Uaz patriot 2015: an improved version of the domestic suv

Off-road vehicles manufactured at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant are becoming more and more popular on the domestic market. And although the modern market is currently in a stagnant state, and the Ulyanovsk VAZ is experiencing serious difficulties, UAZ Patriot has already found its ardent admirers. Therefore, the release of the updated UAZ Patriot 2015 SUV has become an important event for both workers and motorists.

Car Design UAZ Patriot 2015

On 10/01/2014, the acceptance of applications for an improved version of the Russian SUV has been announced UAZ Patriot 2015. And from November, the sale of a novelty will begin, surpassing its predecessor in many ways.

It should be noted that in the conditions of the current situation prevailing in the domestic automobile plant, one can hardly expect any major changes in the structure of the car. It was originally planned to carry out a number of updates aimed at a point modernization of the SUV, as well as the qualitative improvement of key components and assemblies of the previous version. At the same time, the main emphasis of the new Patriot model is on updating the appearance, but improvements can also be noted regarding other vehicle characteristics.

Exterior Features

We did not have time to recover from the last update of the UAZ Patriot car design, as we again have to reconcile with the changes. The appearance of the updated SUV has changed noticeably, revealing itself in the finds of modern design style. The exterior of the car has become more stylish and even noble, so now the updated Patriot is ready to compete on equal terms with many modern crossovers that have flooded the domestic market. It is noticeable that the designers tried to embody in the car the preferences and tastes of completely different customers and at the same time approached the needs of the urban consumer.

UAZ Patriot 2015

If we talk about the transformations in more detail, then immediately you can select the updated bumper grille of an interesting configuration and fancy shape of the head optics of the car. Performing these elements, the designers tried to use broken lines, which, in general, very successfully joined the style of the updated SUV. New two-projection headlamps are synthesized with turn indicators and strips of LED daytime running lights. The most important feature was the change concerning the fastenings of both bumpers, which in the new version are mounted to the car body, and not to the frame, as before, which allows to avoid large gaps that have damaged the exterior of the current version of the SUV.

It should be noted and taillights, which interestingly go to the side areas of the car body. Among the improvements include folding side mirrors, side step, which does not reduce ground clearance (ground clearance), and becomes more comfortable for boarding and disembarking passengers. The position of the spare wheel has not changed, but now a new plastic case has been invented for it. I would like the rear bumper to become more massive in the new version, but its homeliness does not affect the functional purpose and appearance of the car as a whole.

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At first glance, the new model SUV leaves the impression of a high-quality, good-quality and stylish domestic product that can compete in the conditions of the modern market with both its predecessor and other SUV models. Although, of course, it is impossible not to notice some of the drawbacks in the assembly of body panels: the gaps are still large, although it is already smaller than in the earlier version. But the quality of painting of the new “Ulyanovsk brainchild” has noticeably improved, bringing it closer to foreign standards. Progress in this regard was facilitated by the installation of new European equipment for the implementation of car body painting, as previously announced by the administration of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. It is obvious that the investment has affected the quality of products in the best possible way.

Salon UAZ Patriot 2015

Upgrading the body occurred at the technical level. The supports in the back of the new version of the car have become more rigid, which contributes to the reduction of fluctuations during sharp maneuvering. In the updated version appeared glued glazing, which significantly increases the aesthetic level of the car, and in addition, improves the sound and thermal insulation of an SUV.

As for the external dimensions of the car UAZ Patriot 2015, they have changed little:

  • The length of the car - 4750 mm (not including the spare wheel cover) or 4785 mm with the cover;
  • Width - 1900 mm;
  • The height was 1910 mm (or 2005 mm, considering the antenna in the active state);
  • The wheelbase of the SUV is equal to 2760 mm.

The minimum distance between the bottom of the car and the road surface lies beneath the rear axle housing, here ground clearance (clearance) is located at 210 mm. The total mass of the UAZ is determined by the type of engine installed and can range from 2,125 to 2,165 kg.

Interior design

Assessing the SUV with a cursory glance, you can summarize that the interior has not changed at all, however, sitting on the driver's seat, you can find a number of transformations. The key advantage of the restyled version of the SUV is to install a new dashboard with an onboard computer screen. On the center console is an impressive seven-inch display with navigation, and under it - control buttons trip computer. Next are the control panels for ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. The spacious cabin warms up pretty quickly due to the four ventilation systems located on the front of the car. The salon is equipped with new LED lighting, which is a new, modern trend in the design of salons.

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New UAZ Patriot 2015 Photo Salon

Instead of Korean chairs, domestic-made seats appeared, accompanied by a large range of adjustments, good support for the lumbar area and an improved profile. The back of the sofa has moved back by as much as 80 mm, thereby expanding the space for passengers in the second row. In addition, now in the car you can have a good rest: the backs of the front row chairs, expanding, together with the sofa, form two beautiful berths. You can also note the updated trunk curtain with a more rigid solution edging. The space of the luggage compartment itself has not changed: it can hold about 700 liters of cargo. In addition, for the convenience of trips out of town, the developers have provided a twelve-volt outlet inside the trunk.

Technical specifications

The number of power units in UAZ Patriot 2015 model year remained the same. Under the hood of the car are gasoline and diesel engines of Russian production. The petrol engine is a four-cylinder unit (ZMZ-40905) with a working volume of 2.7 liters and a capacity of 128 horses. forces at speeds up to 4600 revolutions per minute. The gasoline engine allows the SUV to accelerate to a speed of 100 km per hour in 20 seconds, and the maximum speed is 150 km per hour.

As for the diesel engine, this unit has changed somewhat in order to increase the growth of its performance at low revs. The working volume of the four-cylinder turbodiesel engine (ZMZ-51432) is 2.2 l. The unit is equipped with a Common Rail fuel injection system and a modern Bosch turbine. Its power is 114 horses. forces Peak torque reaches 270 Nm with the development of speed in the interval from 1800 to 2800 rev / min. The diesel unit allows the car to accelerate to a speed of 100 km per hour for 22 seconds, and the maximum speedy acceleration can reach 135 km per hour.

Car UAZ Patriot 2015 Russia

Both engines are equipped with a 5-speed gearbox. At the same time, the main gearbox pair has different ratios: for a gasoline engine - 4.11, and for a diesel engine - 4.625. In the first case, fuel consumption in the combined cycle is approximately 11.5 liters (with an average speed of 90 km per hour). The diesel engine is somewhat more economical: the flow rate under the same conditions will be approximately 9.5 liters.

The chassis of the updated SUV has not changed. The car uses the old spring suspension in front and spring - on the rear levers. Meanwhile, the current version is distinguished by the installation of two anti-roll bars in front and behind, which ensures a minimal reduction in body roll when cornering. To improve the comfort of passengers when moving, the developers reconfigured the suspension of the car. It also contributed to the improvement of the performance of an SUV on urban roads.

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Как и его предшественник, новый UAZ Patriot 2015 оснащён полным приводом Part-Time, который жёстко подключает переднюю ось посредством двухступенчатой раздаточной коробки Dymos, снабжённой электрическим приводом управления. Вместе с тем налицо весьма значимое преимущество новой версии: теперь внедорожник будет дополняться необслуживаемыми карданными валами. Отныне отпала необходимость смазывать их через каждые 10 тысяч пройденных километров.

The updated SUV includes ventilated disc brakes on the front wheels and traditional drum - on the rear. In addition, the braking system is supplemented by a mechanical drive of the parking brake, an overseas vacuum booster, as well as an ABS + EBD system in higher-level trim levels. Rack and pinion steering gear is equipped with a power steering.

UAZ Patriot 2015 engine


Three complete sets of UAZ Patriot 2015 new model year are available:

  1. «Classic»
  2. «Comfort»
  3. «Limited».

Advantages and disadvantages

The obvious advantages of the updated version include its off-road capabilities. UAZ Patriot 2015 is able to easily overcome the ford with a depth of 500 mm, as well as storm obstacles with an entry angle of up to 35 degrees. In addition, the big advantage is the relative availability and simplicity in the maintenance of the machine. You should also highlight such advantages as:

  • fuel efficiency;
  • improved quality of finishing materials;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers.

The disadvantages include low engine power and poor dynamics. Even if we take into account that the main purpose of the car is to conquer off-road spaces, it should be noted that very low speed performance.

Price indicator also can not be attributed to the benefits of an SUV. So UAZ Patriot 2015 with a gasoline engine costs from 649,000 to 749990 rubles (depending on the configuration). The cost of the Ulyanovsk SUV with a diesel engine ranges from 719990 to 819990 rubles (also taking into account the configuration).

Well, what a review of a car can be without a video with its test drive. We learn about the UAZ Patriot 2014 in life: