Top class golf cars


In fact, a golf class is a C-class. But such a name was firmly established in the people. They are considered the best cars for large cities and small villages, for driving in conditions of dense traffic and wide roads. They are economical, quite roomy, compact and have decent technical characteristics.

Golf class auto rating

По сути, в гольф-классе собраны машины, способные удовлетворить потребности и требования большинства автовладельцев. Вот почему сами автомобильные компании активно работают в этом классе, стараясь предложить клиентам максимально хорошие модели. Хотя название гольф-класс происходит от Volkswagen Golf, это далеко не единственный достойный кандидат на звание лучшей машины гольф-класса.Читать далее о лучших машинах гольф-класс-->

Segment Leaders

If you really want the best car in its class, that is, golf, then you should look to the following automakers:

  • Volkswagen;
  • Honda;
  • Ford;
  • Skoda;
  • Toyota;
  • That;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Opel;
  • Hyundai;
  • Nissan;
  • Renault;

The list is quite impressive and is presented by the leading automakers in the world. The rating was made taking into account the compliance of cars with the basic criteria of a golf class, as well as the following characteristics:

  • reliability;
  • security;
  • comfort;
  • build quality;
  • specifications;
  • availability;
  • cost of operation;
  • equipment.

It is for them to compare cars in order to find the best option for themselves. Proper comparison taking into account the key criteria and personal preferences will help you determine which of the representatives of our top optimally suits you.


car volkswagen golf

Best Car Golf Class

It will be fair to start the ranking of the best golf class cars with Volkswagen Golf. A car that has practically spawned a new segment in the automotive industry should always be a model for competitors.

The last generation of the Golf, like its predecessors, coped well with this task. Externally, the car is compact, but inside it has a spacious interior, a large enough trunk and excellent German engines under the hood. The variability of body types allows the client to choose a compact hatchback or a spacious family wagon.

The only drawback can be called somewhat inflated prices. But connoisseurs of German quality note that the car justifies its cost.


car Ford Focus

Leader in the golf class segment

The American company Ford is one of the leaders in the golf class segment. Her model Focus for many years confronts the leader Golf. Moreover, it does it quite successfully.

The new generation in the global style Ford has already made an excellent impression. Behind the beautiful exterior lies modern equipment, a comfortable lounge, a robust body and an impressive amount of modern useful electronics.

There is a car, presented in three body variations (sedan, hatchback and station wagon), slightly lower than many competitors. But this does not affect the quality or other important characteristics. Great city car, able to show the capabilities of its engines on the highway. A worthy representative of the golf class, to the level of which many companies must strive.


toyota corolla

The best-selling car in the world

One of the best selling cars in the world. This popularity of the Japanese representative of the golf class from Toyota is easy to explain. This is a high-quality car with good equipment, excellent design and thoughtful comfortable interior. Add to this a roomy trunk and affordable prices, and get one of the best C-class cars.

The new generation, though similar to older models Avensis and Camry, but this does not make the more modest Corolla less attractive in the eyes of buyers.

With a price of 950 thousand rubles Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% you get a high quality car with everything you need for confident and economical operation in the city and for trips to the highway where the Corolla will not fall behind.


car honda civic

Machine for the younger generation

A car that pleases the younger generation of drivers. Although the adult audience of this car from the company Honda is quite impressive.

The new generation has a sporty attractive appearance, decent performance at the same time with a comfortable lounge.

Honda is an exemplary manufacturer in terms of applying new technologies, technical characteristics, and bold design solutions. From here and Civic with excellent dynamics and at the same time economic mode of operation. Their new engine with a volume of 1.5 liters gives 158 horsepower. A senior engine develops 174 liters. with., having a volume of 2.0 liters.

Complements the advantages of the Japanese car, its cost, which starts from 850 thousand rubles for a new generation of one of the best representatives of the golf class in 2017.


car skoda octavia

Czech Octavia with German quality

Czech car with German components. The machine for those who appreciate practicality, quality, reliability and comfort. Regarding the appearance of the new generation there is a lot of controversy, but fans of the brand consider this car one of the most beautiful. They can be understood.

In addition to the exterior, the Skoda Octavia offers an excellent build, a comfortable, roomy interior, a huge trunk (especially in the station wagon).

The range of motors with power from 110 to 180 horsepower provides the right of choice for fans of a measured and fast ride. Moreover, all motors are very economical. Yes, Skoda has recently become less affordable and the starting price of 950 thousand rubles for the new Octavia is a direct confirmation of this. But the car will justify literally every thousand, if you are a fan of the brand.


car opel astra

Astra has excellent sales figures.

Opel survived a difficult period, but managed to recover and offer consumers a worthy representative of the golf class.

Since 1992, the Astra model has been showing excellent sales figures. The car combines practicality, efficiency, comfort and sporty style. Sedan, hatchback and wagon look equally attractive, have good technical characteristics.

Opel is actively using modern technology, is making serious improvements in terms of a combination of dynamics and economy. Because the new Astra worthily represents the golf class, and deserves a place in our ranking.


car mitsubishi lancer

Lancer has a sporty and dynamic appearance.

A car with a fairly rich, though not particularly long history, which began in 1995.

Mitsubishi has already released 10 generations, the last of which bears the logical name of the Lancer X. The car is aimed at the younger generation, which was directly stated by the company representatives. But the sedan (and then the hatchback) there were fans of older generations of drivers.

In addition to the sporty and very dynamic appearance, the car offers powerful enough, but economical engines, excellent cabin ergonomics, spacious seats and a fairly spacious trunk for fans of practical cars.

Mazda 3

car mazda 3

Great car from the company Mazda

Great car from the company Mazda, produced in the back of a hatchback and sedan. The birth of a new generation caused a real sensation among the automotive public.

Many experts call this car one of the most beautiful in the whole history of Mazda. Indeed, the exterior of the Mazda 3 is amazing, but everywhere there are skeptics.

The machine does not have powerful engines and offers a choice of 1.5 and 1.6-liter engines with a capacity of 104 and 120 horsepower. Inside the car is quite spacious, has a high-quality interior, competent ergonomics. This is a car that will remain relevant and modern for at least 5 years. The futuristic image combined with quality, reliability and practicality make the Mazda 3 one of the most popular cars in the golf class.


car kia cerato

Cerato - representative of the Korean automotive industry

Korean car industry does not stand still. Kia is widely represented on the Russian market and is in good demand.

The new generation of Cerato has all the necessary characteristics to get to our top. This is a model with good appearance, sturdy technical characteristics and a comfortable interior.

An important advantage of Cerato is the operating cost, that is, the machine does not require large maintenance costs. This is an important criterion for many potential buyers.

Kia Cerato can be called the average representative of the golf class, which fully justifies its value, offering comfort, safety, reliability, durability and practicality. The choice is for those who care about the content, not the big name of the manufacturer.


car chevrolet cruz

Cruze has decent specifications

Relatively new car from the company Chevrolet, which has managed to correct the mistakes made with the release of the same Evanda or Epica, although they represent other classes.

Cruze has excellent appearance, offers decent technical features along with a spacious and comfortable lounge.

Cruze is worth the money and even in the basic configuration offers what many competitors can get only for a fee or in more expensive equipment options. The machine is practical, comfortable and modern, satisfying the needs of most consumers. From here and considerable growth of sales of model in territory of Russia. An important advantage of the model is the relative budget of its operation in the Russian market.


car volkswagen jetta

Jetta - affordable car

Another representative of the company Volkwagen. The Jetta model is positioned as a more affordable car and is adapted to Russian conditions, for which the German company is a separate respect.

Jetta has always been quite attractive appearance. But the new design impressed everyone. The car looks expensive, although it costs from 900 thousand rubles. The car is built separately from the Golf and has almost nothing to do with it. Its platform, design and equipment.

Especially for Russia, Volkswagen has made changes to the technical part - the suspension, so that the car felt confident on our roads. For our market, we offer engines from 102 to 150 horsepower, which is enough for the city and highway. The car has excellent performance in combination with high-quality, practical interior and a good bundle.


car hyundai elantra

Elantra looks great

The appearance of the new generation Elantra from Hyundai is admirable. The car really looks gorgeous and just for that deserves to be in our ranking.

Among the best cars of golf class, the Korean Elantra is a relative newcomer. But now we can say that the model adequately represents the segment and deserves high positions in the rating.

With a price of 900 thousand rubles, the car offers excellent appearance, spacious comfortable lounge, solid equipment already in the basic configuration, good build quality and reliable durable body.

On the technical side, everything is good, because the two engines with a capacity of 128 and 150 horsepower provide a confident and economical ride both in the city and in the conditions of the highway.


car nissan tiida

Practical Nissan Hatchback

Hatchback from Japan from the company Nissan, which exists since 2004 and shows a good level of sales in the world and in the Russian market.

The machine is practical, affordable and good build quality. The previous generation had a too feminine design, because the male audience bypassed the car side. The new generation has acquired courageous lines, sports notes, while maintaining its practicality and versatility.

In the sedan car looked frankly unsuccessful. But the hatchback has all the characteristics to adequately represent the golf class. At the same time, there is a car from 750 thousand rubles in the cabin, and for 1 million rubles you can get top picking with an incredible number of options and modern equipment.

308th and 408th

Peugeot 408 car

Decent city car

Immediately two cars from the company Peugeot, which we complete our top of the best representatives of the golf class.

Оба автомобиля обладают красивой внешностью, достойными техническими характеристиками, комфортабельным салоном и отличной адаптивностью под условия большого города. Но даже с базовым двигателем на 115 лошадиных сил 308th and 408th на трассе не затеряются.

The 308th is hatchback, and the 408th is a sedan. This allows you to choose the best body type. The male audience is more focused on sedans, while women are more likely to drive the 308 models.

The golf class is represented by a very rich assortment of cars, in each of which you can find positive qualities and worthy characteristics. In our top, we tried to collect the really best cars.

Do not forget to comment and invite your friends to us. Be sure to write down which car you think is the best among the C class, and why. We are very interested to know your opinion.