Citroen c4 cactus - a modern and futuristic crossover

Recently was introduced to the serial compact crossover of the famous French brand Citroen, it is distinguished by its non-standard design and the original name - Cactus. Citroen called their new crossover that way, it was no coincidence that they wanted to emphasize the uniqueness of the model, which is not very different from the concept, which was presented in 2013 in Frankfurt.

citroen c4 cactus 2014

The most important difference of the new crossover Citroen C4 Cactus from other Citroen cars - this is a new and unusual futuristic appearance of the car. But representatives of the company claim that many elements of Cactus design will be used in other Citroen cars, which will appear soon. Crossover Cactus attracts attention due to its design, which is very similar to the conceptual version of the car, so the company hopes that the Citroen C4 Cactus will create strong competition to other compact crossovers in the automotive market. The crossover segment is considered very important and promising in many countries of the world.

Citroen company representatives claim that their car will be able to offer its potential buyers an original design, a high level of comfort and the availability of modern technologies in the car.

The dimensions of the C4 Cactus crossover are the same as on the C4 hatchback, but initially the Cactus was created based on the Citroen C3. In general, the new crossover successfully placed in itself a modern technological interior, which uses 2 LCD displays instead of a huge number of unnecessary buttons, and a powerful appearance. Despite the frivolous name “Cactus”, this crossover is not at all like a green plant, but still, thanks to its appearance and interior design, it tunes in to a calm and relaxed ride.

If to compare with the C4 hatchback, then in the new C4 crossover the weight became 200 kg less, which allows Cactus to drive more briskly despite its “modest” 3-cylinder engine. Next we'll talk more about Specifications of Citroen C4 Cactuswhich may seem modest enough, but in reality the car behaves very briskly, accelerates quickly, it can turn into turns at great speed.

Futuristic exterior

citroen c4 cactus фото

As already mentioned above, the C4 Cactus is built on the Platform 1 platform, on the basis of which cars like the last generation Citroen C3 and Peugeot 208 are built. But the size of the C4 Cactus crossover is significantly larger than that of these machines:

  • length - 4160 mm .;
  • wheelbase length - 2600 mm .;
  • width - 1730 mm .;
  • height - 1480 mm .;
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If you look more closely at this car, it is impossible not to notice the unusual inserts, which are located on the side of the body. These are not just decorative elements, but these are Air Bump panels, they stand not only on the side parts of the body, but also on the bumpers. The structure of these elements is quite simple - these are air bags that are tightly inflated, they are intended to protect the car body in case of possible collisions. They will not stand a strong blow, but there will be no consequences for the body from light blows.

Citroen C4 Cactus Air Bump

Inside these pillows are special air capsules, which are designed to absorb the impact energy. Air Bump pillows can be ordered in different colors - black, gray, brown and light yellow.

Thanks to these cushions, the lowered roofline and the rounded outlines of the front, you can safely say that this car looks clearly original and this distinguishes it from the competition. But, as on many other cars of the class SUV, in C4 Cactus high landing, which was realized due to the large ground clearance.

Citroen C4 Cactus (фото further) it looks futuristic from the outside, but at the same time, its exterior design looks laconic, like in a modern car.

citroen c4 cactus

Characteristic elements of the design of the new crossover is the logo of Citroen, LED lighting in the form of strips. The C4 Cactus also looks modern, but more serious, and more like an SUV than a city SUV. This feeling arises due to the high ground clearance, which is equal to 185 mm, the rear spoiler, original lining on the bumper and unusual wheels that were specifically designed for this model. Even the roof in this crossover is panoramic and it is made of durable glass that protects against ultraviolet radiation.

The weight of the car is very small - only 965 kg, such a good indicator of mass was obtained thanks to the optimization of all the main parts of the car. But despite such a good weight, the maximum speed of the car does not exceed 190 km / h.

Special interior design

Serial C4 Cactus even in the cabin is very similar to its conceptual version. The developers have made the salon as close as possible to the concept car, which was previously presented to the public. What is good interior of the car, so it is the fact that everything in the cabin is quite simple and all the elements are made in the style of minimalism.

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citroen c4 cactus 2014 saloon

But the differences between the conveyor car and the conceptual version are still there - in the serial Cactus there is another steering wheel, a multimedia display system, and air ducts are not the same as in the concept. The interior design has a number of its original elements - the robot box looks very non-standard, and its control is also non-standard, with the help of additional buttons, instead of separate seats in the rear of the cabin, a one-piece sofa is used, just like on Soviet cars. Also, the rear windows open unusually - like window vents.

citroen c4 cactus pane

Even the windshield wipers on the windshield are made in an original way, with nozzles installed on them. Instead of the standard instrument panel is a liquid crystal display, which is installed in the usual place - behind the steering wheel. In addition to the display, which stands instead of the dashboard, the car also has another touchscreen display, with a diagonal of 7 inches, with which you can control all the onboard systems, climate control, entertainment system and other things.

Also, there are many functions that can be controlled using the buttons on the steering wheel, which are located on the steering wheel spokes, and the steering wheel with 3 spokes looks stylish and original.

citroen c4 cactus saloon

Car interior can be made in different colors: Habana Highlight, Purple Highlight and Stone Gray. It is pleasant, comfortable to be in the cabin, there is enough free space both for the driver and passengers, and Citroen engineers worked on this to have enough space in the car for everyone. The legs of the passengers are placed, despite the fact that the Cactus C4 is considered a compact crossover. Even tall passengers will feel comfortable on the back of the couch, thanks to the straight roof and well-chosen height of the sofa.

Citroen C4 Cactus 2014 - This is a compact crossover, so it is not surprising that the trunk volume is not famous for its large size, its volume is 360 liters.


At first, the Cactus will be equipped with a modest 3-cylinder engine running on gasoline, its power is 82 liters. with.; and a more powerful 108 powerful turbocharged gasoline engine.

In time, diesel power units will appear, whose power is 91 and 99 liters. with. One of which is representative of the super-eco-friendly BlueHDI engines, it consumes only 3.1 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km of run, besides this, it ejects only 82 grams of CO2 per km into the atmosphere. run

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Citroen C4 Cactus Engine

No matter what kind of engine a car will be equipped with, its insulation is top notch, so you won't hear much noise in the cabin from the road and the engine. In order to immediately distinguish which engine is installed, gasoline or diesel, you need to look at the display, where information about engine speed is displayed, and it will immediately become clear what this car is driving.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Today, when the sale of Citroen C4 Cactus begins in Russia is not yet known. And the final decision was not made to supply this car to Russia, but over time this issue will be resolved.

Considering this car was not found serious flaws, the fact that the design of the exterior and interior is unusual, it can be regarded as a virtue and a disadvantage. But the fact that the car is different from bored urban crossovers is, of course, a plus.

Among the advantages can be noted that the car turned out comfortable and functional. Also, I want to see in the lineup of power units more powerful engines that will make this car really fast. On this occasion, the company Citroen assured that if the car will sell well, then the line of motors for Cactus will replenish more powerful engines.

While it is early to draw serious conclusions about this car, if it has flaws, then we will learn about them a year after the start of operation of the Cactus C4. But now the developers of this original compact crossover can safely put a high score for creativity and determination to make a serial car out of the concept without significant changes. The Citroen C4 Cactus even has its own philosophy - to give the owner maximum comfort, while fuel consumption and other maintenance costs are minimal.

Next, a video about the Cactus C4, how it behaves on the road: