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The market for used cars in recent years is becoming increasingly popular. In Russia, the buyer seeks, first of all, to become the owner of the car is not new, but in a good configuration and with good technical characteristics. An important role is played by the price. In this article, our experts will help you make a conscious choice of a used Daewoo Nexia, to consider all its advantages and disadvantages.

Car Daewoo Nexia

Car Daewoo Nexia

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A bit of history

The name of this car has long become a household name in our country, because the car has already mastered the Russian market since 1992. In the course of such a long history, the car experienced two upgrades, the last of which was conducted in 2008. And today we will talk about these models, so to speak, post-styling.

Experts and analysts associate the great popularity of Daewoo Nexia in our market with a sufficiently competitive value, which has always been the case. Otherwise, such demand for the Russian buyer in this car has nothing to explain. Since 1992, Daewoo Nexia is sold and quite successfully.

It is worth noting that the car turned out to be the heir to the Opel Cadet of the 1984 model. This car also sold well, despite the outdated design and construction, and not only at home, but also in the markets of Europe, including our country and Ukraine.

Car Daewoo Nexia: вид сбоку

Car Daewoo Nexia: вид сбоку

Уже в 1996 году в Ростове стали собирать собственные Дэу Нексия, так сказать, российские. Была организована крупноузловая сборка sedanов Нексия. Не прошло и года, как автомобили уже выпускаются на заводе в Узбекистане. Интересно, что себестоимость последних была заметно ниже, и они практически полностью вытеснили с рынка России двойников ростовского и даже корейского производства. И до сих пор в Узбекистане продолжается выпуск этих машин.

Noteworthy line of engines Daewoo Nexia 2009. Two engines: a 1.5-liter eight-valve and a 1.6-liter sixteen-valve from the Chevrolet Lacetti, developing a capacity of 109 l / s. At that time, there was no choice of transmission and only a 5-speed manual gearbox was installed on the Uzbek models.

Situation for today

Today, the construction of Daewoo Nexia has not changed. The front panel remained the same archaic, which could only be called fashionable in 1997, when she saw the light for the first time.

In the basic configuration comes 14-inch steel wheels and convenient locks of the gas tank and trunk, opened from the passenger compartment

Car Daewoo Nexia: вид сзади

Car Daewoo Nexia: вид сзади

You can now consider another version of the Daewoo Nexia - GLE. The modification has a CD-receiver, and as an additional option is offered power steering and air conditioning. As for the version of the GLE, here it is all given in the basic configuration. In addition, this version is also equipped with "foglights", central locking, antenna and electric drive of all four glasses.

Alloy wheels on Daewoo Nexia from the factory also do not go. They are usually ordered from dealers as an optional accessory or purchased independently.

What are the improvements and what is left

In the Russian market today there are very few basic modifications, but the presence of copies with the minimum necessary equipment, which increases comfort, on the contrary, is progressing.

Technical details
Car version:Daewoo Nexia 1.5Daewoo Nexia 1.6
Body Type:sedansedan
length / width / height, mm:4482/1662/13934482/1662/1393
Base, mm:25202520
Type of drive:frontfront
Trunk volume, l:530530
Volume of fuel tank, l:5050
Curb weight, kg:969/14041025/1530
Engine's type:petrolpetrol
Working volume, cm3:14941598
Max power, l / s:80109
Max cool moment:123150
Max speed:175185
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, with:12,511
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km highway / city:7,7/9,18,5/9,3


Now let's talk about the improvements that Daewoo Nexia engines have undergone. The 1.5-liter version with a capacity of 80 l / s has become noticeably safer. In part, the modernization of this power engine concerns the installation of an electronic module instead of a standard distributor. This step allowed to completely eliminate the problems with cold start the engine. In addition, this engine, as before, is not at all afraid of a broken timing belt, although in practice the valves can still bend if they meet with pistons and then have to be overhauled, after leaving 12,000 rubles. This fact proves once again that the replacement of the toothed belt should be carried out every 60 thousand km.

A water pump can also be a problem if you do not monitor its condition. Recall that this item is today about 1700 rubles. It is advisable to replace the pump after 120 thousand kilometers.

As for the other 1.6-liter engine, earlier, due to poor-quality fuel, the valve guides were quickly contaminated, causing them to jam. No obvious upgrades in this direction were made by the manufacturer and costly repairs are threatening today. It is noteworthy that this characteristic marriage is inherent in almost a third of all Daewoo Nexia cars with a 1.6-liter engine, produced and sold in Russia.

Tanks radiators of both engines also can not boast. They quickly flow from reagents, and the cost of a new tank is 6,500 rubles. In the risk group also falls and DMRV - mass air flow regulator, costing about 4,000 rubles.


As for the clutch assembly (3000 r), then on the Daewoo Nexia it withstands about 100 thousand km of run. The same term function SHRUS, worth 1200 rubles each.

The transmission is manual and it serves for a long time, if you act carefully and follow the rules of operation, but after 80 thousand kilometers the gears are not so easily activated. This problem will be solved by replacing the sleeves and thrust, which will cost 1200 rubles.


But it has become noticeably stronger suspension, especially the front, after the improvements carried out. Racks, if changed, will cost 900 rubles each, and bushings 350 rubles each. The price of Nexia shock absorbers is 2900 per side, the ball bearings will cost 1000 rubles, but all 100 thousand km will be supported.

Visible weak springs in the rear suspension. They cost 1500 rubles each.

Test drive car Daewoo Nexia:

Tips for those who want to buy a used Daewoo Nexia

We draw your attention to such moments characteristic of this car:

  • The body part of the Daewoo Nexia will quickly rust. Particularly corrosive lower parts of the door. The doors from Nexia are about 5,500 rubles.
  • Glass panes and rear wheel arches quickly change color.
  • Door lock mechanisms deteriorate quickly.
  • Side windows tilt in their guides and begin to seize.
  • Noteworthy rear suspension springs, for which you need an eye and an eye. Therefore, to overload the trunk Daewoo is not worth it.
  • On vehicles with high mileage, the gearshift lever rocker becomes loose.
  • CV joints can be durable if their anthers are not damaged.
  • Whatever year may be acquired Daewoo Nexia, you should replace the timing belt.
  • Daewoo Nexia engines digest 92nd gasoline well.
  • The passenger seat is still cramped behind, so it's not worth taking more than three people with you.

The advantages of buying Daewoo Nexia

  • Maintainability (virtually all parts of the Daewoo Nexia can be found in any part of our huge Federation);
  • Affordable price;
  • Excellent smoothness.

    Saloon car Daewoo Nexia

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  • Limited engine choices;
  • Bad insulation;
  • Cramped Salon;
  • The lack of an automatic transmission.

The great advantage of the Daewoo Nexia, in addition to the above advantages, is the trunk, which boasts a rather large capacity. If we add to this the low price of the machine itself and its spare parts, the choice of a used Daewoo Nexia can be called correct and rational.