Rules for choosing a pdc for a car


Today, driving more and more, you can see women, although more recently it was a rarity, since driving a car was considered the lot of men. Nevertheless, the fair sex in this business began to overtake men, trying to drive vehicles along with them. As a result, the number of drivers has increased to an enormous scale. At the same time, the number of cars has rapidly increased. The colossal growth of the fleet aggravated one of the key problems of the modern metropolis: the chronic lack of free parking spaces near the house or place of work, which every driver faces in practice every day.

How to choose parking sensors

Recommendations on the choice of parking sensors.

На такую ситуацию мгновенно отреагировал авторынок: новые автомобили начали оснащаться парктрониками. Эти приспособления имеют огромное практическое значение, незаменимы для любого водителя, особенно начинающего, так как надёжно помогают парковаться, заметно упрощая этот непростой процесс. По существу выбор парктроника и его применение напрямую связаны не только с безопасностью движения, целостностью автомобиля, но и с жизнью самого водителя. Именно это стало главной причиной массового использования нового устройства владельцами автотранспорта, поскольку установить его на автомобиле доступно каждому желающему.Читать далее о том как выбрать парктроник-->

Device and principles of action

Such a device like a radar performs the function of scanning the situation around the car. It clearly signals to the driver, who is sitting behind the wheel, that there are dangerous obstacles on the way that can be encountered. To avoid collisions, each parking sensor is equipped with its own alarm system: audible, optical or digital alert.

The first of them is accompanied by a sound - intermittent beeps, informing the driver about the approach of unwanted interference with the car. The second in a similar case warns by changing the color of the LEDs depending on the distance to the disturbance. The third signal is placed on the display of digital data that accurately indicate the distance to the nearest obstacle. The use of PDCs greatly facilitates the accuracy of parking, even for a novice driver and makes it almost impossible to erroneous maneuver, unwanted contact with neighboring cars or other interference.

What is parkotnik

Parktronic selection criteria

So, you decided to purchase parking sensors, which is better to choose - the question that needs to be solved first. Start with the main thing: determine the key characteristics that you need most. Here are the basic requirements that must be met classy unit:

  1. Sensitivity. On it will depend on the clarity, the quality of the information reported by the device. The most advantageous to purchase a model with the highest sensitivity. In this case, the sensor will measure the distance to the barrier with perfect accuracy, and the driver in advance warned will be able to avoid a collision with it.
  2. The number of sensors. In Russian practice, in cars they mount a different number of them: some drivers use 8 elements at once, the other with more than two. Everything depends, of course, both on the skill, the experience of the driver, and on the effectiveness of the sensors themselves. Also play the role of the shape, size of the bumper.
  3. Fastening method: the device can be laid on or mortise. In the latter case, in the bumper, it will be necessary to additionally cut a special niche for it, in the case of the overhead one, to pick it up by color in unison with a hint of bumper.

The closest attention should be paid to the display of the device, especially for cars produced at one time without on-board computers. In this case, the units can be with LCD, have a segment or LED screen. All these options are equivalent, their choice depends mainly on the taste of the driver.

Датчики парковок

It is necessary to take into account such an important factor as countering the purchase of domestic weather. To do this, it is better to get such a device, which is covered with a reliable layer that protects against dust and moisture. Branded foreign samples are mainly equipped with a self-diagnostic function. It will prompt the driver in advance about the errors in her work that should be eliminated.

In addition to the type of device, you should consider which company made it, and how it is arranged. Among the important criteria when choosing a PDC is its price. Sometimes those who unreasonably try to save on this device lose out, because in practice the cheapest option is not always the highest quality one. It is better to immediately purchase a more expensive, but high-quality, durable, reliable device than to do it with a second run, spending extra money.

Taking into account all these factors, the zealous driver tries to find the very high-quality device that will be better and more reliable than other models.

Types of parking sensors

For the optimal choice of parking sensors, the driver should be familiar with their classification. The modern car market is distinguished by their huge variety, with different quality, prices, so you can choose from which, and everyone can buy exactly the device that is useful better than others. Classification of devices depends on their performance, method of application. In particular, depending on the place in which they are installed, they are:

  1. Rear. Place of installation - the rear bumper. They are the most popular, popular among car owners. Such a device works automatically as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
  2. Front fastening to the front bumper. Like the rear-type devices, they are automatically switched off as soon as the car starts to move.
  3. Combined. Their feature emphasizes the name: such sensors can cope with the functions of both rear and front devices. They are predominantly a cascade of elements, mounted on 6 - 8 pieces on the rear and front bumpers. In addition, the combined devices are equipped with one or two screens to visually reflect the information received.

Parkotnik at work

In addition, parktronics differ depending on the nature of the “stuffing” used in them, and can be one of the following types:

  1. Standard. In this case, the device includes from 3 to 8 sensors, which affects the price and completeness of the equipment. In particular, the contours can be separate for the front and rear bumpers.
  2. Ribbon. In this case, the autonomous sensors are mounted in a special tape, attached along one or another bumper. This option is good because the “dead zones” that are possible in the case of standard “single” sensors completely disappear for the driver.
  3. Wireless. They collect and report data wirelessly.
  4. Chamber. They are more expensive, but they are the most functional and reliable, as they are equipped with a video camera, which gives the screen a real picture. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% located near the car obstacles.

Each car owner should know the basic rules that will tell you how to choose parking sensors, taking into account its features and nature of the application. Using all these tips and expert recommendations, any driver will be able to make in 2018 the only correct and optimal choice, which he will always be satisfied with later. This will allow him to delicately park his car every time, without fear of unforeseen collisions and damage.