Comparative analysis of daewoo matiz and lada kalina cars


Choosing a city hatchback, many motorists are faced with the desire to purchase a high-quality budget car, which would have the maximum advantages and be extremely easy to use. For comparison, you can bring a foreign Daewoo Matiz, which is a very compact car for driving around the city, and the domestic Lada Kalina, which is a more powerful and expensive vehicle. In practice, these cars have ideally proven themselves to drive in the city, small-sized neat cars with good looks can be a good help for any motorist. We will conduct a comparative analysis in order to understand which is better: Matiz or Kalina? We learn about the characteristics of the two models, their advantages and disadvantages.

Which car to choose: Daewoo Matiz or Lada Kalina

Car comparison Daewoo Matiz и Lada Kalina.

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General characteristics

To compare Kalina and Matiz, the main differences of these vehicles should be highlighted. First of all, it is worth noting the budget maintenance of Korean cars, which have slightly better equipment, more reliable in operation. Domestic Kalina, of course, is inferior in terms of these characteristics to a foreign rival. In comparison with Lada Kalina, it will take an order of magnitude less money and time to serve Daewoo. As a rule, Korean service is fast, budget and fairly high quality. Virtually every more or less large Russian city you can find the official dealer of this foreign hatchback.

Characteristics of Lada Kalina

It is worth noting the popularity of the model, which is why there are many residents of provincial towns among its owners. True, not only Daewoo is popular among Russians, car dealerships in which Lada products are sold are also very numerous, and a motorist can choose the optimal model from the huge list of products being presented. Another great advantage of the car Daewoo is to call its price: if we talk about a used model, the cost of such a car may seem more than affordable, which cannot be said about the Lada, which even after several years of operation will have a rather big price.

Daewoo Matiz Features

Car comparison

Comparison of Kalina and Matiz shows that these are two full-fledged urban hatchbacks, which are deprived of excessive overall dimensions, it is easy and pleasant to control them. Lada Kalina and Daewoo Matiz are equipped with small wheels, which some motorists who prefer large SUVs may not like. If we talk about the Daewoo Matiz, then to move around the city the size of its wheels is enough, the car will “go” smoothly enough, it will not be taken away on bends. Lada Kalina has larger diameter wheels, which affects its course. Judging by the reviews of the owners, Kalina tighter than the Matiz.


The advantages of Lada Kalina gives her a pleasant appearance. Experts note the attractiveness of the model, which is due to the soft outlines of the body. In fact, the appearance of the domestic car is not inferior to more rounded forms of Daewoo Matiz. Of the features of the Matiz, it is worth noting its round headlights that make the car interior more attractive.

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In comparison, Kalina and Matiz should consider fitting out the cabin and overall exterior. Both cars are not without pleasant coziness and comfort. When you first look at the Korean car it seems that it is extremely narrow and it will be closely, but practice shows that four passengers and a driver fit in the cabin, while no one will interfere with each other. The seats of the first row are equipped with pockets in which you can put small things. Similar niches are located on the front doors.

Salon Дэу Матиз

Lada Kalina is superior to its rival with a slightly larger cabin space, however, it doesn’t have such comfortable seats that is due to their depth.

Salon Lada Kalina

Motorists say that the trip to the Daewoo Matiz is very comfortable, the car is equipped with everything you need for convenient driving. Lada Kalina, in turn, will have to get used to a bit, the car has a huge amount of control levers, which can at first be a bit confusing for a new driver.

Vehicle equipment, engine features

You can buy Daewoo Matiz in the capital of Russia for 314,000 rubles. The cost of the new Lada Kalina is 410,600 rubles. For a fair comparison, it is worth noting that the equipment of the domestic car is much better. However, relative to the reliability of the machine occupy the same position.

Daewoo Matiz is equipped with a power unit, which has a volume of 0.8 or 1 l., While its return will be 51 or 63 liters. With. As for the PPC, it is a five-step mechanical device. In the city the car will need at least 7.3 liters. for every 100 km., a smooth road surface outside the city will provide gasoline savings, reducing fuel consumption to 6.3 liters. Lada Kalina has a power unit of 1.6 liters. with a return of 60 and 72 kW. Domestic cars have an identical transmission (five-speed mechanics), with fuel consumption of 7.2 - 7.3 liters. (with mixed driving).

According to all indicators, Daewoo Matiz is a more economical, however, less powerful vehicle.

What to choose: Matiz or Kalina?

If the motorist does not know which car is preferable, he can pay attention only to the main points of the comparative analysis. Lada Kalina is equipped with a stronger engine, representing a full-size hatchback for the city (the wheels and dimensions of the domestic car are a bit more identical to the characteristics of the Korean Matiz). At the same time ride in the city is much nicer on the Daewoo Matiz. Small compact hatchback often easily passes through the bottlenecks that will not allow to pass the national Kalina. On Daewoo Matiz you can park where there is very little space.


If the price of a vehicle is fundamental for a motorist, there is no doubt that the choice should be stopped on the Korean Daewoo Matiz, which is light and pleasant to drive, has small dimensions. But if you want to buy a more presentable car, you should pay extra to become the owner of a domestic Lada Kalina, equipped with a more powerful engine.