What to choose: nissan qashqai, subaru xv and kia sportage


Seven years ago, Nissan sales were incredible. It seemed that "Qashqai" just blew up the market. It was he who became the ancestor of all compact crossovers. Many cars belonging to this class appeared a little later. Their manufacturers tried to keep up with Qashqai in terms of sales, but not all succeeded. And Nissan Qashqai still held a leading position in all the tops. And even in 2013, when the generational change was planned, the car, as before, had an incredible demand. A comparative review conducted by our experts is aimed at identifying the reasons for such popularity.

That's why we will consider today this car, which came to taste of many. And his rivals in the test will be Kia Sportage and Subaru XV.

Nissan Qashqai car compared with Kia Sportage and Subaru XV

Nissan Qashqai car compared with Kia Sportage and Subaru XV

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First meeting or reconnaissance

Like other cars, the Nissan equipment may be different and depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer. But oddly enough, even in the initial version Qashqai has all the necessary options.

The Russians are accustomed to a car with a two-liter gasoline engine, so the greatest demand is observed just for this option. Although Nissan is found with a 1.2-liter gasoline, and with a 1.6-liter diesel engine.

Nissan Qashqai car

Nissan Qashqai car

In addition, for some reason, residents of our country are “afraid” of manual transmissions, bypassing them. In their opinion, this is an undignified option.

The second generation Qashqai debuted in January of this year. Car design involved in Europe. Nevertheless, it was led by the famous Japanese chief designer Shiro Nakamura. In principle, the design remained almost the same as it was before. However, the interior has become richer, getting rid of the previous modesty. Now the interior is decorated with such materials that for the previous version of Qashqai and never dreamed of. Also pleased with the machine speed variator. It works smoothly, without noticeable violations.

At first glance, it seems that the car has become a bit larger. But it increased quite a bit. After all, its height, width and length are almost the same in size as those of its rivals. It seems so voluminous due to the original design.

It seems that the Nissan Qashqai has no flaws at all. Unless, the seats are not very comfortable: they lack a pronounced lumbar support. Tilting the back seems too aggressive, so you have to stoop along the way. Because of this, you need to stop every 1-2 hours to breathe. And there is not enough space for the knees. The driver feels quite constrained here, but this should not be.

The second generation of the "Sporteydzha" debuted in 2010. But in the spring of 2014 there were updated versions of this car. It is a pity that they have not reached Russia yet.

Kia Sportage car

Kia Sportage car

Despite the fact that it first appeared quite a long time ago, its design looks fresh and elegant. However, the automatic transmission is rather slow. Because of this, many people switch to manual switching mode.

It is possible to block the multi-plate clutch drive rear wheels.

The appearance of the car remained almost the same as it was before. However, Kia Sportage still belongs to the most attractive cars of this class.

And, although the changes have hardly touched the design, it cannot be called obsolete. Everything looks stylish and discreet. Armchairs are very comfortable: at least they are much more comfortable than Nissan armchairs. There are not enough options for their adjustment, and everything is very good.

The second generation Subaru XV also appeared in 2010. In January, sales of the updated versions started, but, alas, in Russia the diesel variants did not appear.

Subaru XV car

Subaru XV car

Box variator machine does not work as smoothly as Kashkai. The interior is rather meager. The design does not cause the proper effect. And the equipment of the car can not be called the best. Due to this simplicity, all devices are very convenient to use.

The car looks quite menacing, which is further emphasized by its angular design. In general, the changes affected mainly only the suspension, but the interior remained the same. Trim leaves much to be desired, because it used a rather rough plastic.

At the same time, ergonomics is at a high level, delighting all owners of such a car. Here, everything is in its place, due to which the driver feels very comfortable while driving. To further improve the acoustics in the car, to raise the sound insulation to the proper level, and the Subarre would not be priced at all. But let the manufacturers think about this.

And, although the size of the car is not small, in comparison with rivals, it is quite closely. Passengers do not have a proper sense of comfort here.

In general, the car for 1.3 million rubles remains to be desired.

Engine comparison

On the impact of all three tested similar motors Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, however, they differ slightly in the functions they perform.

car modelNissan QashqaiSubaru XVKia Sportage
Acceleration time, with10,510,711,7
Maximum speed, km / h182187174
Turning radius5,55,35,3
engine's typePetrolPetrolPetrol
Tire size225 / 45R19225/55235/55R18
Working volume, cm3199719951999
GearboxAs tinplateCVI66AKPP
Transmission typeAll-wheel driveAll-wheel driveAll-wheel drive
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km9,6/6,0/7,310,5/6,5/7,911,2/6,7/8,4
Weight, kg152214151655
Power, l. with.144150150

Sporteydzh according to the documents has 150 liters. with. But in fact, this figure is much lower, since the car does not do its job well. To accelerate quickly from average speeds for this car is a difficult task. Up to a hundred should accelerate in 11.7 s, but in reality in 13 seconds, if not more. Although, none of the compared machines confirmed the declared acceleration time.

Subaru XV showed a slightly better result. The engine also has a capacity of 150 liters. with. Start - cheerful, easy, smooth. It accelerates from medium to high speed longer than its rivals. To overtake the car going ahead, the driver can, only having made certain efforts for this.

Nevertheless, the car consumes less fuel than the Kia - 10.5 liters per hundred.

On paper at Kashkai - only 144 liters. with. This is not enough when compared with the "paper" power of other cars. Therefore, if you believe the passport data, the Nissan noticeably loses its rivals in power. However, the car showed much better results, hitting everyone with its dynamics. The speed shifter is also good. Fuel consumption is the lowest - 9.6 l / 100 km in city conditions. But his opponents eat at the same distance almost a liter more.


Riding in Qashqai is a pleasure! At the same time, the car pleased not only on the direct route. He coped well with zigzag roads.

But Kashkai has the toughest wheels, which makes it very noisy while driving. This buzz can be heard in the car, bringing discomfort to the driver and passengers. Even soundproofing does not save. But the unpleasant hum of the engine is not heard in the cabin. Although, frankly, the insulation of the new Nissan is much better than its ancestor.

Test drive car Nissan Qashqai:

On bumps, the car jumps off the trajectory, but on a less uneven road it is much easier to drive.

On the Sportage, the wheels are slightly smaller. However, they are also less rigid. However, with the slightest irregularities in the cabin felt noticeable shaking. In general, the dynamics of this car seemed very sluggish. Yes, and driving off-road on the Sportage is not comfortable. This is due to the short-stroke suspension and insufficient engine load.

The car deserves praise except because of its stability on urban roads. That is, on sections of the road where the Nissan slows down a bit, the Sportage rides without any problems.

Test drive car Kia Sportage:

And finally, Subaru - this is also not the most comfortable car. The engine roars like mad, and the noise reaches even the salon. Due to the small diameter wheels in the cabin there is a noticeable shaking. That's why the car and called the noisiest of all three. Nevertheless, the suspension remarkably holds any blows, so even the biggest pit of the car does not care.

Test drive car Subaru XV:

And now let's take a closer look at the possibilities of each of the three cars on a dirt road. Immediately it is worth noting that the test machines are able to cope only with roads leading to the dacha plots. But on the real off-road on them should not be thrust. They are not mastodons, not real SUVs.

Each of the three representatives of the class of crossovers is equipped with a transmission with multi-plate clutch. In this case, the Nissan and Sportage can be blocked. The architecture of the suspension is also similar in all machines. Outside the asphalt on the "Sportage" you can go as fast as on it. Here you should not be afraid that with the slightest unevenness the car will receive a heavy shock. But Qashqai ride along a country road is not at all easy. In this case, you have to work more wheel. And, although the chassis can withstand a lot, the driver instinctively begins to feel sorry for his car.

Subaru XV on the ground behaves quite fervently and actively. I am glad that its management does not cause noticeable discomfort. In this case, the car goes much louder than the Sportage, but quieter than the Nissan. But this is only about the work of the suspension. But the fraction of stones in this car is very audible.

Thus, the Nissan wins. Externally, the beautiful crossover combines more important characteristics: maneuverability, speed, the ability to drive off-road, excellent sound insulation. But his rivals coped well with the passage of our test drive.

Nissan Qashqai takes the lead

Nissan Qashqai takes the lead

In conclusion, we give the assessment of our experts. Nissan Qashqai gets a well-deserved 8.11 points, showing elegant equipment, vigorous and not weak engine and a smart variator. Next is Kia with 7.88 points. The car showed a stable ride on a straight road, it has a spacious trunk and an abundance of various modifications. Finally, Subaru received 7.83 points, showing excellent visibility, impressive ground clearance and gambling handling.