft pulley breakage, which in most cases is fatal to the engine as a whole.

Mercedes Benz C Class W204

The birth of chetyrehdevernika in the back of W204 in early 2007. Having adopted the best from its predecessor, the car got over measure of a more robust body, a strict and aggressive appearance, and also an increased wheelbase in width.

Mercedes Benz C-class W204 фото

All three classic equipment options are available: the Classic, Elegance and Avantrgarde equipment options are available. The most expensive complete set of the car Mercedes W204, complete set of Vanguard, leather interior, alloy wheels, climate control and cruise control systems, as well as all sorts of passive and active vehicle safety systems are included by default.

If we consider the design of the third generation of "tseshek", based on the well-known products of Mercedes from adjacent classes, then it may seem that the W204 is a kind of Frankenstein in the auto world. The body platform with 100% confidence was taken from the old W203. As for such technical devices as engines, gearboxes and main parts of the suspension - they became the legacy of the older, E-class.

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Car advantages Mercedes Benz C Class W204 fueled not only by words and praise. Titles such as “Car of the Year” (2007), “Best Imported Car” (2007), “Best European Tuning Car” (2008) were given to him not by chance: the car's interior has amazing functionality and ergonomic space , impressive design and luxurious equipment. The seats of the W204 model are spring-loaded, the intelligent voice control system is enabled in Russian, electronic systems abound throughout the cabin.

Mercedes Benz C class amg sports version

Proposed Mercedes Benz C Class Specs Powertrains can be listed indefinitely, since there are so many versions of the car. A sample list is as follows:

  • C180. Gasoline engine, turbocharged, 4 cylinder, 16 valves, 1.8 liters, 156 hp;
  • C200. Petrol engine, turbocharged, 4 cylinder, 16 valves, 1.8 liters, 184 hp;
  • S230. Gasoline engine, 6 cylinders, 2.5 liters, 204 hp;
  • C280. Gasoline engine, 6 cylinders, 3 liters, 231 hp;
  • C350 CGI. Gasoline engine, 3.5 liters, 292 hp;
  • C200 CDI. Diesel engine, 4 cylinders, 2.1 liters, 136 hp;
  • C220 CDI. Diesel engine, 4 cylinders, 2.1 liters, 170 hp;
  • C320 CDI. Diesel engine, 6 cylinders, 3 liters, 224 hp;
  • C300 Bluetec Hybrid. Gasoline engine, 4 cylinder, 221 hp

As for the gearbox, the C-class was completed with a 6-speed manual box or a 7-position automatic gearbox.

Mercedes Benz C-class 2014

The history of the release of versions of this model Mercedes helped to diversify in the tuning studio AMG, revealing the light of the Mercedes C63 AMG in 2007. The factory model was tuned in a broad sense, that is, most components were developed in a new way, from scratch. Some elements of the CLK 63 AMG also formed the design of the novelty. Looking at the active support from customers, it becomes obvious that AMG didn’t bother to restyling such Mercedes comfort-class models as the W203, W204, S203 and more modern S204, C204, CL203.

C63 sedan version Mercedes Benz C Class AMG equipped with a V8 engine of 6.3 liters and a power of 457 hp, which allows you to reach speeds of 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. Audio 20 CD audio system with support for MP3 and TFT-display on 14.7 cm is placed in the machine. Popular models of mobile devices easily connect to the system via Bluetooth interface, and a standard USB connector is provided for connecting flash drives.

Among the variety of safety and comfort systems, there is also a AMG-shnogo car Attention Assist system, analyzing the state and manner of driving the host. At the moment when the reaction of the motorist deviates from the average value calculated at the beginning of the journey, the system includes a warning about the need to stop in order to take a breath and relieve fatigue.

Mercedes Benz C class sedan

Mercedes Benz C Class 2014

As of 2014, the Mercedes C-Class has changed a lot and changed. At the moment, all the talk is haunting the latest model of the new C-Class, the Mercedes Benz W205. Sedan grew in length by 95 mm, width - 40 mm, and also expanded the wheelbase compared with the previous model.

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Increased and trunk space. Now you can place all items of luggage in the amount of 481 liters. The proportion of aluminum parts reached 50%, which could not but have a positive effect on the curb weight of the car.

Simultaneously with the release of the updated model Mercedes W205 2014, the manufacturer announced the establishment of a new standard in the aerodynamics of cars. Aerodynamic resistance with a factor of 0.24 according to the concern is the most optimal for its own cars. In addition, the company set the bar high for competition, exposing a new fighter against the BMW 3-series and Audi A3 that are firmly established on the market.

New Mercedes Benz C-class 2014

Mercedes Benz C Class 2014 year got a new rear-wheel drive platform MRA, part of the design project of the car S-class W222. McPherson suspension has been successfully replaced by a four-lever version with aluminum levers. As for the rear zone, it still remained a five-arm, though it was brought to mind, as a result of which extraneous noises and vibrations practically stopped bothering.

Everything else, the car W205 offers a luxurious selection of suspensions. Three variations of the Direct Control suspension — sporty, comfortable and adjustable — have become a good help to the standard suspension, which is installed by default. Now it is additionally possible to install an air suspension with a system of five modes of movement.

Mercedes Benz C class under the hood

Для нового Mercedes Benz C Class Specs полной линейки двигателей выглядят следующим образом:

  • For modification, the C180 is a 1.6 liter engine at 156 hp;
  • C C200 comes with a 2.0 liter unit, 184 hp;
  • 2.2 liter diesel engine, 170 hp will be part of the C220 version, it is also the most economical option;
  • Exclusively for the US, 2.0-liter, 235 hp turbo engines are available. for the C300 4Matic and 3.0 liters, 329 hp for version S400.

Of course, this will not stop there, so several additional models with diesel engines will be introduced later. The small displacement and modest power of diesel units are prerequisites for the low price of final assembly. Anyway, the price for a sedan with a diesel engine now costs around 39 thousand euros. You need to understand that this is the price you pay not only for comfort, reliability, brand awareness, but also for the abundance of additional options that are present in the list of assembly.

Since we have come to the end of our story, it is with great pleasure that we share with you a popular video review of the new model - the W205 sedan.