Uzbeks decided on how much will cost ravon nexia r3

Узбеки определились с тем, сколько будет стоить Ravon Nexia R3

At the beginning of this month in the capital of our country, Uzbek automakers presented a new brand, like the mythological Phoenix, revived on the ashes of Uz-Daewoo. Of course, this is Ravon, with his new models, which, in fact, are well-known old Daewoo and Chevrolet, but have survived designer facelifting and some technical re-equipment. At the official presentation of the brand Ravon several cars were announced. it Ravon Nexia R3, Ravon R2 and Ravon R4. On the first of them, the new generation Nexia, prices were announced yesterday, more precisely, the price range. The lower limit of it stands at 379, and the upper - 529 thousand rubles. After voicing the prices, the Uzbeks did not say when they would finally sell ravon nexia r3.

Ravon Nexia R3 very cool similar to the Chevrolet Aveo 2008 release. And in fact, probably, it is. At length, the body of the novelty extends to 4 m 33 cm, and in breadth - by - 1 m 69 cm. The upper point of the body rises one and a half meters above the road horizon. The distance between the axles, that is, the wheelbase, is 2 m 48 cm. Узбеки определились с тем, сколько будет стоить Ravon Nexia R3 New Ravon Nexia R3 will be available in the "comfort" (Comfort), "optimal" (Optimum) and "elegant" (Elegant) configurations, the latter two will receive, in addition to the mechanical transmission, the ability to install an automatic box. For generations of Nexia, the machine is new.

In the basic configuration, you will have to pump up your hands in order to easily cope with the steering wheel, so there is no power steering provided there, and in the hot summer to keep the windows wide open, since the air conditioner is also not observed. In this sense, the name of this configuration, officially sounding like "Comfortable" looks very ironic. But you can remotely open the trunk. But there is a front and rear fog and 14-inch casting. Side mirrors are not heated and do not have adjustment drives. The optimal equipment boasts the presence of a single key for the door and starter, but GUR is also not provided in it. GUR appears in the top, "elegant" complete set of Ravon Nexia R3. There is a trunk light, four-column radio, a single key has already been said. Узбеки определились с тем, сколько будет стоить Ravon Nexia R3 Under the hood of the Ravon Nexia R3 There is a 16-valve polutoralitrovy petrol. Its power is equal to 108 horsepower, the exhaust corresponds to the fifth European standard. A mechanical five-prong or six-band automatic is available as a transmission. In the gas tank, you can pour forty-five liters of fuel. The trunk can hold 220 liters of air. If you fold the rear row of seats, we get 980-liter space, but the possibility of folding the rear passenger seats in Ravon Nexia R3 specifications not specified. If you set a goal, then after 11.9 seconds speedometer Ravon Nexia R3 the mark of 100 km per hour will be overcome; in the conditions of the city, the engine eats up to eight liters of gasoline per hundred.

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Hopefully, in Ravon Nexia R3 took care of ABS and airbags. There is no confirmed information about this yet.