Fine for child seat

According to official statistics, the cause of death in 80% of children in a major accident is the neglect of safety rules by parents. Simply put, there were no special restraints in the car or the child was not simply fastened. The penalty for the absence of a child seat was introduced at the beginning of 2007, and it was only because of the amendments introduced not so long ago that the punishment for violators increased to a very tangible size.


  • 1 Nuances of legislation
  • 2 Classification of retention mechanisms
  • 3 What to do if you write a fine
  • 4 Situation from different sides
  • 5 To summarize

Nuances of legislation

Until September 2013, the penalty for the lack of the necessary restraint was equal to the recovery for non-use of seat belts and amounted to 500 rubles. It was then that the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation was amended and a separate article was added, which establishes non-compliance with the required safety rules for transporting children in a car a fine of 3,000 rubles.

what is the penalty for the absence of a child seat in Russia

Innovations include the following provisions:

  • Transportation of children under the age of 12 years, rising to 1.5 meters in the front seat is carried out only when using a special car seat.
  • When transported in the back seat, the child must be secured with a seat belt.

It should be said that absolutely all vehicles have additional mechanisms for fastening seat belts.

If the car is old or there are objective reasons for the absence of seat belts, it is strictly forbidden to transport children in such conditions anyway.

Classification of retention mechanisms

Depending on the weight and height of the child, the car seats can belong to one of 5 groups. The smallest copies are suitable for babies up to 9 months with a maximum weight of 10 kg. In this case, the largest models are able to hold children 12 years old, weighing 36 kg. and rising to 150 cm

how much to pay the penalty for the lack of a child seat

Options for child seats in the car

The young passenger should feel comfortable in the seat and at the same time be securely fixed enough.

Not every family can afford to buy a car seat. The reason lies in the considerable cost of equipment or the car simply does not have free space to install it. In such conditions, an alternative option is any other restraint device that meets the requirements of GOST.

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According to these rules, this mechanism necessarily consists of fasteners, flexible elements with special buckles of regulating mechanisms, and additional devices (baby cradle or anti-shock screen). The design of the device must be securely fastened in the car.

what is the penalty for the lack of a child seat

Types of baby car seats

The main goal is to minimize the risk of injury to the child in the event of an accident or with sudden braking, limiting his mobility.

Therefore, during the transportation of the baby in the back seat, it is possible to use an additional pad that is attached to the seat belt or to seat the child in the booster. Such actions will save you from paying a fine, however, they will not be able to help in case of an emergency.

What to do if you write a fine

It is best to pay it as soon as possible. Depositing funds must be completed within 60 days from the date of commencement of the administrative collection decision. Entry into force takes place on the tenth day after the day of removal.

Anyone who does not agree with such a decision of law enforcement agencies has the right to challenge the recovery through the courts. In fact, if the inspector mistakenly wrote out a fine, then the probability of cancellation of the penalty is quite high. Moreover, if there was a violation, it is almost impossible to win the case.

where they pay a fine for the absence of a child seat

Check traffic police

There may be a situation when the penalty is written out to the taxi driver and the owner of the fleet is trying with all its might to shift the responsibility for the payment to the passenger.

To avoid such troubles, one should clarify when ordering a car that during transportation a child restraint device is required.

The situation from different sides

Care for the safety of children is definitely necessary. However, in this issue there are many problems and contradictions. Sometimes it is simply impossible to transport a child using a child car seat. This may be a situation where a small passenger has not yet learned to sit, has cerebral palsy or as a result of other physiological features cannot be located in a child seat.

Today in Russia there is no single procedure for bringing to responsibility the drivers who regularly commit this offense.

how much is now fine for a child seat

Prohibited version of the transportation of children in the car

The penalty for a child seat in fact can write out any traffic policeman. Even if only a couple of hours ago, the owner of the car already received a similar fine. There is an absurd situation. In order to avoid reinstatement, it is necessary to leave the child on the side of the road, go for a child seat or other restraint device and only after that sit the child in the car. Of course, no one would agree to perform such a procedure.

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It should be noted that on the road there are also unscrupulous car enthusiasts. In order to save money, they deliberately neglect the safety of their children, while trying in every way to avoid responsibility.

To date, the traffic rules of the Russian Federation does not oblige parents to have a birth certificate of a child with them for presentation to the inspector.

who is fined for a child seat

How to install a child car seat

This gap is often used by motorists whose children look older than 12 years old, although in fact they have not yet reached this age. They deliberately deceive the inspector, claiming that their child can travel by law without the use of restraints.

Let's sum up

According to the majority of experts, the actions to increase the penalty for the absence of a holding agent are absolutely correct. They argue that this change will be able to protect young passengers from a variety of injuries and deaths. Also, thanks to innovations, it will be possible to educate a generation that will be responsive to compliance with the traffic rules.

It is worth noting that the amount of the fine for this offense corresponds to the cost of inexpensive models of the restraint mechanism.

Therefore, it is much easier once to take care of the safety of your child and save yourself from having to regularly spend time, nerves and finances to pay fines.