Why do we need a corrugation of the muffler and how to

When servicing a car, it is necessary to diagnose problems in time or to prevent breakdowns in various systems. For example, the exhaust system affects not only the environmental parameters, but also determines the level of vibration and is associated with traction characteristics.

The main damage to it is due to burnout or negative mechanical effects. For example, when driving off-road, the driver can cling to a silencer about bumps in the road. Also in winter there are raids on ice pieces, which may even break off the muffler attachment or cause other damage. And after such events some repair may be required, for example, replacement of the corrugations of the muffler.


  • 1 The role of the flutes in the exhaust system of the car
  • 2 Causes of a malfunction
  • 3 Replacing the corrugations

The role of the corrugations in the exhaust system of the car

Some experts call the corrugation the bellows. In the exhaust system (BC), it is most often located on the exhaust pipe after the installed catalyst. Its function is to reduce vibrations in the car that occur during exhaust. Due to its work, the resonance is not transmitted to the car body.

Why do you need a corrugation muffler in the car

Kit to replace the corrugations of the muffler

It also saves from frequent breakdowns of the exhaust system parts. The wear of the entire aircraft during the exhaust stroke of the engine is prevented. The motor receives one of the degrees of freedom for small longitudinal displacements.

In fact, this node is an elastic link that ensures comfortable operation of the car, which is what the corrugation of the muffler of the car is for.

how much is the replacement of the corrugations of the muffler

The location and the actual working conditions of the element of the aircraft imply its repair or replacement in two main cases:

  1. When there was a hit on some kind of obstacle sticking out above the allowable clearance.
  2. After a significant number of heating / cooling cycles and physical wear.

The interval between the replacement or repair of corrugations may depend only on the degree of damage to the element.

The design is three-and two-layer. Corrugation is not always installed in a single copy. Some brands of cars have two pieces each installed in the aircraft at the same time. A couple can most often be found in V-shaped "sixes".

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Causes of malfunction

The site has a limited number of standard breakdowns. As a rule, there is a rupture of the connecting elements in the corrugation after mechanical effects or from old age, and there is also a partial transmission of exhaust gases. In such a situation, you will need to replace the muffler corrugations with your own hands.

how to repair the corrugations of the muffler

Inoperative Corrugation

However, there are several reasons due to which such node failures occur:

  • catalyst breakdown, due to which the pressure and temperature in the area of ​​the corrugations increases;
  • poor quality of the suspension of the muffler, which leads to a limited range of movement of such a flexible node;
  • damage from substandard roads;
  • low-skilled assembly of the vehicle;
  • interaction with road chemistry in the winter;
  • additional additives that allow you to change the octane fuel.
how to repair the corrugations of the muffler

An example of installing two bumps in the car

The driver can independently understand that in the car it is necessary to repair the corrugations of the muffler. This is evidenced by the presence of extraneous noise in the engine compartment. Also, the absolute destruction of the corrugations sometimes occurs with a loud sound. A less significant, but also truthful sign is the presence of a certain amount of exhaust gases in the car.

A more experienced driver will notice a decrease in vehicle power.

This factor happens due to the malfunction of the oxygen sensor, which is built into the exhaust system. One of the listed signs is already enough to inquire about the state of this element of the Armed Forces.

Replacing the corrugations

In modern cars, corrugations do not repair. This is due to the design of the element. Only a complete replacement of the node with a new one is carried out.

how to replace the corrugations of the muffler

Replacement of corrugations of the muffler

When choosing a corrugation in the store, you need to take into account small features:

  • total diameter of the product;
  • number of working layers;
  • the assembly length of the element;
  • the presence and number of protective layers;
  • the company that produced the spare part.

From practice it is known that too cheap elements of the Armed Forces do not work out a full resource.

The price is affected by all the listed characteristics. For diesel power plants, the quality of the corrugations should be higher. This is due to the greater vibration of diesel engines.

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The repair process consists of cutting out a piece of old corrugations and welding a new element into the system. You will need to unscrew the fasteners on the exhaust manifold and the secondary pipe. For beginners, this lesson can be almost overwhelming.

After all, the oxidation, high temperature, “welded” nuts to the bolts, and a small space for maneuver will make disassembly a very inconvenient procedure. Welding in such a place will require a specialist with medium or high qualification.