Mercedes benz sls amg replaces mercedes mclaren (slr)

It all started back in 2001, when two companies, Mercedes and McLaren, decided to combine efforts to create such a mixture of sports and supercar that the world had not yet seen. The result of the creative union was the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren - the most controversial supercar on the planet. Controversial because they really don’t want to give him the title of a supercar, calling it a “super GT” or a sports car. However, sales of Mercedes McLaren were impressive, so that both companies were already preparing to repeat the success, when ...

slr and sls

It is still unknown what happened in those days. Just once at Mercedes, it was announced that the production of the McLaren model had been stopped, and the Mercedes SLS AMG introduced next year would become its ideological heir. By the way, in this way, Mercedes killed two birds with one stone - they created a more modern sports car and finally let it into the series, making production cheaper. Recall that the Mercedes McLaren, about which we have already written, was a hand-built car.

Mercedes SLS AMG price

Mercedes SLS is, in fact, the next generation of the McLaren model. He has the same elongated face and overall style, as well as two cars are very similar in silhouette. By the way, the new Mercedes SLS, like Mercedes McLaren, has two delivery options - a coupe and a roadster. The main differences between them are in weight and the mechanism for opening doors, so in this article we will consider both types, but using the coupe as an example, simply because it is a more popular version.

Exterior and Interior Mercedes SLS AMG

In the new sports car, the developers of Mercedes decided to return to their classic scheme - the all-metal body. That's just after the fans raised an approving rumble, they clarified in the German concern - aluminum is also metal. However, the aluminum case showed itself well, so in general - an adequate solution.

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mercedes benz Salus organ

SLS inherited so many details from its predecessor. Like Maclaren Mercedes, it resembles racing arrows of the 50s, and also has prerequisites for cars of the 90s. The cabin, like its predecessor, shifted back, which allowed Mercedes engineers to install a new, more powerful engine.

mercedes Salus organ

But the shape of the cabin is different - the SLS AMG has a higher, one might even say, more pronounced. Of course, this is a controversial decision in terms of aerodynamics, but what it doesn’t take away from her is aesthetics. Yes, and recognition of the car, it adds a good idea.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG does not have a classic color, but Mercedes prefers to advertise its silver version. There are nine colors available.

mersedes sls photo

The interior of the cabin has also undergone changes - so, Mercedes SLS suddenly began to feel like a cramped car. It is probably not important for people who are puny, but those who have a form close to the ball will refuse such a car even though there is no physical discomfort. All the fault of the new design of the cabin, built on the use of all available space. In the McLaren model, this was better.

mersedes sls photo

On the other hand, they improved the sensor panel and the center console, which now has a full on-board computer. Salon Mercedes SLS AMG is made in dark colors, with maximum use of leather and metal. Chairs are made in the form of buckets. But if the driver wants to put a camera or phone somewhere (not to mention a laptop or tablet), he will be disappointed - there is no place for them in the Mercedes SLS AMG.

More rare Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

mercedes benz Salus organ roadster

A little later, the developers of Mercedes and AMG, based on the coupe Mercedes SLS 63 AMG, created another model - the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster, which was introduced in 2011 in the fall. In the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster, the doors open in the classical way, not like in the coupe version - like the “gullwing”.

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The roadster no longer has rising doors, thereby reducing the weight of the car. The developers have retained the rigidity of the body is the same as on the coupe. But the soft roof can be closed and opened on the go at speeds up to 50 km / h. Only 11 seconds will be required to close or open the roof of the Mercedes Benz SLS.

Mercedes SLS 63 AMG

The roof of this SLS 63 AMG modification is made of soft fabric, which is available in three colors: black, red and sand. Salon Mercedes SLS 63 AMG is made from quality materials: suede, leather and carbon.

What is under the hood of a Mercedes SLS AMG?

Inside the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG (photo below) the engine of the model SLS AMG M188 with a capacity of 571 hp is well located. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, the first among Mercedes cars, was equipped with a seven-speed robotic gearbox, capable of operating in both manual and three automatic modes. Due to all this, the acceleration of "up to a hundred" takes only 3.8 seconds (as with the McLaren), and the maximum speed is 317 km / h.

Mercedes SLS AMG engine

By the way, some fans were not satisfied with such tests and conducted their own - an unnamed Swede set a “speeding record” in his country, driving the Mercedes SLS AMG to 298 km / h. "Schumacher" faces a fine of one million dollars - these are the harsh laws of Sweden.

The Mercedes AMG fuel tank holds 85 liters of gasoline, and fuel consumption is about 13 liters per 100 km. Characteristically, there has been progress in terms of efficiency - McLaren could “eat” one and a half times more.

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Tuning Mercedes SLS AMG

Salus organ

As for the packages of improvements, in contrast to the predecessor, who did not have them at all, the novelty even has several of them. Not everyone offers a replacement or modernization of the "stuffing", but almost everybody changes something in the exterior of the car. To put them or not is a matter of taste.

mercedes benz Salus organ фото

The price of Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is not relatively high

In general, Mercedes has turned out a great sport / supercar. The car lost "childhood diseases" McLaren, becoming more aesthetic and stylish, as well as adding to the handling. In addition, he threw off great value - today the price of the Mercedes SLS AMG is 175 thousand euros, which is 200 thousand less than the McLaren, but 100 thousand more than the price of Mercedes Gelendvagen.

mersedes sls photo

So, it is the price of the Mercedes SLS AMG that makes this car a desirable choice of many fans of this German brand. By the way, in the number of fans of Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is to make and “Formula 1 ″, which uses these cars in order to conduct racing columns on the most dangerous sections of the road. Naturally, at a reduced speed, but still.

And here is a video test drive for Mercedes SLS AMG:

And here is a video on how Mercedes SLS AMG is produced, the price of which is 11.5 million rubles: