The impressive size and specifications of the ford f650 are

The American company Ford has released a unique car model F650, which was supposed to be used in the field of construction. This American giant, differing in its dimensions, was created for work on towing, as well as the transportation of medium weight cargo. Specifications Ford F650 allow him to perfectly cope with the tasks.

Ford f650 photo

In addition to its direct functions, the car copes well with conventional transportation. This model has long been chosen by large families who often like to go out of town. Ford F650 is also in demand among tall and big guys due to its powerful appearance and rather big dimensions.

Ford F650 Sizes

To understand why this car has gained such great popularity, consider its size. The length of the car reaches 7.7 meters, which already speaks about the considerable size of the car. The width of the Ford F650 (characteristics) is 2.4 meters. And the weight of the car is 12 tons. Awesome! The height of the car is also amazing, like many other brands of American cars. Those who have seen the car, in one voice assure that the height reaches more than two meters.

Engine Specs

This truck can be equipped with several types of engines operating on different fuels. Consider the characteristics of each of them. First of all, let's talk about the gasoline engine. Its volume is 7.2 liters. Engine power reaches 350 liters. with. Torque is 420 Nm. The engine is ten-cylinder. The parameters are impressive.

There are also models of the Ford F650 that run on gas. Among the technical characteristics of the Ford F650 can distinguish engine capacity of 6.8 liters, engine capacity of 362 liters. with. The engine is also a ten-cylinder.

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Specifications ford f650

Engine Cummins, working on diesel fuel, has the following characteristics: engine capacity 6.7-6.8 liters. Engine power is 200 liters, respectively. with. and 362 liters. with. In the first variant, a six-cylinder engine is used, and in the second - a ten-cylinder engine.

On each cylinder of the engine there are three valves. The engine is quite powerful, which significantly increases its reliability and confidence in the car owners of this miracle. Also, the engine is equipped with a special package with additional options that successfully convert power to gas, as well as start the engine along with valves - intake and exhaust.

Ford F650 Specs

The diesel engine also has many innovations that significantly improve its performance. This is an electronic control, as well as a high-pressure fuel injection system. Also, this turbo engine is equipped with a unique turbo pump. Powerful engine with low weight allows economical use of fuel.

Transmission Specifications Ford F650

If we talk about the transmission of cars, then its performance is also impressive. Ford F650 (photo) is easy to drive and ride. Each of the models of this car has a six-speed automatic transmission. Shock absorbers are built into the car seats. Also, the machine is equipped with a pneumatic suspension.

The brake system is represented by front and rear disc mechanisms, as well as a mountain brake. At the top of the car console are sensors for monitoring the temperature of the transmission, suspension control, mountain brake button, voltmeter, and other devices.

Specifications ford f650

Transmission in the car Ford F650 (the photo shows how the automatic looks) can be both manual and automatic. Automatic transmission cars are designed in such a way that reduces technical costs. In those models where the diesel engine is installed, there is a 6-speed automatic transmission. When using a mechanical box can increase the maneuverability of the machine.

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Fuel tanks for cars with a diesel engine are made in different variations. A filter used in the purification of exhaust gases, this is the latest development. The filter is also unique in that it requires minimal driver attention. It cleans itself and works automatically, successfully purifying gases from soot using special catalytic reactions.

Ford F650 Specs

Configuration options Ford F650 (photo that commands respect) is quite a lot. Each of them has its own individual technical characteristics, but in general, the indicators described above are typical for the entire F650 line.

A small video about this rather big car :)