Drunk drivers will have to buy their cars from the penalty

Пьяным водителям придется выкупать свое авто со штрафстоянок The State Duma continues to prove to the people that problem with drunk drivers is relevant to her. Legislators, at their first consideration, approved a draft law, under which a detainee for drunk driving the driver is obliged to pay a deposit for his car in the amount of the currently established penalty for this offense. We are talking about the sum of thirty thousand rubles - it is on so much for the first time that the driver “exhausts” according to the current legislation, exuding fuming aromas when being detained. ”Pledge during detention"- this is a new term that will be legalized in the Code of Administrative Offenses, now this definition in the legislation does not exist. The police station whose employees made detention of a drunk driver. That is, it is here in the course of resolving the issue of an administrative offense that a sober driver will be obliged to bring collateral funds for his four-wheel horse. Before this moment, he will not receive his car. Accordingly, the driver will have to hurry, because his vehicle will, while he is thinking, stay on paid car parkand when the deposit is secured, the driver will have to pay an additional fee for these services. Пьяным водителям придется выкупать свое авто со штрафстоянок An explanatory note accompanying the new bill states that the government takes such a forced measure of “social protection” only because the previous form of punishment in the form of a fine is ignored by two thirds of the fined drivers. Only thirty percent pay a free check. In other words, drivers put the device on written out fines, and often continue to continue to pose a heightened danger to others, using fever over the wheel. However, do not think that payment of security тут же станет основанием для закрытия дела об административном правонарушении. Этого, разумеется, не произойдет. Водитель, внеся залоговые денежные средства, приобретает за них только право забрать свою машину с платной стоянки. А все, что решит суд, ему придется оплачивать дополнительно, те же штрафы за drunk driving и т.п. вплоть до лишения водительских прав, все зависит, в какой по счету раз он попался и какие последствия это повлекло для участников дорожного движения. Пьяным водителям придется выкупать свое авто со штрафстоянок Deputies are confident that this law will be an effective preventive tool for drivers, who, after taking to the chest, are tempted to drive around the neighborhood. The fact that the law will pass without problems and the remaining two readings and will become the norm for compulsory execution, the legislators have no doubts. But will this make it safer on the roads? After all, alcoholism is a disease that is primarily characterized by the fact that a glass drunk by a patient simply turns off his brain. A person with a disabled brain does not care about any laws. Enough to drink ryumashku.

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