Lada vesta sport with a 150-horsepower engine under the hood

LADA Vesta Sport has a engine capacity of 1.8 liters. Due to the replacement of camshafts, the improvement of the intake and exhaust systems, the engine now delivers one hundred and fifty horsepower. It is noteworthy that the power was specifically fixed at this point - this was done to reduce the transport tax rate.

According to experts, if you wish, you can tune the engine and get one hundred and eighty "horses" from it. In any case, even at around 150 hp LADA Vesta Sport is today the most powerful serial car from AVTOVAZ.

Лада Веста Спорт со 150-сильным двигателем под капотом

Additions and changes

In addition, the model received a modified clearance - it, in turn, decreased by forty-five millimeters. For these purposes, shortened springs and several other shock absorbers were used. Thus, the car LADA Vesta Sport is now different and lower landing.

Лада Веста Спорт со 150-сильным двигателем под капотом

The rear brakes, which became disc brakes, also changed, and the front brakes received discs of a diameter increased to 286 millimeters (the standard ones were 260 mm).

The car will now ride on large alloy wheels eighteen inches. This will be used tires size 205h40. As a result, the car will stand out markedly wheels. By the way, the standard "Niva 21213" disk size is sixteen inches.

And what's inside?

Looking at the interior of the LADA Vesta Sport, you can see that inside the new steering wheel and redone seats - they now have a more developed profile, which allows you to feel more comfortable on long journeys. At the feet of the driver and passenger in the front seat will now be a red light - it will be in the area of ​​the inner door handle.

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Лада Веста Спорт со 150-сильным двигателем под капотом

Appearance LADA Vesta Sport

Exterior, except drives, got a new bumper and door sills. Many details are underlined by a red line, which harmonizes with the body of a light gray color. In addition, the car will now have a split exhaust pipe. We can say that the new "Vesta" will have a more aggressive and sporty appearance. True, this may adversely affect when driving on the Russian roads.

Лада Веста Спорт со 150-сильным двигателем под капотом

The serial version of the LADA Vesta Sport should begin to be produced in the winter in 2018. Most likely, the car will cost about one million rubles, and this price should be the highest for the "Lada". However, there is no reason to doubt that it will be in demand: as you know, the price for other recent Lada models reaches 800 thousand rubles and, curiously, they have their own buyers.