The most comfortable cars: the rating of the most convenient

When choosing and buying a car, its comfort becomes one of the most important qualities along with reliability. In the absence of a comfortable cabin, a trip, especially over a long distance, will not only not bring pleasure, but may cause fatigue, irritation, and a feeling of weakness.

Manufacturers of cars understand the importance of this parameter and try to take the highest possible place in the ranking of the most comfortable cars.

Roads in our country do not always meet expectations, so if hard car seats are added to the pits and potholes, even the simplest trip will bring disappointment.

Rating comfortable cars do not necessarily consist entirely of expensive options. Often you can pick up a car that meets the requirements of a particular user.

This model is equipped with a gearbox with eight steps. With a 632 horsepower engine, the Rolls-Royce Reif became the most powerful and fast car from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, beating its predecessor. Despite such abilities, Wraith does not lose its aristocracy. Some observers even call it a sports car from the manufacturer of ultra-luxury cars.

Comparing the coupe Rafe and the Ghost sedan it can be noted that the handling became better. This is mainly due to the placement of the center of gravity lower than that of the Ghost.

Among the rest of the functionality of Rolls-Royce Wraith, you can select a system for opening the trunk without using a key, adaptive headlights, a projection display showing the image on the windshield and the ability to control navigation using voice.

The design of the Rafe salon is considered even by the standards of 2016 the best car interior and standardly for Rosl-Reuss cars: natural leather and wood. The ceiling here is made the same as in the Phantom series and simulates the starry sky. Climate control provides for each of the four passengers a separate setting. This also gives Rafe points in the car's interior rating.