Is it profitable to rent a car in a taxi

Receiving passive income is in demand lately from our compatriots. One of the available types of business is renting your own car. Adequate demand creates offers from a wide range of motorists. Many of them are often interested in how to rent a car in a taxi.

Profitable and promising business with proper construction can bring considerable profit. Even in 2018, for a budget class car you can receive from one and a half to three thousand rubles, and premium or luxury cars will cost even more. At the same time, in large settlements there remains a high demand for vehicles of various classes.


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  • 2 Is it profitable to rent a car in a taxi
  • 3 We are looking for an interested party
  • 4 Finding a reliable private person to rent
  • 5 Foreclosure

When it is worth offering a car for rent

The use of rented cars in most cases is preferred by middle-income and better-off citizens. There are various reasons why they do not acquire their own vehicles:

  • There is no adapted storage room for cars, and there is no desire to spend money on its regular maintenance, including maintenance, insurance, etc. There are long breaks between the need to use the machine.
  • In most major cities, getting to work can be faster by public transport than during long waiting periods in traffic jams, so private cars are not so often in demand.
  • Own transport can be under repair or on periodic maintenance, therefore those who are used to moving behind the wheel have to rent.
  • Demand rental fleet of tourists in certain regions. To see the sights, you can use a third-party car for a small fee.
  • Also, rental vehicles with mutual agreement are used as a taxi.

how expensive to rent a car in the taxi service

In such situations, it is cheaper to take a temporary car than to use a taxi. However, it is worth considering the type of car, because its daily rental price can reach several thousand.

Выгодно ли сдавать машину в аренду в такси

Such a type of business as a temporary transfer of a car in a taxi for a certain cost stretches the pressure on the passive type of earnings. It is necessary to control much independently, and also the risks connected with operation appear.

Reduce the risk is possible if you use multiple machines in this scheme at the same time. Particularly attractive will be business in the summer. For the legalization of activities will have to open the PI.

The first step is to go to pay the state duty to the tax office. A corresponding application is submitted there. At the same time we issue an actual permit for taxi transportation. We'll have to bring along a package of documents:

  • Individual tax number;
  • Certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur;
  • A photocopy of the passport;
  • Light copy of the JTS;
  • A copy of the car rental agreement.
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Mandatory is CTP insurance, which indicates unlimited type of use. However, it is worth knowing that compensation is not supposed if, when the client is not responsible for a traffic accident.

It is important for the car to issue a separate special insurance, as the vehicle is involved in a private cart.

If you do not issue this type of insurance, then the penalties will start from 1000 rubles. As a mandatory attribute, the salon is equipped with a DVR, a first-aid kit with an up-to-date list of drugs and drugs, an emergency sign, a satellite navigator and a fire extinguisher.

We are looking for an interested party

To safely rent a car in a taxi, you need to find the right partners. It is preferable to do this in a proven service with adequate drivers. You will need to know in advance the address of the company where such a set is held, and then agree with the manager or a responsible employee for the daily delivery of your car or several vehicles.

Is it profitable to rent a car in a taxi

The right choice will be to select the drivers who will later operate the transport. Preferences should be given on such conditions:

  • driving experience not less than 6-7 years;
  • age within 30–55 years;
  • There is a local registration.

In most cases, it is preferable to look for a company that has been engaged in transportation for several years. It is hardly worth concluding an agreement with a separate driver. However, if the latter is extremely interested in cooperation, then you can trust him.

In the taxis, they will independently select the optimal employee, certify the contract and, according to him, will transfer the rental value in due time. Most often the payment is monthly. Preference should be given to large firms such as Uber or Yandex. Taxi.

When car owners prefer to rent a car in a taxi service, they should know that the transport will be practically in round-the-clock operation. Usually, a couple of drivers are attached to it, who in 12 + 12 hours in shifts are engaged in carting. On average, a day you will usually be given 1000 rubles from the car, but the service remains for the owner. It is important to consider downtime during maintenance or for other reasons.

Usually about 24 thousand net car owners come out per month. Respectively, up to 240 thousand per year. The convenience of using several cars lies in the fact that while some transport is under repair or there are problems with drivers, the rest of the cars earn money.

To minimize your expenses, it is important to conclude a notary agreement with each driver about possible external damage to the car. It is recommended to use even if the documents with the right of redemption.

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During shift work, a vehicle transfer and acceptance log is kept between the drivers. When there are a large number of taxi drivers, then part of the responsibility and work can be delegated to the hired brigadier. He will be able to timely notify on the current processes and to engage in minor matters.

Finding a reliable private person to rent

There are a lot of ads on the web, where people are looking for rented cars to use them for hauling. Often they are placed already experienced professionals who know their business. To minimize risks, give preference to such persons:

  • age 35–55 years;
  • local registration;
  • better if the driver is a family one;
  • preferably without bad habits and with great experience.

At the interview, prepare the applicant several topical questions about his previous work experience and plans. It is preferable to choose non-convicts.

how to rent a car in a taxi

Be sure to enter into a contract that you can make yourself or download online. All requisites of both parties are registered and signed. Among the mandatory items should be a clear payment deadline, the regulation of refueling and repair. Liability for delay and possible force majeure is prescribed. All notarized.

Refusal must be given also in the following cases:

  • the driver is under the age of 21;
  • the driver has a low KBM.

Check the bonus-malus coefficient is carried out on the current database of insurance companies or PCA.

Redemption right

When a contract is made without the right of redemption, the majority of drivers can treat the car less carefully, because it is assumed that the vehicle is in temporary use. In such a situation it is important to clearly regulate the degree of responsibility for possible damage to individual components or the body of the vehicle.

If an agreement is foreseen with a priority right of redemption, the new driver will be more careful with the car. Interest in improving the quality of cars will be high. It is only important to clearly reflect everything in the contract.

If a fraudster is caught, then you need to go to law enforcement and write a statement to the tenant. If the police do not accept the statement, then feel free to go to the prosecutor's office. Be sure to write a statement about the hijacking of the car, when the tenant does not come out for a long time to communicate with the car owner.

Police officers will be required to search for cars and persons suspected of committing a crime. Possible penalties and other issues relating to the car during the period when it was used by offenders are removed from the landlord. In this case, a contract for the rental of movable property and possible documents confirming the ownership of the vehicle are necessarily presented.