Jeep grand cherokee srt8 - charged crossover with fast

The topic of our review is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. In general, the mere mention of the Jeep Grand Cherokee causes awe in many of our compatriots. Back in the early 90s, when the first Russian businessmen began importing this car into the country, it became a kind of benchmark for an SUV.

grand cherokee srt 8

But, if the usual Grand Cherokee is a classic jeep, then the SRT 8 is its “charged version”. The abbreviation itself means "street racing technology." This reduction is not the first time Chrysler’s parent company uses for its cars. For example, the Chrysler 300 was also produced in the CPT8 modification. Eight means the number of cylinders.

The new car received a completely different fuel injection system with an increased long intake channels than in the Grande. The design was quite effective, and allowed to improve the circulation and fillings of the combustible mixture. As a result of this implementation, the fuel in the engine burns completely.

Appearance history

Стандартный Grand Cherokee выпускался с 1992 года, а первое поколение Grand Cherokee SRT 8 выпустили в 2004. Машина получилась настолько удачной, что о смене поколений не думали целых пять лет. По сути, покупателей почти всё устраивало.

Grand Cherokee SRT

Under the hood of a powerful jeep stood a magnificent gasoline engine with a capacity of 432 hp. He clocked the car from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5 seconds. For such characteristics, the unit had a volume of 6.1 liters. If you continue the comparison with the classic Cherokee, it is worth noting also a stiffer suspension and an easier all-wheel drive system. Creating it, the engineers installed the enhanced cross-axle differential, but refused to downshift.

The system works simply. In normal mode, the rear axle works. It serves 95% of the torque. But as soon as the car goes into a skid, or a sharp turn, the front axle is immediately connected.

Realizing how powerful the car turned out, the developers thought about how to provide this wheel monster with a reliable brake system. It was created by masters of the world famous brand Brembo. They offered a model with 4-piston calipers. Front brake discs were installed with a diameter of 360 mm, and the rear - 350 m.

jeep grand cheroke ct 8

The car is often compared with the aircraft, and not only because of its incredible power. The pipes of the exhaust system are very similar to the nozzles of a jet aircraft. At the start of the overload can be compared with the sensations of passengers taking off a liner.

Если заглянуть в салон Джип Grand Cherokee SRT 8, то вы обратите внимание на сиденья. Они отделаны качественной кожей и имеют боковую поддержку. Её наличие вы оцените на резких поворотах. Сидя в обычном кресле, вы попросту вываливаетесь. Особенно хорошо это ощущается на переднем ряду. А вот для пассажиров, сидящих сзади, такое удобство не предусмотрено.

The front panel and steering elements are also different from those in the “classics”. It also uses stylish elements of leather, aluminum inserts. The pedals made of comfortable anti-slip pads are also made from it.

grand cherokee srt

The next generation has increased the volume of the power unit. If earlier the manufacturer believed that 6.1 liters. enough for everyone, now the 6.4-liter gasoline engine is put on the car. Due to the fact that the power increased by 36 hp, it was even possible to reduce the acceleration time to 100 km / h. Now this task will take you no more than 4.8 seconds. This generation was released less than the previous - only three years (from 2010 to 2013), but managed to gain considerable popularity in the world.

By 2013, Chrysler decided to release a restyled version of the Grand Cherokee srt8. Looking at it, the buyers had a question - what is the difference, actually? From noticeable - easy changes in the shape of the steering wheel. Also on it the name Jeep was replaced with the letters SRT. Trim and interior tidy changed slightly.

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grand cherokee srt8

Exterior refreshed LED lights front bumper. On the back door posted the inscription SRT. Eight removed. The engine remained the same, but, according to engineers, now acceleration to hundreds has become faster, thanks to the engine start control system. Will you give something 0.1 seconds, decide for yourself.

There is a car of this generation, an average of 3.6 million rubles. That is, about a million more than the usual Grand Cherokee. Not the cheapest car, but you pay not for a fashion brand, but for real power, and the ability to leave far behind those who decide to fight with you on the track.

This machine is designed for those who like to drive a lot and quickly. So get ready for the fact that you have to refuel more often than on a regular SUV. On average, a jeep srt8 spends 20 liters. and more for every 100 km. run on the city. In the combined cycle, the flow rate can reach 15.5 - 16 l. / 100 km.

Modern Jeep Cherokee CPT 8 Release 2016 2016

What gets the owner of the new CPT? Of course, even more power. Chrysler uses HEMI engines for this car, which are familiar to many cars of this company, including RAM pick-ups.

jeep grand cheroke ct

For street racing Cherokee, a 468 hp engine is used, which is paired with an 8-speed gearbox. The gearbox can operate as a machine, or switch using gears under the steering wheel. 8 cylinders of the “American beast” accelerate it from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds. But this is not the only plus, there are also such advantages:

  • this model is so impressive handling, one hundred Chrysler called its indicator the best in the history of the brand Jeep;
  • during tests on the track, the car gave an acceleration rate of 90 g;
  • the novelty has even more reliable brakes. At a speed of 100 km / h, the stopping distance of 35 m. You will be able to slow down in time and avoid accidents. The front discs have a diameter of 350 mm and the rear ones are 320 mm. They have air cooling. Instead of four-piston, six-piston calipers are installed;
  • Choose your ride settings. Standard mode - “Auto”, for winter “Snow”, for racing “Track”, or “Sport”;
  • special mention deserve tires from Pirelli. Model P Zero P295 / 45 / ZR20 - a truly high-quality and reliable tires.

Interior cabin

Inside, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 is all very stylish and high quality. If you like “expensive and beautiful”, then this is about the new Grand Cherokee. Everything looks so premium that you unwittingly think, and this is exactly Jeep, and not Bentley? Leather "Laguna", suede, Alcantara - these are the main materials used in the decoration.

jeep srt

The steering wheel was supplied with heating, and under it are not only the PPC buttons, but also the Uconnect system. You can connect the gadget and send a text message from it using your voice. But much more important on the road is such a practical and useful thing as a navigator. The screen of the multimedia system is huge. Its diagonal is 8.4 ”, this is what you need. It is even larger than the dashboard display (7 ”).

Many drivers often complain about the noise in the cabin. The Grand Cherokee CPT 8 of this new generation has eliminated this problem. For this, an effective noise reduction system called ANC System was introduced. Now you do not hear the noise generated by the unit.

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Car safety is not only pillows for the driver and front passenger. The manufacturer took into account other equally important elements. For example, there are rollover sensors in the car. Another useful thing is a collision warning. Cameras also check for so-called “blind spots”. Useful and tipping protection.

Review without ads

Test drives with reviews of the Grand Cherokee SRT 8 were done by all and sundry. Opinions of the drivers are divided. Perhaps the most flattering reviews left the guys from the Russian department of Top Gear. They also characterized the appearance of the car most brightly, comparing it with a hybrid of a hound, a steam locomotive, top models of Naomi Campbell and tennis players Serena Williams. By handling, they also equated it to the slow-moving for the city, like Volkswagen Golf.

The car is a real Yankee, beautiful, powerful, in which every detail and system is needed and useful. As already mentioned, the only noticeable minus in Jeep SRT 8, is gluttony. The new 6.4 liter engine consumes an insane amount of fuel - up to 25 liters per 100 kilometers.

The first thing that a simple man in the street will say is “expensive.” Expensive, this, gentlemen, Cayenne tuned, worth two times more expensive. And here the price is quite justified. Of course, a certain percentage of customs fees in it, but what to do?

Main competitors

Who can compete with this powerful and beautiful car?

  • First, the good old G-class. Mercedes Gelendvagen, of course, a legend, and all that, but if you look at its design and work in really difficult conditions, on how the car falls on its side in difficult turns, it becomes clear that “Gelik” was created completely for other tasks.
  • Infinity FX and QX - Nissan’s creations are often in the hands of lovers of fast driving. Both series combine luxury, high-quality assembly and very good performance.
  • The Jaguar F-Pace is a very good all-wheel-drive car with a 3.0 / 380 hp. petrol unit and 8-speed automatic. Car accelerates to 250 km / h. Speed ​​limited to factory settings. From 0 to 100 km / h acceleration occurs in 5.8 seconds;
  • Lexus RX - engine 2.7 l. / 188 hp Max. speed - 200 km / h., acceleration to 100 km / h in 11 seconds;
  • Mazda CX-7 - 2.3 liter engine. / 238 hp The maximum speed is 181 km / h, acceleration to a hundred in 8.3 seconds.
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - diesel 2.5 l. / 178 hp Maximum speed –176 km / h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 12.4 seconds.

jeep grand cherokee srt8

Ни одна из этих машин не может достичь показателей, которыми обладает Джип Grand Cherokee SRT 8. Во-первых, 468 л.с. – недостижимые показатели даже для мощного Jaguar. Творение Крайслера на две головы выше. Во-вторых, 5 секунд, уходящие на разгон до 100 км/ч. Здесь Ягуар отстал всего на 0,8 сек, но спортивные характеристики у него уступают.

For the price of cars are in the same range. Jaguar with 3 l. the engine is worth 5.2 million rubles, and for the Grand Cherokee, described in the review, asking for 5.3 million rubles.

Let's try to look for competitors further. The first thing that comes to mind is a Mercedes ML 63 AMG. The engine of the German car is powerful, but the suspension pumped up. For those who like to drive, it is too soft. And the management is not too impressive.

For 4.5 million rubles you can buy a Porsche Cayenne S. This is much closer. First, his biturbo 420 hp the engine can accelerate the car up to a hundred in 5.4 - 5.5 seconds (with or without a sports package). Secondly, the car has good aerodynamics, and it helps where the “brick” Jeep meets air resistance.

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jeep srt8

And if you want real power, then take the Cayenne Turbo. It costs more than 7 million rubles, but already tears according to the characteristics of CPT8. Engine 520 hp It accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. If you put a sport package - for 4.5. So we found a real competitor to the creation of Jeep. The only question is whether there are half a second two million rubles? If you are an avid fan of street racing - the answer is yes. If a car is bought as an indicator of prestige, and you need actual power, not a difference in numbers, you can not bathe. The main thing is that you like the feeling of driving a crossover. And believe it, it will be great in both cases.

About disadvantages

Not in the review and without a small spoonful of tar. In the cabin, though beautiful, but there are several drawbacks:

  • For example, the quality of the used plastic does not reach the premium level at all. It is clearly cheaper than it costs to use on a car for 5 million.
  • The physical buttons on the panel also leave much to be desired. There is a feeling that a strong adult man can easily be “stretched” to the point that they will sink or break. Moreover, in the first few months of use.
  • The pseudo analogue speedometer is inconvenient. Risks and small numbers are confusing for the large size of the arrow.
  • In his desire to make everything modern, the manufacturer overdid it a bit. For example, it is in vain that the management of climate control, heated steering wheel, seat ventilation and other functions brought up the multimedia complex.
  • Touch-screen center console frankly slows down and could be better. The grain is clearly visible to the naked eye.

srt 8

How comfortable is the cabin really? If you drove before in Spartan cars, like the Hummer, then, having passed the wheel of the new CPT 8, you will feel in paradise on feather beds made of white clouds. But those drivers, who most of the time drive in the salons of premium sedans, consider the Jeep to be too “peasant”. Good or bad - you decide.

For many motorists, the G8 is a cult American car with charisma and character. Someone managed to drive on it, someone just had to, and someone dreamily glances at the handsome men at the sites. If you belong to the third category, we may wish that you once joined a large club of owners.

Buy used CPT 8 release of the year that way 2014 can be priced at 3.2 - 3.5 million rubles. Mileage on average 40 - 60 thousand km, the state is quite decent. So, if there is a desire to drive, but to save, it is quite possible to take a used car. For this money you get a "complete mince" restyled model. How much better / worse than the analog of 2016 can be determined only in practice. If you had a chance to sit behind the wheel of the SRT, recently released, you can take a ride on an earlier version and compare.

And then a video test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8: